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When I started Sparking I said "Already lost 42lbs..take 10lbs at a time. Pre-diabetic and don't plan on getting diabetes. Appreciate food choice suggestions and particular products by name brand."

Since then I lost a total of 96 lbs and I am now in the normal blood sugar ranges and no longer considered pre-diabetic, however I still stay with the low carb, low glycemic foods and I have maintained my weight also without much fuss.

About 6 months ago my cholesterol was 240 and within 6 months I brought it down 51 points naturally. It is now 189. I had to since I get severe cramps from Cholesterol meds.

I am glad to help anyone who asks for my help!

Its now 2014, I lost another 5lbs last year and I maintain by logging my foods daily, my glucose levels are fine and I log to watch my cholesterol levels daily. It is all still working well. Feeling Great.

Update: my cholesterol is now 181 and the HDL is I'm good and life is wonderful!

...yipee...will continue to watch carbs, starch and sodium and move every 20 minutes.

Update: 2017- I continue to educate myself and others with daily posts. I continue to log my foods, starch & cholesterol and watch the charts on Spark people. My A1C is a steady 5.5...maintaining my weight as well....yipee!

2019 My A1C s now 5.4

Member Since: 12/11/2010

Fitness Minutes: 32,147

My Goals:
I achieved my goals.. have controlled my pre-diabetes for years now. I continue to take CoQ10 daily for my heart, a magnesium pill and 1,500 MG pill of metformin along with Lisinopril for my blood pressure.

My Program:
Mediterranean diet

Personal Information:
I live in beautiful Naples, Florida

Other Information:
My favorite book is "Ultra Metabolism by "Mark Hyman"

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  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    If you vote for Trump Medicare and social Seruity will cease. What will you do?
    Deplete your savings to live? How will you pay for your meds or an unexpected hospitalization? How will you pay your bills? Will you have to keep working into your 80's and 90's to survive?
    If you get Co-Vid will you be able to afford thousand and thousands of dollars to survive?
    Without Social Security, 21.7 million more Americans would be poor, according to analysis using the March 2019 Current Population Survey. Although most of those whom Social Security keeps out of poverty are elderly, 6.9 million are under age 65, including 1.2 million children.

    317 days ago
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    A patriot is one who puts their country before themselves and fights to make the country better.

    As for Trump's patriotism, between his disdain for democracy and at least half of his fellow citizens, as well as his penchant for enriching himself with public’s fair to say he flunks that test too. Don't forget how much patriotism he shows every time he insults or swindles a war veteran.

    Trump did admit to illegally misusing the Trump Foundation — in particular the $2.8 million raised for veterans.

    Trump is at the center of a massive fraud against the American people. The sad part is: the more that Trump's voters heard that he was a bully and a con man, the better they liked him.

    He thinks just because he hugged the American flag people will think of him as a patriot...sane people don’t grab a flag and hug it like a person, grinning like a was just another photo op.

    Trump will try to get a vaccine released early just to give his election chances a boost but it will be just another of his schemes that will backfire and fail.

    He will try to claim victory.....but it doesn't matter...the vaccine will need to be produced and because it will take years before the entire American population could be vaccinated Trump once again fails us ( our population is estimated at 331,002,651...don’t expect wide spread distribution!

    I doubt there will be anything like the old normal for years and years to come under Trump. Given the way the whole epidemic has been handled, I don’t have any confidence that a vaccine will be distributed in an organized and rational, much less a fair manner
    348 days ago
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    Many supporters of Trump have become blind loyalists and are in complete denial ...they do not want to admit they were wrong about Trump.

    He can do nothing wrong simply because he says he is a Republican. He is no Republican! That’s scary when you think about it. This thinking is absurd.

    Political loyalty is not patriotic or wise in any way. People should realize what they are doing is nothing better than what happens in countries where there is a dictatorship and Trump is counting on that.

    Taking the power of voting from its voters is as un-American as it gets. We are a country with open elections and that includes mail-in voting. The people decide and the people are being denied this right by Trump. No voting is not a hoax. It’s another sign that our country is in trouble.

    Over 155,000 Americans dead and Trump ignores the virus....he does not do what is best for our country and its citizens. To me the most important role for a president centers around their ability to determine what is best for the country. I do not want to be guided to some new idea or proposed way of life in America and not one without the month of November....because that is a totally insane proposal as much of what Trump does is.

    I think the way of life the way it used to be has been good for America. We didn't have this daily chaos, people weren't dying or hurting or pitting themselves against each other.

    States shouldn't be pitted against each other because of which political party is in control at the time. I'm disappointed to hear a president refer to red or blue states in regards to federal assistance - there are Americans from both parties that live in those states. The result is nothing happens that benefits the quality of life for any American... and Trump, he encourages the division like I've never seen before.

    I miss the type of leadership (on both sides of the isle) that put the good of the nation above the politics of both parties.

    I think Trump supporters should look back in history and talk with those who survived Hitler, maybe then they will see the similarities. Americans bashing Americans are imitating that Nazi ideology. Very sad. Indeed!

    It takes questionable character to continue to defend this President after what we've all witnessed in these past years. From holding continual rabid hateful rallies that divide America, to reducing environmental regulations that risk the health of Americans and their families, to tax reform that only benefited the rich, to actually asking if there is a possibility that injecting disinfectant could be a cure for COVID-19 or using hydroxychloroquine. Trump believing in demon semen and alien DNA... Take your pick... There is a lot to be disappointed with.

    356 days ago
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    Barr is an Attonrey who choses Trump over the law. No one wants their butcher to have a thumb on the scale as he cuts the meat. Barr's brazenly illegal cover-ups are efforts on behalf of Donnie boy.

    It’s disturbing that he has hopped aboard the ever-growing bandwagon of Mr. Trump’s appointees and hires who believe the law does not apply to them. Clearly the AG is the number one lawyer for the United States, would rather be a personal lawyer for the President as an individual. Mr. Barr has made it clear that he considers his primary (and likely only) client to be Trump. Barr will continue as Trump’s fixer. If Trump loses, Barr will crawl back under the rock from whence he came.

    Clearly Barr has violated his oath of office but far worse than that, Barr is bordering on obstruction of justice himself. What should happen to a man who saw his duty as being to one man when he should have seen it as being to the American people? He should be dismissed and disqualified from holding public office and disbarred.

    McConnell's new co-vid bill ..... well lit excludes increases in food assistance, rental assistance, student loan help, pretty much anything that helps. It does include a cut to the weekly unemployment insurance (UI) boost from $600 to $200. The only new money directed to states is for schools, a large portion of it restricted to go only to schools that physically reopen. It also has McConnell’s obsession, five-years of liability protection for businesses, healthcare providers, and others who might expose people to coronavirus infection. The stuff, beyond military toys to make Trump happy, include an increase in business tax deductions for meals and entertainment. Presumably at Trump properties. What an a-hole...if I could just deduct the full cost of a meal they think it would be worth going to a restaurant and exposing myself to a potentially fatal virus.

    Cruz said.....“The answer to these challenges will not simply be shoveling cash out of Washington; the answer to these challenges will be getting people back to work.” As you remember it was Cruz who disparaged Waters/Waitress and bus boys.

    Democrats want the HEROES Act, which includes much higher unemployment benefits’ and hundreds of billions in state and local aid; hazard pay for essential workers; billions for the Postal Service; a 15% boost to food stamps; and $100 billion for renters as well as a moratorium on all evictions for the remainder of this year.

    Barr's testimony before Congress.....Barr insisted lawmakers should condemn the protester violence in Portland while making no mention of the extensive abuses by law enforcement in response to the protests. He brazenly lies and says the president plays an appropriate role in Justice Department matters. He continues to play dumb on many of the questions posed to him. Also did you notice how the Republican tried to waste time asking stupid question or bringing up old news.

    360 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2020 5:29:18 AM
  • v no profile image SUNSHINE6442
    Trump is now dooming Americans to misery and torment.

    If you look at him on tv, he moves and looks like a mad man and his words are spiked with contempt for everyone. I’ve actually been paying attention all these years.

    He is the prince of everything tacky, crass, perverse and repulsive. A testament to the evils of inherited wealth.
    Trump is a man who lacks even one positive human characteristic and seems to embody every negative one.

    Trump supporters have been brainwashed, but thank God that the majority of us have seen him as an evil who is destroying our county.

    Creating an environment where obvious fictions are accepted and facts are called “fake” is a big part of how cults have always operated. Trump wants the gullible and vulnerable people to believe things that mystify the rest of us. They have been conditioned with lies and fear to worship him without questioning him.

    Many believe that their beloved leader is a super-human and who is an enlightened genius who is incapable of imperfection. We’ve all seen this over and over… a beloved leader who has convinced his followers that he’s somehow above the laws and rules or morals. They’re unable to reason or use logic.

    People don’t even care that Trump is lying....the entire Trump family relish that enough people are buying their lies to make them richer! They’re just like those phony TV evangelists who shamelessly take paychecks from poor people to buy their mansions.

    Any presentation of factual information to a Trump supporter will instantly trigger a massive reflexive recoil, as though you’ve just tossed an angry rattlesnake in his or her lap.

    Trump spews meaningless campaign rhetoric intended to sucker voters into thinking Trump really cared about their tiny little lives.

    There seems to be absolutely nothing that will change Trump’s supporters' minds or would cause them to give up on this treasonous jerk.

    The country and the world are in the process of another historical upheaval and these people are in denial and not equipped to understand it. Of course, living the lie and conning themselves with the help of Trump, the greatest conman of them all, is so much easier than looking in the mirror or addressing the real cause of all Americas problems. Trump is the problem.

    Trump’s core believers believe everything he says and dismiss everything else as fake news. Trump supporters don’t deal in facts or reality.

    He attacks on the rule of law. and the very existence of our government. His followers either don’t get it, or are too brainwashed to open their eyes.

    The point is, Trump is guilty of winning. He’s guilty of winning in 2016. He’s guilty of surviving a coup attempt.

    Trumpanzees aren’t going to get any more intelligent. I don't think anything could change many of their minds. If he shot their own children point blank in front of them, they would still make some lame-ass excuses for him. They would accuse their own eyes of being “fake eyes.” Their souls are sold along with their morals, while pledging loyalty to Trump.

    364 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/25/2020 8:06:37 AM
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