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See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerGot home from work just a little bit ago. While most people are getting ready for the day, and getting their first cup of coffee, I'm heading to bed. Good night to the night shift workers and good morning to everyone else.See this image largerOnly 4 more days of work till PTO begins.See this image largerI wish I had a white belt to go with my dress, but it's comfy, cute, and the right material for my trip in the heat at the end of the week. Plus Apollo approves. Lol. I've been saving and waiting for this trip for so long that I can't even believe I leave on Friday.See this image largerSweet dreams for us hitting the hay that just got of work. And to everyone else good morning.See this image largerFound the perfect dress to finish off my vacation wardrobe. 😁😘😁 I get my nails done tomorrow and last day of work. Than henna tattoo on Wednesday to start the vacation off right.See this image largerFinally got my nails done. It's my Friday then time for relaxing.See this image largerHenna tattoo is done. Finally able to chill and not worry about work or anyone else bothering me.😃❤️See this image largerJust got back to the hotel. Nice ride up the mountain for a nice trail with an awesome view and super friendly Chipmunks. Wallowa Lake is pretty cool.See this image largerSome fun in the sun with hubby. Picnic, swimming, and put put. About to hit the drive in theater.See this image largerBoy do I need to soak my feet. Good thing there is a hot tub at the hotel. Great bbq picnic with hubby next to the river. The nature trail was pretty cool but after walking on river rocks and packing the car back up my feet are not happy. All in all, since I can soak in a hot tub, great way to spend my birthday.See this image largerRoad trip back home. Stop by the mock-up of Stone Heng and Multnomah falls before stopping at the motel for the night. All in all good vacation. Be home tomorrow and going shopping for healthy food. We made sure to have an empty fridge before leaving. On to making better health decisions for my 35th year of life. And the puppies in the pic were trained to pose for pics. To cute not to share.See this image largerNow that I'm back from vacation it's time to start focusing on losing the weight. Official start weight 269.2 lbs. Let's see this weight fall like the waterfall behind me. 😊🌊🏋️‍♀️See this image largerI wish I could stay home and relax but got to go to work at 7pm. Getting back to back on this sleep schedule is difficult. Hope I don't get to tired tonight. What snacks do you guys keep at work? I'm looking for healthy and able to keep potassium up. Both of my doctor's told me I should have small snacks through the night to keep my potassium in check. I have eplispy but no seizures for years. So when told to snack through out the day you have to wonder what to get for said snacking.See this image largerIn the break room at work we have a soda machine that sits right next to the table. I've got an addiction to soda. Lol. Any tips to curve my habit when I see it every night I work. ThanksSee this image largerMy husband usaly makes my lunch for work. Here is his way of keeping me on track. Can't wait to go home and tell him how much I loved this.See this image largerSee this image largerEver feel like your every move is being watched? It is right now and if I stop petting him I get this look. Lol No way to even think about eating thanks Apollo. Your a great coach.See this image largerAbout to refill. This cup holds 16 Oz and can be kept at my desk. Come back to the break room and add a splash of lemonade to the white coffee cup to help give me a flavor change See this image largerAbout to refill. This cup holds 16 Oz and can be kept at my desk. Come back to the break room and add a splash of lemonade to the white coffee cup to help give me a flavor change See this image largerMay the forth be with you and cuddles from.pets be warm.See this image largerSad day to day. Woke up to a call that my cousin has passed away. This was a surprise to the whole family. He was only in his 40s. I've slept but have not been eating my feelings. Hopefully I can keep it that way. He will be missed.See this image largerWho else loves eating with chop sticks? I find it makes me eat slower and really enjoy my meal.

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