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See this image largerMy attempt to make ramen a healthy meal. It has: Spinach Celery Onions Peppers Lemon pepper Black Pepper Garlic powder Onion powder Tumeric Olive oil And chickenSee this image largerMy vest came!!!!! So growth spurt: I just learned for every 3500 calories you eat you gain a pound. You have to burn 3500 calories more than you eat to lose 1 lb. I also found out that fast makes you lose weight slower. When you don't eat your body goes into conservation mode which means it holds on to water (i.e water weight) which is why I can't get out of the 300 club. Good Lord!!!! Lol glad I found out now.See this image largerMy workout was amazing!!!! I burned between 700 and 800 calories tonight. 2 workouts. She and her husband are one of my youtube favorites!!!! And then I walked some pounds away with a 5 mile dvd I only did 1 1/2 miles. I'm so proud of myself!!!!See this image largerSmash!!!!! It was hard but I met my goal of 1,000 calories burned and then some!!!! Yay!!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerSo this little baby came in the mail today. I slacked off big time today. No real exercise and went 373 calories over lol well cheers to tomorrow!!!!See this image largerSmashes again!!!! Halfway to my step goal. I'm going full throttle to burn 2000 calories. Next on the agenda is swimming for the kiddo's and I!!!# let's see what I can do in the water. #deliciousdailymomentSee this image largerI almost made it but I'd have to say I did really well!!!!See this image largerPancakes Eggs Green peppers Celery Onions Cran Raisins & Turkey Doesn't look good on camera, but it was sure smoothe going down lolSee this image largerLol I did so well yesterday until I stayed up last night. When I get bored I eat. I had 2 sausage mcgriddles and later on last night I had ramen noodles...it was terrible. I had burned all of those calories and threw them right back on. Cheers to a new day!!!!See this image largerMy new bored meal!!!! Super Greens!!!!See this image largerSo let's talk about today lol 11,644 steps 4.91 miles 1053 calories burned Don't mind my son he's sick and he wanted his active momma lol Not to mention, healthy choices all day long with the acception of 2 cookies. I'm proud!!!!See this image largerSuccess!!!! 22,348 steps 9.44 miles 2,021 calories burned 2,003 calories consumed 304 minutes (5 hours 67minutes) I watched wedding Ringer at 2pm, walked until it went off, did some hair and house work in between, plus what I had already walked early this morning, and then finished the rest at 8pm listening to Rhianna this is what you came for, and danced the rest off to Outkast hey ya!!!! Lol needless to say I've met my goal of 2000 and tgen some!!!!See this image largerThese chips are a low calorie amazing snack!!!!!! I'm already enjoying being a vegetarian again!!! Stay blessed!!!!See this image larger1100 calories smashed!!!! My treat? Veggie nachos and a fruity green smoothie!!!!See this image largerGood morning, good afternoon, good evening all. Starting morning off with a whole grain bagel with cream cheese, and a green smoothie. I woke up so sore and my back hurts but I think I want to get this workout in early!!!! Stay blessed!!!See this image largerSuper bummed my knee gave out during my workout leaving me only burning 615 calories ugh....hate having terrible knees.See this image largerOne of my favs!!!!See this image largerAnother great find for working at home!!!See this image largerTrying to be great and my son wont let me be lolSee this image largerThe beans rice and veggie experience!!!!See this image largerThe smoothie experience!!!!See this image largerVegetarian quesadilla for breakfast!!!! Yummy!!!!See this image largerPerfect!!! Soundscapes anf sit down eliptical workout!!!! I'm in heaven.See this image largerSmashed it!!!!! Now what to eat!!!!😏😮😁😁😁😁😁See this image largerThe sad part is that I even hit 2,000 calories. The good thing is that I burned almost all of them (almost, I'm at 1600 but I'm claiming it by the end of the night). Pushing for greatness!!!! #goalsSee this image largerMurdered it!!!!! 2100 calories WOW!!! God is most dedinitely good. I wanted to go for 2300 but I happy with just this. What a way to end my night!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerHomework for work and exercise for a better me!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerOnce again trying to be great and he wont let me be lol. I wish we could pit recordings on here. He's the only kid I know that will cry if I lay down in the bed lolSee this image largertonight is night even about calories it's about every little bit of frustration I have going on in my life. Lord give me the strength to release in Jesus name Amen.See this image largerMornings with these 2 my other amigo is at school today!!!! They are my reason!!!See this image largerThis was lunch!!! Veggie delight and protein smoothie!!!!See this image largerMeatless meat spaghetti, whole grain noodles, peppers, and spinach!!!! Yummy!!! #aboutlastnightSee this image largerTrying something new!!!! Black beans peppers onions and veggie broth no seasoning!!!! #veganlifeSee this image largerThe start of something beautiful #IcantbelieveitsnotmeatSee this image largerThe finishing result #veggiespaghettiSee this image largerOh I'm stuffedSee this image largerDirty rice #veganstyleSee this image largerOmgosh it's been forever since I've been on here. So far I'm still a vegan. I've found quick ways to lose weight as a vegan but with that ypu have to stay consistent because the weight comes back on quick. Weight has been up and down due to stress and situational stuff. I work 2 jobs and daycare/school is beastly lol but so far so good.

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