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See this image largerMy most recent picture...time for a photo shoot :)(2 comments)See this image largerBlueberries at breakfast. This for lunch. Veg/lentil soup for supper (extra servings too)(1 comments)See this image largerLOVE these giant blueberries that are at the store now!See this image largerAwesome day! Haven't had a really good one in a while. You just have to keep trying!! Many goals met. Low intensity cardio, strength training and a 40 min walk/run. But definitely now its time to soak!😁🛀(1 comments)See this image largerAwesome day! Haven't had a really good one in a while. You just have to keep trying!! Many goals met. Low intensity cardio, strength training and a 40 min walk/run. But definitely now its time to soak!😁🛀See this image largerNeeded to switch it up from salad, so, Rainbow Vegetable Spring Rolls with 5 Spice Tofu. Plus it means I get to have Spicy Peanut Sauce 😄 Win!See this image largerChanging up glass #4 with 7 oz ginger infused water with 1 oz of unsw. cranberry juice and 1/2 tsp chia seeds. Let gel. Touch of fiber/protein, and vaguely reminiscent of a bubble tea! [Thanks Pick up Limes]See this image largerMade two Bloody Marys- each: 6oz V8 w/1oz vodka. Made FOUR veg/pickle skewers(are pickles a veggie?🤔). Keeping myself honest and counting both beverages as one veg serving😄 BTW I really miss having a professional make my cocktails for me! Stupid contagious virus!See this image largerWalnut Kale Tacos! Everything inside was good, but the homemade low carb coconut flour tortilla was very weird. More recipe research tomorrow! Blueberry Spinach smoothie for other mealSee this image largerFirst meal of the day 1:30pm...All The Things Salad😄😄. That's a lot of veggies on an empty tummy!🤞🤞Added Sesame Peanut Dressing with hemp hearts💕 See this image largerLunch today is Rainbow Roll Ups (cream cheese too) & V8See this image larger5% Challenge Week #4 begins today and am going to try hard to duplicate week 1 with 400 exercise minutes! Day 1 ✔See this image largerDinner was Stir Fried Veggies with Italian Seasonings + parmesan and capers. (DH had his over pasta.) Forgot to add the garbanzo beans so I guess I'll be roasting those later LOLSee this image largerTurmeric Soup & Chopped Salad for lunch https://www.feastingathome.com/turme
ric-broth-detox-soup/ #vegan
See this image largerThey can't all be 🌈 winners can they? 😄 Adding kale too soon tends to "Army Green" things up a bit! Walnut Puttanesca over Spaghetti Squash. (Walnuts, diced tomatoes, olives×2, capers, cabbage, kale, spices in random/haphazard amounts!) Truth. #eattherainbowSee this image largerYuck. It's a reminder to appreciate/take advantage of EVERYTHING good in life while you have it. No matter how small or inconsequential it may seem...it may be fleeting. I don't mean this to be depressing or a rebuke...just a reminder that "we" tend to take many things for granted. An attitude of gratitude is never a bad thing IMHO.See this image largerSuperbowl Eating Phase 1! 😁 Pesto was a good choice for 1st time trying these. Texture a bit different than pasta, but very neutral taste. Hooray a viable pasta alternative! See this image largerWhoopsie. This salad got a little out of hand! Only could eat 75% of it 😄😄😄 was around 4 cups of raw vegetables. See this image largerHappy Hour snack with a Truly! 💗 Kinda low carb? Hit the spot though!😁See this image largerAnother new low carb product- I like this one even better than the spaghetti! Sauteed vegetables (+ raw zuchinni & peppers which I don't like cooked😉)with Sesame oil, soy sauce & peanut butter. This one is a game changer! I'm so excited! #glutenfree #lowcarbSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerOnly eating breakfast one day a week...making it count!😁👍Birch Bender Keto waffle from Target. Blueberries, avocado, spinach,& PICO!!!!See this image largerLunch: 1 Egg, grilled Haloumi cheese, avocado, pico, lots of arugula & the other veggies I felt like dicing! 😁 can you tell I like my food "deconstructed" and mostly raw? See this image largerRecommiting to high daily🌈 vegetable consumption👍Hopefully this potful will last a few days 🤞#veggieinspo It's the prep work (aka washing & chopping) that tends to throw me off my game...today, extras are ready to go! ✔Adulting!😁See this image larger🌈On my way!😁 More inspirational before mixing together lol.(1 comments)See this image largerMy boys!(1 comments)See this image largerThere have definitely been more bad days in March than good(for me) so am very proud to have bid March adieu with a good day! 72 oz water, Ate the Rainbow, 70 Fitness Minutes, No Snacking or Alcohol, Prepped tons of Veggies, Remembered all my Supplements 😄, got 100 Spark Points, Checked Off entire To-do List & Spark Task list! Keep on Sparking everyone...I'm hoping a good day is just around the corner for YOU!🤞 See this image largerOne of the four quilts I am currently working on.(1 comments)See this image largerThis will probably gross-out a lot of you... sharing nonetheless! My brother taught me this trick to get in more greens! Blend V8 with spinach! (& carrots today🌈). I can't taste the extra spinach, & I don't mind it thick but color does go off a bit as you can see! Green + Red=🤢 A good excuse for pickles, olives & hot sauce! 😄👍See this image larger🌈 4 cups raw veg each for DH & I. So glad I had pre-chopped most of it 😁 Hoping less will go smoosh and end up in compost bin this week! #goalsSee this image largerGlorious in MN the 3rd day of April?!? YES! So we walked 2.5 miles RT so I could use a bit of my stimmy 💰 at the #Small, #Local Quilt Store! Plus we walked right on by the DQ!😁See this image largerI think I was only in the house for 60 minutes the entire day! Temps in the mid 70s. Ate, quilted, read on the deck. Sprouts, Veg stir fry & Gardein Porkless bites (no sauce). See this image largerGotta take advantage of great weather when it comes, amiright?! 😁 Even if it means hauling it all outside then back in!See this image largerGot cold and wet on afternoon dog walk🌧 so... Hot & Sour Noodle(low carb) Soup! And I am a-ok with that!😄🌈 Really glad I Prepped so many veggies!See this image largerTrying to fight through a severe lack of motivation.😒 A problem is that 5 KINDS of vegetables🌈 on this cream cheese pinwheel is still barely one SERVING! Plus it's fasting day... 😳I think there is a vat of veggie soup in my near future!(1 comments)See this image largerBefore, during & after.😉 Do you recognize the Cabbage Soup from that fad diet? Has been as staple in my repertoire for 25 years! #adultingtoday (1 comments)See this image largerStarting Sunday off colorfully!🌈 Have a great day-Get after it!😃👍See this image larger🌈 Cauliflower Fried Rice! I really need to start following recipes instead of winging it! Tasty, but took way too long, kitchen trashed lolSee this image largerNot a fan of coincidence, but this I like!See this image largerOof! LCHF Lunch: 2 cups chopped vegetables with Sesame Peanut Butter dressing, and 2.5c Tofu Veg Soup. Less than 400 calories, 20g protein, 27g fat. 👍👍 #eattherainbowSee this image largerBreakfast smoothie in progress😃🌈See this image largerHere's Lunch:(mine didn't have cheese) Veggie Salad with Quinoa. {Plus-Bfst: Tomato Spinach Omelet Dinner: Roasted Veggies, Cauli Rice}See this image largerLunch:Cauliflower Rice with Sauteed Veggies and Italian Seasoning(1 comments)See this image largerSantaDH knew how bummed I was that my Runners Knee kept me from exercising during December...He was a bit late, but with this gift I'm ready now to start 2021 (and finish &$#% 2020) on the right foot! (literally, that's the injured side LOL) 2 sets of 10 minutes! Hooray!(1 comments)See this image largerBefore eating I added hemp hearts and pepitas. Topped with hot sauce/braggs aminos/acv.See this image largerSee this image larger2020 strikes again! 11/28: after a month with very little progress, decided to cut way back on carbs... Today flipped the Farmers Market calendar to December...grrr!😆See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerHappy Halloween! Hope it was fun and safe! I smell like a campfire and didn't eat all the reeses pumpkins I squirreled away...WIN!See this image largerWeek 1 Oct 6-11See this image largerWeek 2 Oct 13-18See this image largerWeek 3 Oct 20-25See this image larger2020 is so freaking stupid/weird! 6 inches today! RECORD! (Roseville MN) My yard is confused...christmas?See this image largerDetail of Halloween Quilt. I had to make it...collecting too many fabrics! :)(1 comments)See this image largerMy Halloween Quilt (started in 2018)(2 comments)See this image largerfrom our LOTR party. I love gluing stuff to my face/body!See this image largerOnly the right photo was from October.See this image largerSee this image largerOur family has had costume parties in July, August...See this image largerSome of my past costumes. (not necessarily Halloween)See this image largeranother 6 days in a row working out! #tryinghard!See this image largerMorning walk was a tad bit inclement! Very gusty. Return trip @ 37° (5 miles round trip). Mistakes were made!😄🥶😞 25k steps today!See this image largerSee this image largerMy Yard October 2020See this image largerThe slightly wilted salad & V8 for lunch wasn't photo-worthy😁 but I AM proud of this "Pasta Primavera" supper because the naughty part of me didn't want to chop and saute veggies at all, but I did it! 🌈 (isn't the cauliflower pretty?)See this image larger🌈 😁 Kale and romaine under the rainbow! Purple cauliflower was both fun & regular(tasting)! [cauli, red cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, corn, edamame, zuchinni]See this image largerSee this image largerMy DH called it Salad Porn :D ...to me it was "clean out the crisper drawer" Salad...because tomorrow is Farmers Market again! YAHOO!! Living it up while there are fresh LOCAL veggies!!!!See this image largerGot in 14,000 steps before noon! Walked home 3.4 miles from Farmers Market carrying 18 lbs! (apples, squash, tomatoes, honey) Did managed to successfully avoid the dragons as well! :DSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerMade Zoodles (which I am not a fan of) and a super fast Puttanesca-style sauce. Sort of forgot that the capers and green olives were already salty when I added a hefty dose of garlic salt!!! Needless to say I hit my water goal washing it down! :D I guess that's one way (a bad way) to do it! See this image largerChallenge Complete (day 3) Dinner~Zoodles(not a fan) with homemade puttanesca-type sauce *must remember to add beans next time* Lunch~Kowalskis Superfood Salad Breakfast~Fruit + spinach Smoothie Trying HARD to work through the massive amount of F/V I bought a few days ago! adulting and trying to avoid a trip to the compost bin!! See this image largerThere is a distinct possibility that I have overestimated a few things... ●my cooking abilities ●fridge space ●our appetites 😆 #eattherainbow #septembergoalsSee this image largerSeptember can't come soon enough! YUCK! Those lows are 3-5 a.m. July stinks!See this image largerHow nice is the weather in Minnesota today? Cool enough to roast vegetables=GLORIOUS!!!😄😁See this image largerBefore and during! :) After is not photo worthy! 1c spinach, 1 c fruit, Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder with Coconut Water. BIG reusable straw! :D Almost halfway thereSee this image largerQuinoa BowlSee this image largerHummus Quinoa BowlSee this image largerSee this image largerPhoto of me from 2017? 2015? Goal get back to a body composition CLOSE to that! I'm 50 now so...See this image larger

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