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See this image larger(1 comments)See this image larger(3 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerBrunch spinach omelet slathered in hot sauceSee this image largerRRRG! I thought this was supposed to be relaxing.. I find it tedious & frustrating!(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image larger#mobilechat Please remember..we are all given the same days in a year, that time is going to pass anyways so use your time wisely & always invest in yourself. You are always worth it! You can completely turn your health around in that time.(2 comments)See this image larger#mobilechat..found something that has me stumped..can you help me? 10 calories & 5 carbohydrates..if 1carb=4/ can it be 10cals? Sugar alcohols?(2 comments)See this image largerLost 134#'s as of today. Wonderful feeling. Keep working on it everyday & don't give up. If I can do this, then anyone can do this :)(2 comments)See this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerMorning view from the deck..the walk will wait.See this image largerTonight's dinner :)See this image larger#mobilechat Tonight's dinner :)See this image largerDinner tonight, with keto pizza crust. #mobilechatSee this image largerCheddar (or cheese of choice) breads/biscuits 2oz grated cheddar 1.5 oz melted or soft butter 2eggs (used medium eggs) 1 oz sour cream 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 c ground flax seed Mix all, add cheese at the end to mix, scoop by 1/4 c onto greased baking sheet. Bake @ 375°f 12-15 minutes. Makes 6. 6 year kid tested & approved.See this image largerDinner is served :)See this image largerA nice lazy late Sunday lunch :) #mobilechatSee this image largerA nice lazy late Sunday lunch :) #mobilechatSee this image largerNote to self...close the door! #mobilechatSee this image largerA fun filled girls exploring! Hope everyone has a fantastic day.See this image larger#mobilechat It appears to be dinnertime again :)See this image larger#mobilechat Alllllmost done :)See this image larger#mobilechat Dinner for two ♡See this image larger#mobilechat Kids snacks! need healthy food too ♡See this image larger#mobilechat Lunch! Smaller sized salad plates are the best :)See this image larger#mobilechat Fun times with friends & family on the farm. Dinner is served :)See this image larger#mobilechat Road trip..headed south :)See this image largerThankfully I thought to take a before pic of the greenhouse future location..I definitely have my work cut out for me...I have a gallon of water & am slathered in white sunscreen...lolSee this image larger#mobilechat Today was quite productive. Got the rest of the garage cleaned out, 2 of 5 lilac bushes yanked out of the ground, the green house framing unloaded & put on site for assembly, 1/2 acre cleared of debris((sigh)) so much crap..not even my All of it with me & a helper :)See this image largerLoad 1! 29 more to go! Woohoo!See this image larger#mobilechat Wishing all of the Spark dads a wonderful day!See this image larger#mobilechat Tonight's dinner for Hubby & I. BBQ chicken thighs, homemade brats, Cole slaw & asparagus :) He gets the bigger #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSee this image larger#mobilechat Facelift good to yourselves Sparkers! You are worth all of the effort you make towards better health.See this image would appear we have a guest..See this image larger#mobilechat Looks like it's just dinner for one tonight :) #ketoSee this image larger#mobilechat Looks like dinner for one again. Shrimp omelette & more stuffed mushrooms :)See this image largerBeautiful sunset tonight after the storm :) Ended the day well ♡See this image larger#MobilechatSee this image largerFace lift Friday...please don't five up on yourself..or your health.(1 comments)See this image larger#mobilechat Remember that meals don't have to be elaborate, nor expensive to be healthy. Eat some good food & have an awesome evening :) #ketoSee this image larger#mobilechat Veggie stuffed steak rolls, french onion stuffed mushrooms & lazy salad. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerTaco salad..lunch time #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#mobilechat Finally, some yeild from the garden. Strawberries, basil, cucumbers & tomatoes along with some slow roasted pork & cole slaw #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#mobilechat Eat healthy, eat good, take care of our bodies & they'll take care of us.. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSee this image largerHappy Grandparents day ♡See this image larger#mobilechat Holy moly...this old photo popped up on my Facebook timeline from just a few short years ago..I am so grateful that I started & stuck with getting healthier. Don't give up on yourself. Stick with it & it works ♡See this image largerDo not give up on yourself...Do..Not..Quit! Food should nourish the body, not harm it. Feed yourself well, stop eating the junk you don't need, I promise, there will never come a day when 'you deserve' to 'treat' yourself with junk food. Take care of your body and it will take care of you, push yourself, find your limits & then find a way to exceed them. What you deserve, what we all deserve is a healthy excuses! #mobilechat #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#coach There appears to be a the fat grams/calories.. 234gx9cal/fat/g is 2106 calories...and I didn't have 234g/fat..See this image largerSpicy, spicy dinner :)See this image largerNever ever give up on yourself..not for one second. I promise it's all worth it. It's worth eating better food, those extra steps, lifting heavy things just because you can..every single bit of this struggle is worth every reward you will earn getting healthier.See this image larger#mobilechat Great day at the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay..spent the morning with Hubby, our daughter & grandson..then off to the Pigeon Point lighthouse & a quick spin to Santa Cruz. Now time for some healthy dinner :) Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!See this image larger#mobilechat Dinner with friends :) Hubby & me having a great time ♡See this image larger#mobilechat Oh! I just realized what today is the 2 year mark of my weight loss start. If your just starting out..I promise, it'll happen if you get out of your own way & focus on getting healthier ♡ 180# down (Dr appt last week), I stopped weighing at home & now focus on size/composition.See this image largerAwesome day @ the Riverwalk with Hubby. Boat tour was awesome :)See this image largerYesterday was an amazing evening, beautiful wedding, incredible venue, family & friends we rarely get to see. Nothing like hugging your sister from another mother after 8 years ♡ #mobilechatSee this image largerSuch an awesome week in Texas ♡ Back in the SF Bay Area & Thursday heading back to Oregon. Glad we took this vacation :) Well definitely be doing this more often!See this image largerWhipped these little gems for an after dinner treat. Pecan topped almond cookies. So far they're a hit ♡ #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#mobilechat Late dinner out with my lovely daughter last night..went to The Counter, to date:one of the best meals I've enjoyed. Build your own. Definitely more #paleo than #keto, sooo good :) Walked around for hours. Good times ♡See this image largerShould I ever buy a home with very high ceilings.... One of the Redwood City trees on Broadway ♡ #mobilechatSee this image largerBreakfast...rarely am I hungry before noon, but every once in a while.. #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger#mobilechat Don't forget to drink your water! Our Pom, Cricket shows us how...lolSee this image largerSee where it's says results not tyical? What's with Sparkpeople now writing stories for HMR? I understand having to pay the bills, but really?See this image largerHaha! Nana doesn't eat sugar anymore, that was my out to thankfully escape this game. Oh ick, the look on their faces when they got a disgusting Strawberry/banana or dead fish...peach or barf? No thanks!See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDessert doesn't happen often... when it does its awesome ♡ Cream cheese berry ice cream. #ketoSee this image largerDinner for one.. #ketoSee this image largerSome days are meant to be soup days. Beef & brussel sprout. #ketoSee this image largerLunch is served :) Grandson wanted broccoli..yep, Nana can do broccoli ♡ #keto Sounds boring, but dinner will likely be the same. Lazy Sunday.See this image largerThrowback Thursday. No giving up on yourselves. Keep going, even of you don't 'feel' like it. Keep going anyways. Promise, it's worth it ♡See this image largerDon't always want to take the walk..but I do anyways, sometimes the scenery cooperates & gives a beautiful morning :)See this image largerNice! Our daughter picked this up for us :) Can't wait to get my hands on it & start digging in to the recipes ♡See this image largerOf all the things we say to ourselves, "I can't" should never be a thought..give those two words no space in your life!See this image largerSuccess doesn't happen by chance. We can't change yesterday but today & tomorrow are in our control. We want something different? A different result? Better health? Better life? We're going to have to make changes & be willing to make sacrifices. Make a conscious choice between excuses & results.See this image largerLunch..Bonus! Got a double yolk egg. Love those #ketoSee this image largerDinner. Found some great avocados! Homemade alfredo-ish sauce & deli chicken thigh. Eat some good food..on smaller plates :) #ketoSee this image largerLunch. Headed to a kids birthday party soon..the usual, pizza, candy, ice cream, cake..nope. Eating before I go. NO excuses not to eat healthy food, regardless of your plan. Thinking dinner will be mushroom chicken soup & maybe another salad or broccoli & butter. #ketoSee this image largerDinner...threw it together in 10 minutes..healthy food can be fast! Mushroom, chicken, beef broth, bell pepper, shrimp soup with a side of broccoli & a lot of garlic :) #ketoSee this image largerOff to another kids birthday party..woohoo, fun to be had..but as always, parties need not be about the food. Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday ♡See this image largerPicked the topping off a piece of pizza @ the party..had a great time visiting with the parents/grandparents, stayed out of the room with the nerf fight :) Then home to cook a quick dinner. That deli chicken is coming in #ketoSee this image largerYou've got to want it enough to keep going.See this image largerAwesome sale yesterday! Picked up 5# fresh Brussel Sprouts for $6. Definitely a happy camper :) These little cabbages of love are my absolute favorite. Had a great day with friends yesterday, short nerf war with the kids, tons of coffee, hugs & laughing. Great day ♡See this image largerLunch. Spinach & mushroom omelette, grilled peppers & an Asiago grilled tomato slice. Eat some healthy food! #ketoSee this image largerDinner..added a few shredded brussel sprouts to the cole good :) some avocado salsa, french onion stuffed mushrooms & 1 extremely boring chicken leg #ketoSee this image largerLunch with friends contribution. Hopefully our friend makes those Indian inspired yogurt covered chicken kabob thingies(so need the recipe for Hope everything has a great healthy, get some movement & have some fun ♡ #ketoSee this image largerLunch..tried out a new sauce(butter, mustard, cream). It's good, I'll make it again, but next time maybe a splash of vinegar & a stone ground spicy mustard. If we gotta eat, why need eat good food.. #ketoSee this image largerBrunch. Tuna with homemade mayo on 90 second bread (the texture seems better with course almond meal, good stuff) eat some healthy food today, your body will thank you :) #ketoSee this image largerLate, late lunch.. Baked a turkey last night, now to start using it :) Stuffed bell peppers, 1/2 pepper per meal. Eat some good food. It takes 30 minutes or less, start to finish to create something healthy & excuses. #ketoSee this image largerLate, late lunch.. Baked a turkey last night, now to start using it :) Stuffed bell peppers, 1/2 pepper per meal. Eat some good food. It takes 30 minutes or less, start to finish to create something healthy & excuses. #ketoSee this image largerWhat to do with all the turkey..get creative :) Made these tonight for the next week to pop on the plate with whatever else is on the plate. Pizza stuffed mushrooms.. #ketoSee this image largerTaco salad for good food :) Dressing is 3Tbs olive oil, 1Tbs lime juice, 1/4 tsp each salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, chili powder #ketoSee this image largerDinner..turkey & cabbage soup, mini peppers stuffed with shrimp & cream cheese, cheese crisps & a whole lotta veggies..if they leave hungry it's their Eat good everyday! #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerLunch..left over shrimp. Eat some good food that nourishes your body that tastes good & makes you feel good. And food scales, if you don't have one are very, very handy, especially as I usually measure in grams, easier to track. #ketoSee this image largerServed up dinner & my grandson said "no Nanna, I want broccoli NOT slimy mushrooms", a big plate of broccoli, turkey, strawberries & no slimy mushrooms for #ketoSee this image largerLunch & dinner.. Lunch was a Mexican, turkey stuffed pepper, spicy, so, so spicy ♡ Eat some good food! #ketoSee this image largerWalking the back half of our property this morning..not what I particularly want to be doing, but the walk needs to excuses!See this image largerEat some good food! And if it doesn't really taste good, seriously, don't bother. This turkey Alfredo sounded good, but taste, oh 2 bites's a no..just NO! Won't be making this gelatinous mess Ate all the broccoli though :) Here goes a day of skewed macros.. #ketoSee this image largerStarted on morning walk & decided to do something else..a bit more exertion than walking, but the higher view is always good..made it about 12-15 ft before it got too twiggy/branch to go any higher safely ♡See this image largerLunch..spicy shrimp & spinach omelette. Finished 1/2..sometimes I think I'm hungrier than I am..helps to eat slower, often realize about halfway through a meal, "Yep, I'm done, put the fork down & move on".. #ketoSee this image larger#keto My cheese loving friends, I need some help..which of these have you tried & liked? Any the store right now. My other choice is the PRE`SIDENT brand. Thank you :)See this image largerGirl time with my sister from another mother...only shopping today, but who cares, eek out the time with friends when you can ♡See this image largerMushroom & spinach frittata..turkey breast & some homemade boursin good :) Eat good food that nourishes you & makes your body feel good♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image larger@ I_GET_BY The kitchen, before & after. It was boring Grandson (7) 'helped' paint..bit of a mess, total understatement..haha!See this image largerHad some friends over to of them said "I couldn't do that (keto), I want my cake & to eat it too", we made cake.#keto cake with lemon cream cheese frosting..huh..turns out you can have your cake & eat it too..darn good cake too. Will take note of measures next time I make it..sorry..I'm one of 'those' bakers..lolSee this image largerLunch, definitely worked up an appetite, probably should have made more, but, we'll see. Just finished loading (with neighbors tractor) the tractor tires for garden beds & thankfully was able to roll them into position about 50yrds away..handy how round things #ketoSee this image largerLunch, much lighter serving today, planning a big dinner. Odd flavor combination, but we like what we like. Found an awesome whole seed mustard that dances across my taste buds ♡ #ketoSee this image largerFriday night dinner..Hubby put the smoker together today & had some friends over. Good times :) Busy weekend coming, traveling next week, so Sunday dinner turned into Friday Dinner. Conveniently wrote down the recipe for the cake as I made it this time :) #keto lemon cake..recipe if wanted.See this image largerWell deserved after a full day of work. Loaded & unloaded 2 truck & trailer loads for the farm today. Definitely worked up an appetite. Eat some good food..thank God for leftovers & a quick salad! #ketoSee this image largerPrepped & ready for the freezer.. 2 chicken/sausage/shrimp gumbo-ish Beef & asparagus/Brussel sprout Shepherds pie (cauliflower topping) Broccoli/turkey cheese casserole Sausage/spinach/egg/cheese peppers #ketoSee this image largerWhile my grandson is letting off some energy at the park Cricket & I will walk, walk, walk..should be about .75 mile each pass. Weather is lovely ♡See this image largerDinner with friends..Hubby & me :)See this image largerNot too bad of a choice for the Cheesecake Factory..good stuff :) at the butter, left the bread to my son & grandson. #ketoSee this image largerRan into my son's boss (haven't seen in 3 years) & he did a 2nd & 3rd take then said "Oh my God! Is that you? You disintegrated, you're less than half of you"! #ketoSee this image largerHaha! I fit into the Chuck e Cheese climbing tubes..had to go retrieve some grandsons :) Fun times! Spent the day with my daughter in law, her mom & grandsons.See this image largerLunch @ Panera with my lovely daughter..keeping it #keto (hopefully) with the green goddess salad & copious amounts of coffee. Meeting a dog today that we may adopt, her family has to move.See this image largerThis is our new friend. Her family situation has changed so she's going to come home with us & live on the farm...likely get even more spoiled. I left the offer open to her family that if their situation changes, they only need to ask & we'll return her.See this image largerBack at much easier to control what I eat when I cook it, whole mustard dressing & spicy cucumber/avocado good :) Came home to broken well pipes, flooded yards, but thankfully a friend & I were able to repair it in a few hours & get the water back on. Our new dog is settling in nicely, who knew...she loves the #ketoSee this image largerCreamy chicken & spinach soup with some quicky, microwaved cheddar/jalapeño crisps. It's what's for dinner & perfect on a cold night :) Eat some good food that's good for you ♡ #ketoSee this image largerAwesome non-scale victory!!! I can now wear my mom's vintage bracelets..think I'll wear it for the day & keep her near my heart today.See this image largerDo. Not. Quit.See this image largerLunch & dinner today, tuna salad with lime/olive oil dressing(broke my immersion blender, so no mayo, just mixed in avocado..looks gray) spinach & shrimp cream soup for dinner. My grandson has absolutely refused to even taste the spinach soup, apparently it's deadly to cook, so he opted for a plate of broccoli. #ketoSee this image largerHa! Tried something new tonight for dinner..heck, it's even kid approved! 90 second (cooked 2 minutes) #keto bread & rather than just plain, added garlic & parmesan & it makes one awesome dinner roll! Definitely wouldn't eat every day as nuts are not my best friend..but, oh, so good for a treat ♡See this image largerSurprise! My Hubby came up to the farm early (he's not retired yet & we all know the rule..they don't pay you if you don't work) I'll take what ever time he can eek out of his schedule. But thankfully was able to pull out a quick family style dinner, surf & turf, mushroom steak Salad not shown. Small plates definitely help keep things from spinning out of control.See this image largerOven roasted pork chops on a bed of pan fried pepper, onion & radish with mushroom gravy. Finally got my fanny to the store today, thought we were going to have to eat cupboard #ketoSee this image largerLunch & dinner, kind of a lighter day. 4oz 'Meatloaf' provolone cheeseburger over baby greens & beef stuffed mushrooms. Found an amazing Brie $5.99/12oz on sale ♡ Eat good food that's good for you :) #ketoSee this image largerDinner :) let the spinach wilt down in the pan I fried the pork chop in, some cream cheese/parmesan stuffed mini peppers & lovely whole grain mustard ♡ As always, served on a salad sized plate, excellent for portion control. #ketoSee this image largerSee this image largerLunch with friends.. Mini meatloafs (made with parmesan instead of breadcrumb)on a bed of peppers, radishes & mushrooms, garlic cream cheese peppers. Eat some good food. Small plates keep portions under control :) #ketoSee this image largerDrove down for the SF area again..seeing the family..having a great time, spent time with both grandsons♡. Stepped on the scale & the weight gain from the antibiotics seems to have stopped..whoo. good thing. I gained 21 pounds in just over 2 weeks..lost 2 of them though, so I think I'm on the downside effects of that. Nasty stuff :( have been on probiotics & staying #keto so that at least is a bright spot :)See this image largerPan fried meatloaf..not sure if that still qualifies for meatloaf(lazy dinner), some delicious deli olives & feta cubes, brie & buttered broccoli ♡ #ketoSee this image largerBrunch, 2 egg spinach omelette, mushrooms with the stems chopped, butter & parmesan & a small avocado. Coffee is unsweetened with heavy whipping cream. #ketoSee this image largerLate, late dinner..tuna salad with, well, everything. Eat good food that nourishes your body. Small plates & bowls help with portions. #ketoSee this image largerWoohoo! Dinner after a full day of helping friend pack & load. Garage day. Garlic, rosemary stuffed peopers, parmesan mushroom, garlic shrimp & a lovely broiled pork chop on a small salad plate. #ketoSee this image largerSpring has sprung a leak..See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerLazy chicken salad for dinner, plenty of olive oil & a smidgen of balsamic for the deli chickens ♡ Eat some healthy food :) #ketoSee this image largerOne of those 'want a bit of everything dinners'. Taco stuffed mini peppers with creamy salsa verde, artichoke cream cheese stuffed mushrooms & mint tea..sometimes weird flavor combinations are just what's needed :) #ketoSee this image largerPrepped & done. 4 quiches. Seasoned beef/mushroom, peppers/artichoke hearts/spinach, mushroom/spinach, & one with left over everything. These freeze well & will be dolled out 1 at a time. #ketoSee this image largerProgress, progress, progress..don't give up on yourself. That time is going to pass anyways, make sure you spend it well. Eat good food, get some movement & DO NOT GIVE UP! 190# lost, from size 30/32 (4-5x) to 10-12. #ketoSee this image larger@ a birthday party with Hubby. Good friends, lots of people, awesome weather :) keeping it #keto & avoiding the sweets. Tempting? Sure, but in reality..not worth it. Had a plate of amazing Mexican food minus the starches.See this image largerOne last pit stop before heading back up home to Oregon..nice park :) getting some walking in before the 7hr car ride.See this image largerSee this image largerLunch outside on the deck today. The sun is shining & it's in the 60's. Fabulous day ♡ Eat healthy, fuel your body with nutrition, not 'calories'. #ketoSee this image largerIf we want something to change, we're going to have to put the effort in..mediocre efforts will net mediocre results. Dream big & aim HIGH..if you aim low, chances are you'll always hit..and go nowhere.See this image largerMeanwhile, out west... Traffic jam :)See this image largerWe are all capable of so much more than we think we are. Do NOT sell yourself short with small goals & small dreams. Think BIG, dream BIG & work HARD & make those goals happen! You deserve every result you're willing to work for ♡See this image largerDinner..friend wanted Chinese food..haha, no! I'm not going out for Chinese food, homemade is always better. This is thinly sliced cabbage. Does that make them coodles? Caddles? No clue. Good stuff though :) #ketoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerDinner..pork tenderloin with rosemary mushroom butter yummy. Eat good food that nourishes your body, not just calories...we are what we eat ♡ #ketoSee this image largerBrunch. Swiss & spinach omelette. I saw @PIPPAMOUSE snack yesterday of olives & went foraging in the fridge for these tasty fruits. #smallplates #keto #eathealthy(1 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerThere will always be naysayers, those that can but won't, those that are envious of what you accomplish, but they themselves are not willing to attempt.. Ignore them & keep going. Those who can, do. Those who won't don't.See this image largerDinner. Avocado, cucumber & kalamata olive salad, pork tenderloin..the mushrooms & peppers are stuffed with cream cheese & stem..brown butter sauce♡ Eat some good food that's good for you! #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch, pork stir fry Small bowls/plates are a necessary staple in this house ♡ Eat healthy food that will nourish your body..not just 'calories'. #ketoSee this image largerOur futures are in our own hands. Respect and love yourself enough to do amazing things with this life.See this image largerTasty bits for lunch. A healthy meal doesn't have to take a long time to prepare, sometimes simple is what's called for. Eat food that's good for you, your body will thank you :) #smallplates #ketoSee this image largerFor those of us that struggle, the new comers, those that think "how am I going to do this"? We all have abilities, many undiscovered as wear fear the fail. Clap for yourself with every face plant, every time you try & fall flat. Clap for yourself because you are trying. Be consistent, be kind to yourself & never fear failure, it will lead to you your greatest successes.See this image largerDinner. Eat good food that's good for you. We've all heard "I don't have time"..this meal took 22:49 to prepare (timed it). Make time to nourish yourself. #ketoSee this image largerThey're calling this moderate?!? Blah! Spent yesterday out of town with friends..thinking of going back today. Definitely not an outdoor day here today.See this image largerDinner..I will definitely add way more heat next time, it's too mild, but good. These are konjac shirataki noodles.. A great substitute for traditional wheat or other grains. Yep, definitely spicier next time. #ketoSee this image largerMay is stroke awareness month. Do NOT ignore the signs, it's vital to get help as soon as it starts..time lost is brain lost! Saturday my sister from another mother had a small TIA, thankfully, our friend was with her & was able to call for help immediately.See this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerTake every opportunity to learn something new, come prepared to every lesson with an open mind & a humble heartSee this image largerYesterday's trip to the museum with my grandson :) To say yesterday was a bad day, whoo, total understatement...seriously, it was a dreadful start :( Thankfully I've learned enough over the last 2.5 years that food is NOT the answer & turned that crappy day around. Spent the day with friends & family.See this image largerLunch outside on the deck. Loving this spicy, whole seed mustard. Eat good food that's good for you, even better if it tastes good ♡ #ketoSee this image largerNew blog post this morning. "No, Thank you" shouldn't be an issue.See this image largerSome days do not go as planned.. Our cat is in labor & has escaped the house. Okay then, 23 acres offers way to many hiding to find her I go.See this image largerLunch. Was craving a cheeseburger with spicy sauce & fiery whole seed mustard..definitely hit the spot ♡ #ketoSee this image largerDownloaded this new app.. Going to give it a whirl & do a solid 30 days of the program has then re-evaluate. Lost 26" off my waist & now it's time to step it up in the ab department! Even with all the free workouts available, I'm thinking a structured 'do this' may be what's called for at this point, rather than my willy-nilly 'pick one' method. 3 years ago I would have been stunned if someone told me "you'll look forward to working out"..See this image largerYou don't have to want to do everything you need to do, you just need to do it. Some days you've just got to knuckle down & drag yourself into doing whatever needs done. Today was that day.. Taking time to developing self discipline has really paid off. Thank goodness, because motivation has left the building today..See this image largerDinner. Mushroom, black & kalamata olives & pepperoncini stuffed pork chop with homemade Alfredo sauce & spinach on a small plate. So yummy ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerCooked the turkey today. Uncle Keith came over to get his turkey legs. Sautéed mushrooms, brussel sprouts, cream cheese peppers & little flax seed muffins. #ketoSee this image largerKnow what the best part of cooking a turkey is? Left over turkey :) Spinach, cucumber & avocado salad with a glorious double yolk egg ♡ Turkey & crimini mushrooms in butter sauce. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerIt stormed all day here. Worked up an appetite cleaning, moving sense in letting a day go to waste. Turkey again :) Gobbled a wedge of brie & olives while cooking. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerYummy, scrumptious, spicy turkey & spinach salad :) Eat healthy food that nourishes your body & keeps you satisfied. I'm a believer in small plates..this portion looks HUGE..this is 2oz cheese & 4oz turkey Couldn't find a decent avocado..oh well, I will survive the great avocado shortage of May 26th. #keto #smallplates Dressing is: 3Tbs olive oil 1Tbs tomatillo salsa 1Tbs sour cream (full fat) 1/2 diced jalapeñoSee this image largerSoup & salad for dinner. Brussel sprouts, turkey & mushrooms in a spicy, buttery turkey broth. Jalapeño cheese 'crackers'. #keto #smallplates Crackers (taste like cheezits) 1 oz cheddar cheese slice 1/4'd 350°f on parchment for 15ish minutes after a few minutes of cooling they crisp up.See this image largerEarly dinner with a little bit of everything. Broiled the peppers & cream cheese this time. Will definitely stick to this! Much better flavor than baking :) The dipping sauce is just 3Tbs olive oil & 1/2tsp lemon juice. #keto #small platesSee this image largerLunch :) My friend gave me a bottle of this lovely Lucini Pinot Grigio wine vinegar...heavenly stuff ♡ No skimping on nutrition, just because 'it fits' in your calories doesn't mean it's doing you any healthy, be healthy. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerGoing to have a go at making turkey #keto enchaladas tonight..turkey with salsa verde & cauliflower with garlic, chili & paprika..using very thin egg tortullas (1 beaten egg spread thin & cooked on low)..maybe a cream sauce..hopefully it's a success. Well find out tonight, letting it all marinade for a few hours. Off to tackle the yard..yikes, looks like an overgrown nature preserve!See this image largerSuccess! These are delicious :) Sauce is equal parts HWC, pepper jack & sour cream. Heat HWC, add sour cream, whisk, add shredded pepper jack & let melt. Because it's know these are also stuffed with spinach ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerBrunch.. Almost nailed the taste of the Pho` soup at this little Vietnamese restaurant in SF China good ♡ This one is made with Shirataki noodles & wonderfully spicy :) Eat good food that fuels your body with what it needs, not just 'calories'. #keto #smallplates #lowcarbSee this image largerDinner. Tried my hand at making the cheese taco salad bowls, they're pretty good! We can fuel our bodies while pleasing our taste buds..make healthy choices & your body will thank you in some truly astounding ways ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerSuper excited! I don't get to see my Hubby often..different states for work, blah! He made a surprise trip up last night ♡ He asked for 'some of that stuff you've been taking pictures of', day two of a fresh pot of Pho` soup, mixed shredded cabbage into the shirataki noodles :) My grandson ate the rest of yesterdays.. #ketoSee this image largerBig weekend breakfast at our house..I nibbled a bit from Hubbys These are spinach, mushroom & leftover taco meat. Fried radishes & peppers. Have a great Saturday ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerFamily/friend dinner night. Tri-tip, Cole slaw, faux potato salad (same, just used boiled 1/4'd radishes), cream cheese stuffed peppers & a lemon was okay, but would make a better 'cornbread'. Chive flowers in the deviled eggs (their edible) tastes like a mild onion :) & it's pretty. Grandson told me '"I'm a boy & don't eat flowers" hahaha! #ketoSee this image largerDinner. 5 oz Pork tenderloin, mushroom & shrimp in gravy & a standard issue spinach salad..good stuff. Small plates make dinner look bigger :) Fuel your body with healthy food & it'll thank you in amazing ways ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerConsistency, consistency, consistency! Don't give up on yourself, be willing to make small course corrections, don't listen to people that say "you can't", those are the ones that aren't willing to try. Be kind to yourself and remember that results and excuses don't play well together. Respect yourself enough to take care of yourself! #ketoSee this image larger(1 comments)See this image largerNow THAT was a workout! Admittedly, I rolled the largest one(taller than me @ 5'4")..but flipped the other 3 end over end 30yrds to get them there.. Going to spray paint these tractor tires & make them into planter beds. Moved all the yard furniture & swing for the landscaperer, pruned some's coming along nicely. All fueled by #keto ♡See this image largerJust a reminder.. There isn't a pill/drink/tea/supplement that will be a magic formula to guarantee "amazing results without diet and exercise" or "eat as much of whatever you want and still lose weight"..human physiology doesn't work this way...Not even if they promise to pay you to try it.. There seems to be a massive recruiting drive for product peddlers in our area..This morning I woke up to 11 messages in my FB messages from FB friends to try the new 'it' product.See this image largerDay two of landscaping...why on earth do I let this pile up?!? Need to work on that. Moved rocks, good workout, but seriously, rocks are flipping heavy! Pulled 1200ft of hosing & got it ready. Taking a break..not even noon & we've accomplished so much. Suncreen, hat, gloves & ice water are saving the day. On the bright side, we uncovered these beauties hiding in 3ft of weeds :) All fueled by #ketoSee this image largerWell deserved dinner. Moved 151 rocks today(going to make a rock/gnome/succulent garden), left the 80+ pounders for another time. Dug out six more rocks & relocated. Think I may take tomorrow as a lighter day. This dinner took 18 we CAN work hard all day & have a nice home cooked meal :) *important..when we're really hungry it's vital to eat slowly..otherwise we're likely to overeat. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerAlfredo shrimp, mushrooms &'s what's for lunch :) Good stuff, huge portion, so the other half is for tomorrow. Eat good food that fuels your body, not just 'calories'.. This took 15 minutes..good food can be quick! #ketoSee this image largerCauliflower pizza crust. Grandson wanted pizza, we comprised. Two different DYI personal pizzas. Yep, ate the whole thing. *confession..I only have cauliflower florets in my freezer, rough chopped them, so a mix of diced & made no difference after if you're feeling particularly lazy, like I was, odds are in your favor this will be fine :) #ketoSee this image largerDinner. Spinach & tuna salad with everything. Take care of your body & eat awesome food, your body will thank you for it ♡ #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerFriend stopped by for coffee today. She asked for something sweet with coffee. I think she was hoping for a pastry. This is sweetened vanilla cloud bread layered with cream cheese/butter frosting, instead of little breads, I baked it in a 9" parchment lined pan & 1/4'd..definitely goes faster if you freeze it after 1/4ing & before frosting/stacking, then pop back in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. She says it tastes like angle food cake & ice cream cake..kind of does.See this image largerMade the drive to spend Father's Day & our 29th Wedding Anniversary together.. Daughter treated us to a phenomenal dinner in Half Moon Bay & a day at the beach.. Nope, this was not 100% keto compliant..See this image largerJust after Sunset in Oregon 😍 Pretty sure that's Venus.See this image largerEveryone wanted chili cheese dogs for dinner..making some chili Hubby & I can eat. Not the biggest bacon fan, or hot dogs for that matter, Hubby likes it though..I'll probably survive 🤣 1# cubed cooked hamburger, 6 slices chopped bacon, dried cumin, garlic, onion, chili powder, paprika, S&P to taste, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can water, slow cooker for 3-4 hours #ketoSee this image largerFamily is leaving's been fantastic having my hubby & both grown boys here. Set off some fireworks, took the kayaks out last week..all in all a great week 😎See this image largerSee this image largerShaped up to be a lovely was one of those humid, hot, more than a gallon of water kind of days.See this image largerWoohoo! The heat has finally let up enough to actually cook! Broccoli, cheese, pepperoncini omelette with cream cheese stuffed, roasted peppers. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerPurple cabbage is definitely a favorite! Mozzarella stuffed sausage balls & broiled peppers. Eat good food that fuels your body, not just food that fills the calories. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerSpicy, garlicky shrimp & sausage with pan fried brussel good. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerYard work day..slacked off a bit for a few days..whoo, paying for that! Oh well, work to be done! Landscaper friend is tackling the yard & driveway...I'll start moving stuff 😎See this image largerTaking a break! Water, water, water, especially when working in the heat. Sunscreen & hats 👒See this image largerLunch after a full day 😋 Red & green cabbage Cole slaw with sausage, pepper rings & a smidge of red good. Lunch with friends..the best😄 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerDinner. Broiled pork loin & mushrooms in beef butter sauce with a hearty spinach 'everything' salad. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch, possibly dinner too, it's too hot to cook today, leftever pork from last nights dinner. Eat food that nourishes your body, not just 'it fits' in the calories available. Small bowls/plates keep it in check. #ketoSee this image largerToday marks 1012 days of consciously making a consistent effort to better myself. Everything starts with a decision and a day one. We all have a day one. Every aspect of my health has improved, pre-diabetes is a thing of the past, no more BP meds, cholesterol is fantastic now. Make good choices everyday and pay every effort into a better tomorrow for yourself. #keto(1 comments)See this image larger(2 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerLunch. Eat food that nourishes your body. Pan seared chicken thigh on red cabbage..because red cabbage is scrumptious 😍 with a cream cheese spread (diced pepperoncini, garlic, black pepper to taste) #keto #smallplates #omadSee this image largerLate dinner..we only have one body, feed it well, take care of it & it will do amazing things for you💪 @SADIEMYERS your pictures have definitely gotten me back to eating chicken thighs..thank you 😁 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerSuper spicy 🌶️ taco salad for dinner with lime, olive oil & crushed red pepper dressing. Eat good, feel good 😁 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerToday is definitely an inside day. We've been stuck in the house for days.See this image largerDinner, a bit of break in the smoke, going to eat outside. Pan fried chicken thigh with garlic, paprika, S&P swiss mushrooms, fried radishes & homemade boursin cheese. #keto #smallplates #omadSee this image largerEarly dinner 😋 Garlicky cheeseburger on cabbage. Buttered mushrooms & pepperoncinis because I keep forgetting to buy pickles. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch. Chicken & kale spicy soup, mushroom & boursin cheese egg roll up, olive oil & lemon cucumber & radish salad. 22 minutes to food can be healthy😁 #keto #smallplates #omadSee this image largerProgress is always good 🤩 This is why many of us recommend that in addition to the scale we need to be taking measurements. This top was super t i g h t when I wore it in July. It's now a little on the loose side. No scale weight lost, zip, zilch, zero. Inches though 😁😁 and inches lost IS fat lost, pants need a belt or ⬇️ they go. Eat well, eat healthy, find some physical activities you enjoy & do them often and have FUN!!See this image largerKeeping today really light. Traveling all day tomorrow in the car. Small mini vacation to visit Hubby 😍 & celebrate his birthday.See this image largerHad an awesome visit yesterday on my way down to see Hubby. We had a small family reunion & we got to visit with with both grandsons, both Nana's, my daughter in law & Papa Paul. It was awesome!!!!See this image largerHappy, happy times with Hubby 😍 Celebrate your life, love fully & live, live, live 😁See this image largerLunch😋 pecan/Parmesan crusted chicken breast, mashed cauliflower & spicy🌶️ sour cream horseradish for dipping..So good! #keto #smallplates #omadSee this image largerLunch. 2 Muffin tin sized cheese taco bowls, spicy chicken & plenty of low carb veggies. Really hit the spot today😁 Eat good, nutritious food, not just calories. Our bodies will thank us for years to come if we take care of it 🤩 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerEarly Dinner 😁 We need to focus on keeping ourselves healthy with consistency in our choices. Fed a nutritionally dense range of foods our bodies will sort themselves out & the excess fat WILL come off. #keto #smallplates #omadSee this image largerHa!!! 🤩🤩Take that upper arms!!! Lost 3/4" off the right & 1/2" off the left since last month. These arms are stubborn!! Just keep at it, it'll happen. It seems slow but it's working 😁See this image largerLunch. Leftover chicken, 3 cheese, plenty of greens, pecans, sunflower & pumpkin seeds with a tangy balsamic, olive oil dressing. Smaller plates/bowls make it all look like a HUGE feast 😁 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerHmm.. grandsons logic. "Kev, want cucumber on your salad"? "No, I don't like it". "How do you know, you've never had it" "They're deadly". "No, they're not". "Uh huh, I didn't eat it and I'm not dead". ..the same 8 year old that wore a 'got away' lizard for hours yesterday... I'll eat the deadly cucumber then 🤣See this image largerDinner. Pork tenderloin with butter balsamic pan sauce, cucumber & radish salad with of those days, did a lot, but nothing has gotten done. Dinner is done! #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerAwesome unintended road trip yesterday 🤩 We didn't go any farther up the trail because we found the worlds source of poison oak 🤪See this image largerSee this image largerNice!!! Hubby kept the secret. I woke up to both of my grown sons in my home this morning 😍😍😍😍😍 They drove up & arrived about 4 this morning to spend the weekend here with Mom🤗🤗See this image largerSee this image largerFamily & neighbors over for dinner 🤗 Bbq'd lemon/rosemary chicken, brats, Cole slaw & everyone requested the cauliflower breadsticks again. Hot dogs for my grandson...and no he didn't eat the deadly cucumber 🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerAwesome day with friends & family at the lake today. Everyone brought healthy stuff to eat for our picnic. Lots of kids, swimming, fishing & fun 🤗See this image largerDinner 😁 Shrimp stuffed Portobello, 1/4 grilled artichoke with horseradish cream & a small salad. So good. Found the portobellos 2/$1 yesterday!! #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch. Not the worlds biggest sandwich fan, but every once in a while. Friend wanted to try the 90 second bread..made this one garlic & herb(Italian seasoning). Splitting a sammy with my friend 😁 #keto #lowcarb #smallplates #intermittentfastingSee this image largerSome days are just not THE day. Oh well, do it anyways. One of those blah, I feel fat, I don't want to participate days. Tough stuff, but DO IT ANYWAYS. It's days like these, when we really, really want to sit it out that it's important to pull ourselves out of that and just get it done and prove to ourselves that yes, we can.See this image largerCauliflower crust pizza, pesto sauce, sliced portabellas, chicken breast & artichoke hearts. 2c cauliflower rice(frozen/thawed, squeeeeezed dry, makes about 1c) 2oz shredded Parmesan + any seasoning of choice, mix & mix in 1 egg, flatten onto parchment & bake @ 375f 20 minutes, then too as desired & bake an additional 10 minutes. Made a 7 inch pizza. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSee this image largerSee this image largerDinner. Chicken breast, portabellas, broccoli & garlicky pesto alfredo. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerDinner. Slow cooker spicy chicken & celery soup, cauliflower pizzas sausage/mushroom/olive & artichoke/olive along with a standard issue salad. 6 inch dessert plates keep a big meal in check. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerOhhh! Happy accident. Was attempting something else. Ended up with cheesy flat biscuits. 1c shredded Parmesan cheese, 1/3c fine almond flour, 1 egg, seasoning to taste. Used garlic & Italian. Kid approved 😁 350°f for 12 minutes on parchment. Made 8. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerTrying out some new recipes. This is Dragons Claw, modified from a Pinterest recipe. Original can be found in a Google search. Anaheim stuffed with sausage, onion, mushroom & garlic, wrapped in bacon. Used a spicy vinegar/berry sauce as the original is high in sugar. Definitely a keeper, but I need to improve my bacon wrapping skills 🤣maybe toothpicks next time. Admittedly, I don't use a lot of bacon. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerAnd on to another new recipe. Yellow zucchini cream lasagna. Spinach, beef, cheese.. Not bad. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerFamily dinner. Hubby is here 😍 Had some neighbors over, Uncle Keith donated the Ribeyes. Happy to have control over my own food again 😃 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerChicken, mushroom, celery soup with Parmesan flat biscuits Biscuit recipe.. 1c shredded Parmesan, 14c almond flour, 1 egg, (*optional 1 clove garlic, 1tsp seasoning of choice) Mix, flatten onto parchment, 350°f 10-12 minutes, makes 8. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerBreakfast isn't a norm for me, sometimes though.. For those of us that get bored with 'breakfast', it need not be traditional morning eats. Chicken & feta spinach salad with olive oil & balsamic. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSalad for dinner with a bit of everything, keeping it #keto. Telling you what..this self discipline is paying off, if there was a day to lose myself in old unhealthy habits, it'd be today. Got a call from our adopted dogs previous owners & they're ready to take her back😭😭😭😭 but, I did promise if they were in a position to have her back..ugh. Dangit☹️See this image largerBreakfast with my lovely daughter this morning 😍😍 Absolutely fabulous avocado omelette keeps us both happy, her a #vegetarian & me #ketoSee this image largerToday is the last full day of my 4 day weekend visiting Hubby in California. Found a beautiful farmers market this morning after breakfast. At my sons' house & making tacos with leftover pork & chicken. They can have tortillas with theirs, I'll keep it #keto & have taco salad 😋See this image largerSharing a breakfast with Hubby before heading back to the farm. Mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado & green onion. #ketoSee this image largerRoasted chicken thigh in reduced cream sauce with celery, onion and garlic #ketoSee this image largerHappy Halloween 🍬🍭 Dinner.. Friends coming over to take our grandchildren trick or treating later this evening. Beef/jalapeno sausages from the local butchers, savory riced cauliflower & pepper shrimp..she's #keto too..makes it easier 😁See this image largerEasy peasy spinach & tuna salad for dinner with a white wine vinegar/olive oil dressing. Some days simple is best😁 #ketoSee this image largerFried eggs over spicy cabbage, spinach, cauliflower good 😁 #ketoSee this image largerShaping up to be a great day 🤩🤩 Make it an awesome Saturday 😁See this image largerDinner.. late but healthy 😁 Pan seared crimini mushrooms & steak #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerWoohoo🎉🎉🎉 Hubby has just arrived 🤗😍 Thanksgiving vacation is officially started. Sharing a quickly prepared meal, messy but good😋. #keto #lowcarb Simple burger with an over easy egg, green beans & crimini mushrooms (12 minutes)See this image largerNot the biggest dessert fan, but we have guests & they wanted something sweet. I was like a deer in headlights 😲Always unprepared for dessert 🤣 #keto, definitely not low fat, so not for everyone. 1c HWC (2c whipped), sweetened if you like, used 1Tbs stevia, slather on to parchment thinly-ish, used sugar free chocolate syrup & natural peanut butter, the runny kind that needs to be stirred. Place on freezer rack, flat, for 20-30 minutes. I cut this into 1.5 inch squares. This served 6See this image largerFinally got dinner served at 6:30..had to start over. Turned my back on the pan roasted garlic & well, as you can see, no garlic sauce.. nearly lit it on fire🙄 cheese sauce it is then!! Tomorrow is my birthday & we are eating leftovers so I can do n o t h i n g alllllllday long.. 😂😂🤣See this image largerGotta love leftovers at the end of the week😍😍 Cauliflower hash, meatloaf & #keto chili #smallplatesSee this image largerDinner. Huge fan of cooked radishes & tried Daikon radish gratin tonight (sans anchovies). Eh, it's ok, not a favorite. It's a good #keto, definitely not a great one's off the Thanksgiving menu. FYI: Daikon looks like a white carrot, awesome stuff!! *
See this image largerLunch with my Hubby😍. Roast beef, cream cheese/bacon stuffed celery. Simple foods can be amazing as we eat with our eyes first🧐 That 3rd egg is garnished with celery leaves.. incredible flavor punch with just a pinch🤩 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerTrying out some keto baked goods.. Oddly enough, Hubby doesn't seem to mind 😂😂🤣 Modified this traditional sugar cookie recipe I've had for ages to be more #keto friendly. Recipe in comments. These are brushed with Bourbon, dipped in Cinnamon/stevia(after baked) And the jelly's are 1/2 tsp sugar free jelly just before baking(make a small well in center). Plain ones taste almond wedding cookie-ish. THESE are on the menu😍😍🤩See this image the Daikon radish gratin but did it stove top & finished under the broiler with HALF the much better tonight. If you do try the recipe posted last night, definitely 1/2 the fat, not greasy at all 😁 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerQuick & easy.. Personally like a smidge (ton) more lemon, so that was increased & added some extra zest. Just topped with a dollap of whipped cream & a thawed blackberry. Handmade the mascarpone(all the recipes are pretty much the same & super easy) #keto #dessert *These are 3oz cups.
See this image largerDinner. Slow cooker Mushroom & Sausage soup, salad green leaf & cabbage(**no romaine, it's been recalled), Parmesan crisps. Simple and easy 😁 #ketoSee this image largerHappy Thanksgiving! **Thankfully the dishes are done💃** Out of all the food I prepared, these were the hit🤣 #keto dessert with a very traditional Thanksgiving meal. I stuck with turkey, zucchini and gravy, the next day sluggish ugggh isn't worth the delicious bites of other sugary/starchy foods. Recipe for shortbreads, thanks to my lovely cousin Jonelle in the comments. The lemon pudding was listed the other day.See this image largerProductive day🤩🤩 Went to town & got my grocery shopping done, built & painted a new entertainment center, painted the guest bath & cabinets (navy & white). All in all a good day!! Having a friend over for lunch tomorrow, #keto beef stew is on the menu.See this image largerDinner, steak & mushrooms with rosemary/garlic olive oil. Loving these petite mushrooms 😍😍 Spent an awesome day with my friend, made #keto beef stew for lunch & spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing 👭See this image largerYummy goodness for lunch, left over roast beef & everything salad. Have gotten a few more things ticked off the to do list, small stuff today, but still need good fuel 😋 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSpicy 🌶️ chicken taco for lunch. Leftover chicken thigh & a homemade cheese tortilla with plenty of veggies 😋 Definitely hit the spot today. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerTrying a new cafe today..check out the tree in the waiting room 🤩🤩🤩See this image largerChicken Cobb😍😍 Keeping it #keto even when out & aboutSee this image largerArrived safe & sound in California to spend 2 weeks with family 😍🤗 Out & about, found these for my lovely vegetarian daughter.See this image largerYep, yep, yep it's a spicy 🤩😍🌶️🌶️ snack to share Whoo! Picked this fresh salsa up from a stand. Paired with daikon radishes & cucumbers. No chips needed to keep it healthy & crunchy #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerTaco-ish salad for dinner. Had to go to the store and buy real food. The contents of son's cabinets looks like a nightmare episode of chopped 😱🤪 #keto #lowcarb #nojunkSee this image largerDinner. For comparison, #keto vs not keto. Difference is mine is shedded, steamed cabbage. I can imagine many of us are cooking 2 or more different meals when we have different dietary requirements..not here😂🤣See this image largerSee this image largerEarly dinner. Thin crust pizza. Not a big fan of regular fathead dough so this is a lighter variation of that. #smallplates #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerNow they need some time to set. These are the gluten & sugar free shortbread cookies from yesterday dipped in sugar free chocolate . Will serve these with STRONG coffee ☕ for the sugar free crowd. Started some lemon ones soon. The #keto royal icing was a flop, eh, nothing ventured and all that 😏See this image largerNo secret..I love to cook/bake & the holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to do so. This year I had little boxes waiting for everyone to take some treats home. It was awesome. I got to bake & didn't feel the 'obligation' to indulge. The top shelf is ALL sugar free, gluten free #keto and all the treats are gone😁🎄🎁See this image largerFamily salad night🤩 Because after the holidays...and seriously, even though I was well behaved and kept it #lowcarb if not 100% #keto...too many *treats*See this image largerHappy 1st week of the New Year! Creamed spinach, chicken & a fried egg. Simple, quick food when life gets busy but you still have to eat healthy 😉 #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerYes!! The exercise bands arrived 🤩🤩🏋️See this image largerLighter fare for lunch, likely the same for dinner minus the carrots, just wanted some carrot, surely by dinner I'll be back to disliking them😁 Eat good, feel good 😍 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerDinner. Spinach salad with a pork chop & faux potato soup (Daikon radish). For 1 bowl..yes, I made just one bowl 🤣 1/3 c diced Daikon, appx 1tbs diced carrot, 1 slice bacon cooked & crumbled, 3/4c chicken stock, 1/4c heavy cream, 1/2 tsp rosemary whole or ground. Cook bacon & crumble, boil radish & carrot for 8-10 minutes, drain add everything into a pot and bring to boil, remove & serve. #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerHave had a fantastic extended weekend with Hubby. His last day here was spent tinkering on the wood lathe for a few minutes. The results? He made me a new pen🤩See this image largerBig dinner of lighter fair. Mushroom soup on cabbage noodles, spinach salad & two boring fried eggs. Vegetarian #keto tonight. Some of the projects I started January 1 are starting to come to fruition 🎉💃, definitely awesome to see effort pay off..bit I'm tired. To tired for 'cooked' food...the way I want it cooked anyways..lolSee this image largerToday was good😁 Got everything wrapped up a few hours early👍 Made time for a quick, early dinner cooked in about 20 minutes. Sauteed riced cauliflower with mushrooms & onions, brussel sprouts & chicken breast medallions. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerTaco salad with spicy riced cauliflower 😋 Early Dinner in between planning...and learning.. thought my math was pretty good but it definitely needs some improvement. We can't neglect our brains 😁See this image largerBusy enough to break out the fine China 😜 2 fried eggs over spinach, fresh salsa & a big dab of sour cream. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerEarly dinner.. the work day is done. Now off to paint the science project volcano🖌️🌋 exciting stuff🎉 #keto #lowcarb Cauliflower crust pizza with chicken, mushrooms & spinach. Vegetable soup over cabbage 'noodles'.See this image larger🌋 success with my grandson!! Feed our bodies & our brains..young minds love to experiment & learn.See this image largerStaying inside on this snow day. Spinach & cheese omelette for lunch. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch and dinner. Cheesy riced cauliflower with chicken breast medallions, pork & mushroom soup over cabbage noodles. Was supposed to meet with a friend today & go over some business plans, but the snow said no. Instead spent the afternoon tweaking the plan for my own newest business venture 💃See this image largerSpicy folded omelette with spinach, leftover chicken & cheddar. Started out with 4c of spinach but we all know how far it cooks down 😂 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerDinner with a friend ⭐ Going over her business plans & increasing income 🎉 Faux potato (Daikon radish) soup for a cold night🌨️ Hit the spot 😁 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerEarly dinner. Done for the day. No sense in shoveling snow if it's going to continue to heavily snow🌨️ Mushroom & spinach sauce on cabbage noodles, cucumber/avocado/celery salad & stuffed peppers & eggs with spicy mustard. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerQuick simple dinner. Keeping Monday healthy #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerWoohoo!! The rewards have arrived 👍 Long ago I made it a practice NOT to reward myself with food. Doesn't hurt that they were all on discount ⭐See this image largerLunch brought to us by the color green 😂🤣 Spinach & parmesan flatcackes? Crepes? Eh, I don't know, do know they're delicious 😋 #keto #lowcarb #smallplates 3 eggs, 1/2 c shredded parm, 2c diced fresh spinach. Mix together, medium heat about 2 minutes each side. Makes 6. I spread these thinly with sour cream, served folded, topped with fresh salsa with a side of pesto, 😍 and olives.See this image largerHappy Valentine's day 💗💗 It was a toss up whether Hubby would be able to make it up for the weekend or not. Thankfully he did 😍😍 Brought some stuff he wanted made for dinner. Steak & mushrooms. As always, I use the smaller plate, eating like a 6'4” man would do nothing good for my waistline 🤣See this image largerShoveled my way around the yard & cut a path to the workshop, not deep, maybe 6 inches, but needed a workout💪 My reward? Hubby taught me how to make a pen today ✍️⭐ Any day spent together is a good day 🤗😍 Dinner is Asian inspired soup. Broth is 3c chicken broth, 1 tsp tomato paste, 1 clove garlic, 1/2 tsp grated ginger, 1Tbs sesame oil, all simmered for a few minutes #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerTurkey day 🍽️ Hubby & I had a friend over for dinner. Forgot there were mushrooms in with the turkey 🤔 🙄 & made spinach & shrimp stuffed mushrooms as a side. Must have been good, better than I thought anyways. They ate a 12 pound turkey 😂😂🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerCauliflower pizza with Alfredo sauce to share with Hubby 😍 He wasn't expecting it & I do love to surprise him with favorites. Thankfully he like spinach 😁 #keto #lowcarbSee this image & turf #keto style. Had some leftover cauliflower crust. Makes a good flat bread. No matter your plan, no matter your needs, there is NO need to deprive yourself of good nutritious food with the occasional indulgence, tonight would definitely be an indulgence 👍 The larger plate is Hubby's, even taking the smaller plate, I gave him about 1/4 of my plate. ..too much foodSee this image largerSpinach and chicken salad for lunch. 5 days of many, many big meals have my pants fitting snugger this morning. Nope, nope, nope. Worked too hard for THAT!! An occasional indulgence is okay, but not 5 days! #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerFood 😁😁 A sprinkle of parmesan, some butter, green onions & a bit of red pepper makes this boring dish pop 😋 Heading up to see my lovely niece soon. She delivered baby Carter👶😍 last night. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerIt's cold outside, grab your cuddle buddy & snuggle 🤣😂See this image largerLate dinner. Finally remembered to but brie cheese 😁 Found baby portabellas marked the same price as buttons 😏 this is a steak & mushroom stuffed one, so good. #keto #lowcarb #omad #smallplatesSee this image largerMy son (pictured) inspires me more than he knows. Often he looks a challenge in the face & blows right through it. This picture of him pretty much sums up how to get to where you want to go. Never easy & that's the point. We all need to have something we aspire to.See this image largerDinner 😁 Spinach, cabbage & celery leaf salad base with more stuff. I love stuff salad 😋 celery leaves offer a huge flavor punch! For size reference, the 3oz each steak & shrimp are on a 7" bread plate. #keto #smallplates #lowcarbSee this image largerTaco Tuesday for Lunch, Grandson helped prepare this platter & we shared, he had his tacos🌮 & Nana had salad 🥗 Shrimp and spinach stuffed mushrooms for dinner..there is 4 cups of spinach in the 3 mushrooms, it just cooks down to nothing 😂See this image largerLate lunch or early dinner 🤷 Hit the spot 😁 1/2 head of cabbage, sliced to stips & sauteed for about 2 minutes, enough to wilt & make noodle-y. Separate pan- 4oz chicken breast cubed, 2 sliced mushrooms, 1/2 c sliced celery cooked together, 1tbs butter, 2tbs cream cheese, 1 c chicken broth, simmer till reduced to cream sauce, 10-12 minutes. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerMade our way to the pond, passed rabbit central, made snowmen, had a snow fight and had a fantastic dinner, expect for the chili cheese biscuit pictured, blah, total failure😱 *Just cream cheese in the peppers, low broiler till color wanted. Perspective though, this is a small bread plate and small cereal bowl. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerDinner. Please excuse my messy desk. One of those days. Playing catch-up from Friday. Blah, just NOT motivated today..BUT I know myself and how disappointed I'll be tomorrow when I pull my head out blahville, so I'll carry on as if I'm Queen of Motivation Land 🤪. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerYou know I've always found it funny that friends, happened again today, will give unsolicited weight loss advice. This particular friend has on a series of rotating diets/pills/shakes/contraptions for years, loses a bit, gains that & then some. We all know the pattern. Why do unsuccessful people continue to give successful people advice that doesn't even work for them 🙄See this image largerDinner 😋 This week is DONE!!!! 💃🎉 Chicken breast medallions & a stuffed HUGE button mushroom (about palm sized) stuffed with 2c cooked spinach, a smaller diced mushroom, rosemary, thyme & 1 Tbs parm cheese, salt & pepper. #keto #lowcarb #omadSee this image largerLunch and dinner. Mushroom, leftover chicken & spinach soup then a spicy shrimp taco..with more spinach 🍃 Lazy day 🤫 snowing outside & all of my work is done 😌 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerSnow bowling & yard sledding with grandson & friends ⭐ Fun day 😁😁See this image largerDinner. Chicken & celery soup with fresh shredded spinach on the bottom. The breads are modified oopsie/cloud breads. Egg whites & I are not friendly at the moment so I omitted them. Just cream cheese & egg yolk, lazily mixed in a ziplock & piped onto parchment. 6Tbs cream cheese, 3 egg yolks, 350°f for about 10 minutes. Makes 12 *On a good surprise note, cooked at lower heat, these would make awesome #keto #lowcarb lady fingers for tiramisu. May have to try that once the flu bug passes.See this image largerSee this image largerDinner. Cheese burger with a fried egg. This is the 90 second bread made with coconut flour rather than the traditional almond flour. 1Tbs coconut flour, 1/4tsp baking powder, 1egg, 1Tbs coconut oil(or melted butter), mix & microwave 90-120 seconds in a small dish, will not stick. To these (doubled recipe) is added 1Tbs chopped pepperoncinis, 1Tbs chopped green olive 1/4 tsp dried rosemary & 1/8 c shredded cheddar. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerAppetite came roaring back...with a sweet tooth 😱 That's okay, I can keep it in check & occasionally throw treats at the beastly thing. Cheese omelette & scrumptious pan roasted brussel sprouts, probably too many, but eh, hungry is hungry. The cake is a sweetened lemon/vanilla 90 second coconut #keto bread with cream cheese frosting, looks big, but no, not so much. Gawwwwd I could eat all the foods!!! #smallplates itty, bitty plates.See this image larger🌿🍃 so excited 😁😁😁 Got 15 baby trees & 20 shrubs, white oak, vine Maple & Oregon Ash to plant on our property.See this image largerSoup & salad for dinner. Whoo, finally got some relief from that sweet tooth bug😁 Back to my lovely spinach salads, threw some into the soup for good measure..well, that & all 200g (7oz) wouldn't fit in the salad bowl 😂🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerQuick lunch, changed it up with a little romaine, eh, not a favorite, prefer spinach but I need a bit more variety. I think next time I'll grab some red leaf lettuce & some more purple cabbage. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerKeeping dinner simple. Shrimp, mushroom & mini pepper stir fry over broccoli. #smallplates #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerTomatoes don't happen often for me, but when they do 😍😍😍😍 my friend gave me some from her year round green house, so good 😋 Brie & warm chicken breast spinach salad. Pretty excited, cleared my schedule & heading down to California till after Easter. Escaping the crazy weather. So far today it's rained, warmed up, then hailed 🤣 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerAwesome time with Hubby at a friends house for a birthday brunch. Tons of incredible food but it's important to remember why I started , how far I've come & stick to the plan, focus on the people & eat light.See this image largerSerious praise for EVERYONE that lives in a city (I live in a small town) & manages to lose weight. Hats off to you guys. We're out and about today & good Lord food is EVERYWHERE. I'd love to say I could maintainundwr these conditions...but I don't know.See this image largerPicked this brie up at Costco. Thinking I'll buy a trunk load to take home. Sooo good 😁 definitely recommend for the brie fans. Leftover Costco chicken and some tasty nibbles for a light lunch. #smallplates #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerChili at the boys request. Threw a salad on the plate for myself. Surprised to find organic spinach by the pound here on the cheap 👍 Thank God for the grocery stores everywhere. My sons have an apartment above a pizza place. Do recommend their Greek salad though. The smell... heavenly 🍕, not even a pizza fan 😂🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerHoly moly, late night. Costco chicken to the rescue!! Threw a quick cucumber, avocado salad together, roasted cream cheese peppers (5 minutes) & pan fried asparagus. These paper plates are hunormous😲 Cheesy, tomato pasta for the rest of the family. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerMade our way to the Japanese Gardens & the connected parks today. Got in a good 3 miles of walking & some time on the play structure ⭐ Meeting our youngest son's girlfriends parents tonight for dinner. Guess they are getting serious 💖See this image largerAbsolutely fabulous evening out meeting my sons GF parents. They're really nice. If you happen to be in the Redwood City area I can heartily recommend the Redwood Grill. Had the roasted herbed chicken breast with seared brussel sprouts and roasted veggies. Delicious 😋 Huge portions, so be aware of that 🤣See this image largerOkay my precious Spark friends...this is one of the reasons we DON'T quit! We're at an amusement park & my grandson and I are hanging out, riding these roller coasters 😁😁😁😁😁🎢 Wanted to do this for decades 👍See this image largerHope everyone had a lovely day. Small family dinner & now on to game night 👍See this image largerSee this image largerMy lovely daughter has the day off & brought my grandson and I to this well hidden gem today.See this image largerEnding the day well. Last night here with family. Instant pot ribs garlic, pepper shrimp Kept it #keto for myself in a salad plate.See this image largerHome safe. Got some sleep, re-charged the batteries, now to feed the appetite and get some fuel. Lemon pepper shrimp & more of that stunning brie 😍 four tiny cherry tomatoes, love them but they don't love me 🤣 Brought home some desserts friends made for Easter, no lying, I sampled at Easter dinner..gave it to the neighbors. Don't dare keep it in the house. #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerKid snacks 👍See this image largerSometimes dinner just gets slapped on a plate. Tonight is that night. Thankfully had precooked chicken & frozen broccoli. 5 minutes to dinner is not a bad thing as long as it's healthy 🤣 #keto #lowcarb #fastfoodSee this image largerJust because we make it doesn't mean we need to eat it. Just. Don't. Eat. It!! Thank God for neighbors, my taste testers 👍 Happy birthday to my lovely niece. She loves chocolates & strawberries..the balls are chocolate dipped cake balls (cake pops).See this image largerIn everything we need to be willing to change directions. Having some sensitivity issues so time to make a change. Coming off of a 36 hour fast to combat some lingering inflammation (nope, didn't even sample any of that cake yesterday while making it, again, thankful for neighbors willing to sample along the way, such a hardship for them 😂🤣) Eliminating dairy for a few weeks and seeing if I can get it back under control.See this image largerDay 1 of no dairy down for the record. Will re-evaluate after 3 weeks & go from there. Uncle Keith joined me for lunch 🤗 ginger/sesame broccoli & shrimp. Dinner is egg muffins & spinach salad. Chicken breast, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms & plenty of pepper 😍 didn't taste a difference without the cheese. #keto #lowcarbSee this image larger23 bushes/baby trees moved & transplanted today. Enjoyed the warm sunny weather & warmth. Tomorrow I'll start weeding the side flower bed. Didn't 👀 these beauties until today, the weeds poked up fast!See this image largerHappy Sunday 😎 Loving the warmer weather.See this image largerTaking a lunch break 👍 Pre-cooked chicken & frozen veggies, cauliflower florets & brussel sprouts for the win 😁 tossed in some fresh spinach. #fastfood #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerDinner. Rosemary/pepper shrimp, boneless chicken thighs & homemade copycat Rao's tomato sauce and of course broccoli because broccoli is love❤️ on a plate. Eat good,feel good 😁 Way less hungry than I thought, only ate half the shrimp & one thigh. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerFeeling pretty good after a full day, got some more stuff potted, 4 heirloom tomatoes & some tuscan blue rosemary. Transplanted a few quickly growing trees/shrubs. The rest will move to their final placement next week. *Tip..don't bother with expensive pots for the first stages. These are all from the dollar store.See this image largerHappy Mother's Day 💐 Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Had an amazing day enjoying the blossoming outdoors 🌷 Super spicy shrimp salad for dinner. #keto #lowcarb #HUGEplate 🤣See this image largerLight lunch on an indoor day. Too rainy to work outside. Olive oil & 1/2 tsp of scrumptious balsamic for my cucumber/olive/tomato salad. Haven't had pickles in a while, finally remembered to buy them, so good 😁 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerDinner with my grandson. Not a bad way to wrap up the day 💕 Chicken thigh & lemon rosemary shrimp. Apparently the eggs are cyclops one eyed olive eggs 😜 Having some berries for dessert, well, if he doesn't gobble them all. Growing boys appetites 🤣🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerLunch is the shrimp & 'cyclops' eggs leftover from last night with some cucumber chips & quac. Spemt the day setting my 'get off your fanny' alarm for every 30 minutes🚶‍♀️ THIS is definitely a practice I'll keep going. Even 3-5 minutes of rapid movement is a relief 👍 #keto #lowcarb #smallplates #MOVEITSee this image largerShrimp and pork mushroom stew over fried cabbage noodles garnished with celery leaves. Too windy and cold to work outside today. Definitely a soup day 😁 #keto #lowcarb #fastfoodSee this image largerSunday afternoon feast 😁 Grandson asked for chili, Nana can do beanless chili 👍 This one is just diced bacon, diced pork loin, browned in the pan, small diced onion, 4 mini peppers, the regular spices & a few Tbs tomato paste, 4 cups water & simmer for an hour. He wanted his with a side of watermelon & blue/black berries. #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSurprise family visit leads to a family style meal 💕 Even with gatherings, still have to keep to my #smallplates Thankfully they don't mind a few hastily thawed pork loins & a bag of frozen shrimp 🤣 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSee this image largerDinner..first plate I made myself was promptly dumped in the floor 😭 Lesson learned, double up this fine China 🤣 Last big family dinner. Brats on fried cabbage & carrots & a plate of cold stuff. #keto #lowcarb #FamilyIsLove 💕See this image largerMore family visits!! They're just passing through though. Sausage & shrimp..stew? Sure, we'll call it stew, pan roasted pork chops, herbed cauliflower/daikon rice, the daikon gives it more of a rice texture, tons of mixed veggies 👍 Admittedly 🙋 I ate two #smallplates Definitely more #lowcarb than #keto tonight.See this image largerYep. It's that time. Taking off for a well deserved week away 😁 A good perk with losing weight? A while weeks worth of clothes fits into 1 average travel bag 💃💃💃 Have an awesome week everyone 👍See this image largerGood news & great news! Got to spend last evening with BOTH grandsons 😍😍 and again tonight♥️ The climbing stairs in my home town has paid off. Climbing the stairs at the boys apartment is a breeze, still some pain, eh the nature of arthritis. Walked down those stairs & got a Greek salad from the pizza place #keto lunchSee this image largerHad an awesome visit with family. Plan was not on point here & there, but right back at it! Spent an amazing weekend at the lake with friends this weekend after returning home. Definitely recharged my batteries 😁👍See this image largerDinner, back to the basics after a week of not so good and not so basic. Protein and plenty of vegetables, some healthy fats. #smallplates #goodeats #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerDinner after an absolutely amazing day. Took my oldest grandson to the museum scavenger hunt this afternoon. Whoo LOTS of walking, stairs, reading the fine print on the exhibit details to ferret out🧐 the required information. Hours of exploration. Definitely recommend the experience! Fun day 😍 #keto #lowcarb #omadSee this image largerSometimes extra motivation smacks you in the face and it's good. Time to kick this body into high gear and get rolling and start challenging myself again 😁 Admittedly, I let myself get 'comfortable'.See this image largerA great ending to an incredibly rigorous day💪 Sitting out in the finally cooled off night enjoying the view from the deck👍 Put in 10 hours of yard work, gardening & getting those ridiculous 'piles' of debris moved. Another long work day lined up for tomorrow, thankfully with a friend to help👭See this image largerHard work 💪 makes for hungry girls!! Breaking for lunch 😋 Shrimp, mushrooms/peppers/zucchini stir fry, broccoli and tomato/green onion onion salad-ish. More #lowcarb than #keto but that's okay, it's solid nutrition 👍See this image larger🤔 Told my grandson I'd pay him 10¢ per pinecone picked up...300 pinecones later 😂🤣 He wanted more, surely they'll fall soon enough. Keeping him busy OUTSIDE 👍See this image largerMore gardening planned for the day 😁 Our local Home Depot had closeouts on plants. Always a good day when I'm puttering in the soil.See this image largerGardening done just in time! Got rained out by a surprise storm. Time for, this isn't all for one 😂 sharing a quickly prepared meal with friends. Chicken & celery soup #goodeats #fastfood #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerWoohoo!!! Have my Hubby, son & both grandsons for a week 😍😍 Our youngest son & his lovely girlfriend will arrive the 3rd. Think we're having a party 😁See this image largerSo far we've managed not to starve 👍 *Highly recommend this blue platter thing-y. Got it at the $1 store, each outer well has 2 cup liquid capacity & inner well is 1 cup. Kept it #keto #lowcarb for myself, pasta or rice for everyone else. 3 cups cooked pasta, 1/4c Olive oil, 3 cloves garlic, salt & pepper. Give everything about 2 minutes in the pan on med to meld together.See this image largerMade amazing deal! Traded my friend 6 of my from seed pepper plants for 6# unprocessed pork belly & homemade sausage 👍 BLT-ish dinner. I really wish tomatoes & I were better friends, love these globes of goodness #keto #lowcarb #See this image largerDinner. My grandson and his friend are here. Invited our neighbor over and had a feast...just because. We had a great day and then got chsed out of the pool with a surprise lightning storm 😲 Kept it #lowcarb #keto for myself and made some rice for everyone else, always away to make it work 👍See this image largerFinally remembered to buy iceberg lettuce. Been craving a wedge salad for the longest time. Perfect on a hot day 👍 #lowcarb #keto #smallplatesSee this image largerLunch with my grandson. He hogged the cucumbers & blueberries. Too hot to cook today, leftovers and fresh veggies it is 👍See this image largerGreeted to a beautiful sunrise after a long trip home. Off to bed to sleep off that drive 😴See this image largerGood times 🤩 Dinner with Hubby & some friends 😁 Made it easy on myself & had everything prepped in advance. 20 minute prep & 20 minute cook. Made 2 small red potatoes into hash in case anyone wanted a starch. Turns out we're all either #lowcarb or #ketoSee this image largerDinner for 1. Needed to use the last of my asparagus before it was inedible 👍 Took a few days off and got my arthritis inflammation back under control, those flare ups are a pain. #smallplates #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerSpinach just vanishes when cooked 😂 10c bowl vs 2c bowl But it's still good stuff 😁 Omelette with 2oz homemade sausage, .5oz parm & the vanishing spinach. Not a bad late lunch. #smallplates #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerSimple foods 👍 Today's been spent on a series of small, simple projects, nice way to spend the day. #smallplates #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerYay! 3 more trees planted today, some bulbs taken out to move to another location later. Digging is awesome exercise 💪See this image largerDinner. Spicy cauliflower rice with shrimp, peppers, spinach & garlic chives. Had a long weekend away. Not off plan, just too much food too often. Time to get back to the basics. *If the frozen cauliflower rice is thawed on med/low on the stove, uncovered, it'll dry itself out and you won't lose the texture with squeezing. Takes about 1/2 hour, but worth it if you have time. #smallplates #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerThey don't look like much now but hopefully come spring they'll grow like weeds 🌱 dogwood bush & mountain Heather. Hand dug a 15 ft trench today for irrigation 💪🥴 Great exercise but whoo, that did me in!See this image largerSometimes life doesn't let up and you just get firehosed for days and weeks on end. I'm so grateful that I took the time to build in a system for myself and have learned "NO, we'll deal with your issue in a few minutes, I need a moment to gather myself". Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me on track.See this image largerFinally have a day to myself ⭐. It's been fabulous. My only chore was a healthy dinner 👍 Stuffed portobello (steak/leek/crimini) & steamed broccoli. #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerCream 'anything' squares.See this image largerHad the neighbors over for dinner. Hubby's here for the weekend 🥰 Roasted brussel sprouts, Cole slaw, green beans, mushrooms, pork chops & soup. Altogether a nice day. Everyone at dinner eats fairly #lowcarb or #keto so that was easy. Daikon radishes in the soup are a great potato substitute 👍See this image largerGoing to enjoy a meal with my friend this evening 😁 Roasted chicken breasts, broccoli, pan roasted brussel sprouts, sliced portobello & wilted leeks 😋 A delicious meal after a long day is always a good thing. #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerHealthy afternoon eats. Plenty of good stuff in the bowl. Ginger, garlic & sesame oil 😋 Eat good, feel good 👍 #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerSpinach for the win 💪 Trying to shift my intermittent fasting window a little bit at a time to an earlier set. Talked to the Dr and she suggested starting with 11am rather than 2-3 pm daily schedule & reevaluate in a few weeks. Got to be flexible 😁 She said she's had some patient success shifting that around in an order to midigating pre-menopause symptoms and re-establish decent circadian rhythms. Willing to give daily brunch a go 👍 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerEarly dinner, plenty of color and taste 👍 Tried a new upper back and torso exercise set this morning 🌞. You know when you try something and immediately realize this is definitely going to have successful results? That was this morning 💪 #keto #lowcarb #EatTheRainbowSee this image largerThe day is done and dinner is served. Roasted pork loin & wilted leaks 😋 Missed brunch for a meeting,boring and slow 🐌, but that's okay, its wrapped up & I get a 3 day weekend 💃 #keto #lowcarb #smallplatesSee this image largerConsistency, consistency, consistency. For all those times we tell ourselves "I can't do this".. What if we said "what if I just don't give up"? We were meant for more than giving up! 196# downSee this image largerHeading back home after an outstanding long weekend with friends and family. Physical health is important but we can't neglect our mental health. Find your happiness & recharge those batteries often ❤️See this image largerFood, food, food! Make good choices and our bodies won't fight, they'll work properly and give us the results we want 🤩 Was going to work outside prepping the garden but it's snowing 🌨️ ready for spring. Chicken/leek/celery & mushroom soup, ha, take that snow 💥 #keto #lowcarbSee this image largerSee this image largerAbsolutely beautiful day with Hubby in Santa Cruz 🥰See this image largerEarly dinner, faux potato salad, radishes. Waiting for the 1st coat of paint to dry in the bathroom, got to keep busy 👍 #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerSteak & egg salad. If we're going to eat healthy it might as well taste good 👍 #eattherainbow #lowcarb #ketoSee this image largerPlanting day 🌱 Blueberries, blackberries from seed(we'll see🤷) tomatoes, mint and cucumbers. Shoveled out a 10x4 vegetable patch 💪🥴 And the chives are ready to bloom 😋

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