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See this image largerSee this image largerMy reminder .. this journey will not happen over night. I cannot and will not give up until I reach my goal. This is only the beginning. I have a long way to go. Failure is not an option! (I was approached by a friend today, and she wants to be my workout buddy. She wants someone to be along side her and encourage and hold her accountable. She has the same thing in idea. The same common goal!!! I'm so excited !!! I need this!!!)See this image larger30 minute kick arse workout at home!! Yay me ...killer ab exercises from an app I found, my kettle bell, 60 jumping jacks and other stuff. Yay me!!! #goals !!! #progress !!! #i'mawinner !!!See this image largerLunch .. substance , but not too horrible for you, and so yummy!!!See this image largerTruthSee this image largerI go to workout and someone gets in my way lol.See this image largerThis will be considered my before pics. Had my husband take them today. I started this journey a few days ago. I feel I have a LONG way to go. I won't be discouraged by pictures that I hate!See this image largerI did an almost 45 minute workout. 70 jumping jacks, floor ab exercises, kettle bell, some what I call girly pushups. Cant do the real ones yet, burpees without the pushups, and some other stuff... with my sidekick the kitty watching me lol... I also did a few things at work today. I demonstrated to a coworker lol.. and talked about my journey and goals! ♡♡See this image larger2013- this was from working hard. I was healthy, had muscles and was happy.See this image larger2014 in Boston. A fun day. I felt good. See this image larger2015- before I got married.See this image larger2014- back when I was really into going to the gym and being super healthy! I will be there again...See this image largerChristmas 2018 with my hubby. This can probably be my before picture.See this image largerWhen you forget that your sneakers are in your cold truck outside , you workout barefoot! Kicked my own arse tonight !! I feel accomplished!! Another 45 minute workout!!! #goals !!!!! I WILL get back to where I used to be !!!!See this image largerMy healthy lunch today. So good !!!!!See this image largerThe blue is the workout I did tonight along with some kettle bell stuff. The other two are last night .. not with the same numbers though. I did what I could lol.See this image largerMy amazing dinner. Turkey breast with a little bit of chedder cheese and broccoli.See this image largerThis giant bottle of water helps me meet my water goal each day. I bring this to work and drink this at work. At home I have 2-3 glasses. It actually brings me over the recommended amount.See this image larger#goalsSee this image largerDinner ... lemon pepper chicken and vegSee this image largerWinner winner chicken dinner !!!!See this image largerMade lasagna and buffalo dip for the fam. I had pesto chicken and veg. We did smores with the kids. I had my first cheat day in 12 days. I had two smores. Can't lie, they were yummy!!!! Great night with the kids and grandkids. Played a couple games of UNO as well. Family is everything. It was a fun night.See this image largerSome serious yumminess going on here !!!!!!See this image larger30 minute workout with a bunch of floor stuff, jumping Jack's, squats, lunges and this! I feel great !!!!! #GOALSSee this image largerWorking out in my PJ pants lol.. why dirty more clothes when these are going in the wash anyway! I believe when working out. You should be kicking your own arse every day. Do more than you did yesterday. Even if it's only one more of something. Work your arse off and give it all you have got and then some!!!! #goals !!! Weighed myself today. I'm down 1lb 2oz from a week ago!!! Yay me !!! Keep crushing your goals and your dreams !!!!See this image largerPrepped my dinner for tonight. A big ol' salad! It's gonna be yummy!!!!See this image largerSee this image largerTrying to make the switch from a PB full of added sugar and whatever else to a more Natural one. I know it will be an acquired taste I'll have to work on. But I'm doing this for me. #goals !!!!! ♡♡♡♡See this image largerSee this image largerThis is a lot healthier than the breakfast that I had yesterday.See this image largerTemps currently ... brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!See this image largerCurrent situation at my house. Brrrr!!!! It's -18 at my parents house an hour away from me. Too cold !!!!See this image largerMy healthy choices today. Breakfast Lunch & Dinner. #killingit #goals ♡♡♡See this image largerWhy is it that church potluck suppers are full of carbs lol??!!! I went with my parents to their church last night for dinner and a concert. It was an amazing night. Trying not to beat myself over the head for this. I didnt end of eating all of this. Ate some so I wouldn't starve lol.... progress for me is slow.. super slow. Trying not to give up on this goal! It's so hard. Had a couple bumpy days last week. But this is a new week after all! #goals !! #igotthis !!!See this image largerToday I walked 3.62 miles after I did an hour workout at home that just about killed me lol. The sun finally came out so I got my butt out there. Been really trying hard this past week to stay focused on my goals ... eating healthy , getting back into the groove of exercising. I'm a work in progress, but I will not quit! Got my eye on the prize!!!See this image largerAfter dinner I decided to get a walk in before dark. I think I made a new goal for myself. Unless it's raining, i want to walk at least a mile a day. #goalsSee this image largerHealthy Choices.See this image largerTuna with apple, tomato, a little bit of cheese and tbsp of mayo. A side of apple and natural PB. #healthychoicesSee this image largerProud of me. I decided to go for a quick walk before I head into work. It's a beautiful day. I walked, ran. Jogged, and climbed some rocks at a place we call Grimes Cove. I also sat for a little bit and reflected. It was amazing. I love the ocean and this view! I also did a little workout before I even went outdoors. ♡♡♡ Happy Wednesday!!!See this image largerYummmmSee this image largerJust a little walk in the rain today. Luckily, I didn't get caught in a downpour. April showers bring May flowers !!!See this image largerA little walk/run in the rain. .. a walk earlier at work, and a taco salad for dinner. No shell.See this image largerYesterday, I had part of a cheat day .. just my dinner. Today, I worked extra hard for what I ate last night. I did about 25 minutes of straight cardio, went for a walk in the rain. (I didn't get soaked.) Took a break and did 15 minutes of floor exercises to work abs and other areas and used my kettle bell. I feel happy and accomplished. #goals. The scale the other day said I finally lost 2lbs. So yay me!!! Happy Friday!!!See this image largerLunchSee this image largerWhen all you want is Peanut Butter Cups lol!!! You eat some all natural peanut butter and some dark chocolate chips! Works for me lolSee this image largerDecided to get my butt outside and walk. Not gonna lose weight or better myself by sitting on my arse! I beat my mile by 3 minutes and 10 seconds!!! Pushed myself hard. Actually made myself sweat lol. #goals !!!! (Ps.. I'm super out of shape but I'm trying hard every day!)See this image largerA few sunset photos tonight. This was after my walk. I got home, 20 minutes later, looked outside and saw this, I ran as fast as I could down the hill from my house to the ocean to be able to get these pictures! It was amazing and I was so excited!! (Ocean Point, Maine) pretty much my back yard! ♡♡♡♡See this image largerA nice little peaceful walk. Walked some of the rocks.. looked for sea glass, found a huge heart rock in an area that's all small rocks. Truly a beautiful place. ♡♡ #oceanpointmaineSee this image largerBeen a while.. got out there and walked on this beautiful day with my brother-in-law ♡ #oceanpointmaineSee this image largerWent for another walk this evening. That's 5.32 miles today I walked, and it felt great!See this image largerMy daily food list (goals) I started two weeks ago today. I added to it today. Going to work on that for the next two weeks and see where I'm at, and the kitty helping me write it all down lol. ♡♡See this image largerWhen you're on a diet. Dinner tonight. It I can manage to keep this up I'll be doing good! I'll treat myself to pizza or spaghetti if I can manage to lose a few more pounds. So far, so good. Been on my diet of eating right for a month today.See this image largerFinding me again!!!! Starting tomorrow off right !!!See this image largerWalked /jogged a mile. Cut 7 minutes off my walking time! Yay!! Goal is to walk a mile a day. I've walked a mile every day so far this week. Yay!!! And I've lost 3 lbs in 3 days!!! Yay me!!!!See this image largerJust did another mile .. mile before I head into work for the night. This is day 5!!!!! Done a mile a day for 5 days. Jogged /walked it. Can't lie ... I'm SO proud of myself lol!!!See this image largerA mile is a mile no matter how fast or slow you go. Jogged/walked it! #goals !!See this image largerNot quite a mile. I did .25 miles on the elliptical... it about killed me lol .. then a mile on the bikes ... and .75 miles on the track. Walking and jogging it... and my breakfast and lunch today. Dinner is fish and green beans. #goals !!!See this image largerA beautiful evening walk! ♡♡♡See this image largerJust a simple mile.See this image largerA brisk but beautiful walk this evening around sunset. ♡♡

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