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See this image largerNew year eve pic 12/31/16 My weight 176pounds Happy New year from Bush Gardens FL(2 comments)See this image largerI will maybe crying but i will reach my goalsSee this image largerFrom 3/1/17 got weight today at the doctor still 173 poundsSee this image larger#New Look with short hair and next to me my cute daughter😘 we at cici pizza having a nice daySee this image larger3/24/17 saturday 173 pounds here today getting prepared to do my note commit to a ritual to get me do better results with my healt.See this image largerOh no today 3/25/17 weight myself and gain 2 pounds??175See this image largerHaving exray of my knee is getting on my way to exercise by giving up on meSee this image largerTrying to smile tru negative(1 comments)See this image largerTony Robbins Positive QuoteSee this image larger4/12/2017 / 173 pound today up and down but i will keep going walking to healthSee this image largerHere's me and my son😘grocery shopping but taking the chance to walk for my exerciseSee this image largerHi everyone👋I had share picture of my oldest my daughter and my second my son and this is the baby😄my youngest son.. And i wanted to say that today i was able to walk for an hour without no problem on my knee or severe pain on my bones👍See this image largerHi everyone HAPPY Easter #Love #✌See this image largerTelling myself this everytime I feel like giving upSee this image largerHi wanted to share some year pictures since 2012 dint find one We're in the same year was my biggest 198 pounds Maybe I broke them😾 8 years ago I was getting fat and to much and I was not eating crazy or to much and I was exercising to get energy so got really sick and find it I suffer from thyroids problems But up and down weight and hard to control tyroids function for me Here some picturesSee this image largerHere's the second picturesSee this image largerThis is the one pic I put as the 3rd and is 2016 and now 2017 And from here I keep going but I want and need to be a success And get to my goal before I turn 45 in October 15🙃See this image largerGood Morning 🙃 1 pound down Hey😋 every pounds ⬇ Counts 💁See this image largerIm fat but not longer😭 about it loving what I see in the mirror and making changes saying hey beautiful let keep molding our body and get gorgeous​See this image largerPosted a photoSee this image largerMay 1 and I haven't lost a lot but one thing positive that I'm loving my body now as big and different it is compared to my normal a long time ago🙃but I learn not to pay attention to my family the one who like to make jokes about me and for the other people that did make me feel bad about my weight and I love the beach I will love myself how iam now and go to the beach mean while my body is in the process of soon be the body I'm working on let enjoy nowSee this image largerJust today trying the new Maple BCN DJOn my lunch Them hit hard working outSee this image largerGood morning haven't done some Zumba for long time since my knee I'm back this is just less than 5 minutes and is really good👍my #1 video I'm started doing again I feel good now at my way to therapy 🙃

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