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See this image largerBella(3 comments)See this image largerBirthday 2009See this image largerTrapeze Class, 6/08(1 comments)See this image largerHabitat for Humanity, Summer Building Week, 2008See this image largerTubing, August 2008See this image largerAugust 2008See this image largerFunny pic from an e-mail(1 comments)See this image largerSee this image largerAugust 2009(1 comments)See this image largerSept. 20, 2009See this image largerBella 2008(2 comments)See this image largerNew Year's Day 2010 in New OrleansSee this image largerBella 8/10See this image largerBoyfriend and ISee this image largerHalloween 2010See this image largerHilton Head, SC 9/2010(1 comments)See this image largerMay 2016See this image largerThe tot and I, 5/2016See this image largerGetting our walk on, 6/3/16See this image largerSee this image largerHanging at the zoo while dh worksSee this image largerJune 2016See this image largerMan, trolls are out in full force today.(3 comments)See this image largerWith my mini-me today(1 comments)See this image largerBeautiful day! Lots of walking around our community. This is the end of our street. It was clear enough to see Canada today.(2 comments)See this image largerNon-food reward! Nothing like a pedi!(3 comments)See this image largerMy girl and I, July 2016See this image largerSleepy girl, 4th of julySee this image largerI feel for you little dude(3 comments)See this image largerToday I learned that BLT pizza is a thing...and that it's deliciousSee this image largerLunchtime walk @ Downtown Detroit River Walk(1 comments)See this image largerLunch view. Conference provides lunch, but I brought my own.(1 comments)See this image largerToo big clothes headed for Salvation ArmySee this image largerAt the worst gym fitness center trying to make it work(3 comments)See this image largerLaying on the floor post-workout. She's so much help.(1 comments)See this image largerZoo day with my girlSee this image larger2 mile walk, nature center, picnic, and farm center with the tot and hubby today.(2 comments)See this image largerSorting old clothes. I cant believe I owned size 2 😂😂😭😭See this image largerSee this image largerAnother zoo day with my girl. Lots of walking!(1 comments)See this image largerLast camping trip of the season.(1 comments)See this image largerHow we eat while campingSee this image largerGreat weather after yesterday's rain!See this image largerFamous Dave's just showed up with free food. They do it every few months. It smells heavenly!See this image largerWorking at home today so this is my coworkerSee this image largerDid something stupid so dh and tot had to bring me money at walmart. Way past tot's lunch so we hit up Subway. So glad she'll eat something like ham on wheat and apples!See this image largerHaving a crappy day. Waiting for shoe store to open for some retail therapy.(1 comments)See this image largerThe tot making her tacos (made with 99% fat free ground turkey).(1 comments)See this image largerBeautiful day. Got off work early so I took the tot to the playground for an hour before heading home for dinner.See this image largerSee this image largerFamily pics today! First time in 3.5 years. Tot is sick, but we got some smiles out of her.See this image largerSneak peek from yesterday's photo shoot.(1 comments)See this image largerTrick or treat with the tot!See this image largerBest friend got married yesterday(3 comments)

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