My metabolism is getting less efficient!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am so excited. 3 years ago I took an RMR test to determine how many calories I need to stay alive while at rest. The number (1280) was much smaller than I would have liked (especially since we are not living in famine conditions). I have been losing weight by sticking between 1200 to 1400 calories a day, eating "whole" foods, drinking water, eliminating all diet softdrinks and all labeled corn syrup and exercising.

My coach (who is a highly trained personal trainer and dietitian) said that the idea of increasing the rest metabolism by building lean muscle mass was proven for men but did not seem as solid for women. In addition, aging and menopause slow the metabolism down.

We decided to re-test my RMR since my weight loss has slowed down and I have been in a plateau. I am so delighted that my metabolic efficiency has decreased! I now need 1426 calories a day to stay alive at rest. emoticon. This is really exciting to me since the numbers go against what would be expected by aging. My coach said I may need to eat more to get weight loss rolling again. Yippee - eating well and exercising often is repairing my health.
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    just catching up! u go from rarely posting to 3!!! woot!

    what gr8 news from the rmr test!!! I'm surprised about the lean muscle/men comment you made b/c i hadn't heard that ~ i've always kind of heard/read that exercise is essential to counteract lean muscle loss that goes along with aging... maybe as people lose it, their rmr goes goes down b/c they don't have as much and lean muscle burns higher rate... guess that is the converse of what we hear from the back door way to it...

    anyway, i'm so glad you're able to start moving and making progress ~ just in time for summer! what a gr8 pick me up, eh?

    so that's 2 really gr8 things that should help to get that scale moving downward again

    sure would be nice if we could eyeball the scale & it would move down on command!!!

    lol ~ yeah, that would be nice.

    but we can focus on the process, and it sounds like u r really on a good/happy making path right now :)
    4791 days ago
    Getting your basal metabolic rate or resting metabolic rate (RPR) tested is, I think a great idea. We are all different, and our caloric needs are different at rest.

    I had mine tested through a Herbalife distributor 6 weeks ago. It has for the first time given me hard numbers and science to help me know where I should be.

    The science of it all, as I understand it, is that it takes a 3500 calorie deficit (3500 calories more expended than taken in) to lose 1 pound. So, if your RMR is, for example, 1700, then you would have to decrease your intake by 500 calories per day (down to 1200 calories) to create a 3500 calorie deficit in one week (500 x 7 days=3500). That would theoretically give you a 1 pound weight loss in 1 week. If you expended an additional 500 calories per day in exercise, you could theoretically lose another pound per week from the exercise.

    For women, I am told, we should not go below an 1100 calorie diet. That means if your RMR is on the lower end (mine is 1371). Subtracing 500 from that number brings me too low (871), so, I need to make up the difference from 1100 in exercise with at least 229 calories expended in exercise to lose 1 pound per week. I'm actually doing quite a bit more exercise, and pushing for the 2 pounds per week.

    Now, while that all sounds great, I suspect that there are still other factors involved, so the science isn't perfect, but it is a starting point for anyone trying to figure out exactly how many calories they should eat. So, get your RMR tested if you can!

    4792 days ago
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