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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I had another reward the other day at the gym. They measured me for body fat using calipers and by their measurements I am now OVERWEIGHT. That is so exciting for me. I was even pleased that DH understood (he is a skinny clueless guy usually) why being OVERWEIGHT is a good thing. It is so much better than morbidly obese. Once the scale starts moving downwards again, my weight will be where the insurance companies believe this change. It really does feel good to be making major positive changes in my health.

I went for the RMR measurements (when I woke up, before eating, I rested at a machine and then breathed into a mask that went in to a machine that measures CO2 production) to see my recent plateau was due to needing more calories. The woman who did the measurements (she owns the gym I go to and is my personal trainer and she is a nutritionist) said my calories should at 1300 per day. My target range has been 1200 to 1400 a day so that will not change. My coach said eating more lean protein would help me lose weight because of the thermogenic property of protein metabolism. I track the protein but it is hard for me to get it above 100. She then decided to produce a 1300 calorie exchange diet for me to follow.

I rejected that program. I am not on another diet. Each day I make meal time choices based on my hunger and I make sure that what I eat has health benefits for me. I log my food and make sure I stay in my calorie range. I make sure I choose from whole foods - as unprocessed as possible.I look at my nutrient levels and I make adjustments to help me get enough of those too. I tend to be unstructured in my approach to life and not likely to be successful with something that requires a lot of planning and regimentation. My coach would not listen to me when I told her I could not follow an exchange program. In the past I would stop what I was doing and having success at, try what she wanted me to do , fail and then end up gaining weight and not being able to restart my previous program. I was angry, frustrated and fearful - angry and frustrated because she was not listening to me at all and fearful that if I don't do what she says the scale won't move downwards again. Luckily I had the support of team mates who pointed out the success I have had (duh - sometimes I forget the obvious). This time is different. I am responsible for my health. I have control over what dietary path I choose. I have 41 years of experience with dieting. I know what works and does not work for me. I have heard insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I am doing things differently now:
I am in control of my health.
I take responsibilty for my health and for my nutrition and exercise.
I have the support of a great community when I get frustrated or lost.
I am learning to eat in response to hunger.
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    It's funny, I was JUST thinking about what it would be like to not be referred to as "Morbidly Obese." I am really, really proud of you for staying true to yourself despite the pressure you must have been feeling to to take on a program that you knew didn't work for you! I am so inspired by your conviction and your CONFIDENCE!!!! emoticon
    4782 days ago
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    ...skids in with purple balloons & streamers tied up in bows!!! emoticon

    emoticon Woo Hoo!!! I remember being mortified the first time i saw morbidly obese on the doctors charg, and i sooooooo can't wait to see it say overweight! This is fabulous and a real milestone! WTG!

    emoticon Food exchange program is something i use in combination with calorie-counting ~ and like the weight watchers flex point system, it is all just a tool ~ a way to measure food to make sure we get enough, and a good healthy mix of kinds (food groups). It was helpful for me because I used to just eat goodies (veggies, fruit, milk were not on the menu ;)

    So, if you are already looking at kinds of foods that nourish you physically and emotionally too, if you are already monitoring your food so that you don't eat too much or eat too little ~ then you are already doing the essence of what the food exchange program is all about. The goal of that program is to learn what are appropriate portions and to be able to mix & match foods so that eventually you just know what are good appropriate amounts to eat...

    and if what you're doing is working for you, then it's not necessary to learn that kind of approach :)

    jmho ~ maybe you can take another crack at it next time you talk about it ~ that you've found a good healthy approach, eating real foods ~ that is working ~

    emoticon but what she can do is help you set your targets ~ confirm the ranges you should shoot for, so that you continue to make progress (for example, not undereat and go into starvation mode... ;) yes?

    Question ~ is your target/guidelines she gave you matching up with SparkPeople ranges when you put in the exercise levels you're doing? I was surprised when Spark matched up with several other online calculators I was using.

    I think the one thing I love about the SparkPeople approach is shooting for ranges for a day. It means I don't have to obsess on hitting a certain hard target number, and I can respond with more flexibility to my actual hunger levels :)

    Sara ~ i really don't understand what you were saying about the protein/metabolism thermogenesis (waves hand over head) ~ lol ~ and i'm not sure i really want to understand it more...

    :::giggles::: ;)

    but... yes, i've read some on thermogenesis, and it seems it's a theory that our body tends to try to maintain the "set" body weight and sends urges to eat... and even if we eat what s/b the right cal level, it will adjust our metabolism to slow down to maintain weight... :::eyeballs spin into back of head::: blargh!!!

    upshot, what i do realize it that it's probably complex, and sometimes we can shake things up by switching cal levels, types/combinations of food....

    perhaps the most interesting thing I heard was a Dr Blackburn on American Scientific Frontier say that making changes you can do the rest of your life and going slowly, like 1 lb or less a week, should keep the body from resisting the changes and help you learn the skills/approach you need to really lose it and keep it off forever this time :)

    so, that was reasurring that we can work in healthy, happy making ways to lose the weight & make these changes. No more radical, fad, crash diets for this girl either. It's all about finding what I can eat and enjoy and really live :)

    emoticon protein ~ alternative sources of protein (minimizing meat/saturated fats) was something that was a real issue for me, for health reasons... I've discovered i adore *legumes* ~ they seem to satisfy me in *stick to the rib* kinds of ways when i eat all sorts of soups/stews things with them :) Surprised me!

    emoticon Again, congrats! I'm so tickled for you!!! Keep on exploring and be true to your heart ~ you'll get there :)
    4784 days ago
    Congrats on being OVERWEIGHT! haha Love that. I'm so glad that you are not going to "diet" to get off that plateau. I, too, don't diet but choose whole, unprocessed foods as often as possible and staying within a calorie limit. It isn't about "diet" but about choosing to be healthy. Looks to me like you already know what to do. Eventually the plateau will disappear and you will start moving downwards again. Don't be discouraged. I have to remind myself to look where I've come from and then where I'm going. You're doing great, it's working, don't change it. :) All things in God's time.
    Blessings, Bonnie
    PS - How I would LOVE to learn how to quilt. I've got all of my kids special t-shirts from over the years and would love to turn them into quilts, for each of them. You do beautiful work.
    4785 days ago
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