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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whew! Can you believe that Summer is just about over? Do you know what that means? That means that this year is about to end and soon it will be fall and Thanksgiving then Christmas and before long we will be celebrating another year. Time flies and life carries us along bouncing and tossing us over the hills, mountains, and keeps rolling on. And it keeps changing......LOL! Nothing stays the same and believe it or not that is good. Change makes us resilient and strong. Causes us to question ourselves, reasses our direction, and reevaluate our priorities.
I was reading an email that a friend had sent about her reaching her "happy place" I thought wow! I need that....I need a "happy place". You know in the midst of all the requirements, responsibilities, and roles that you must do and fulfill surely there is a placed physical or mental that you can go and just not do or be but just exist. That has to be a "happy place". You know where you don't have to think about cooking dinner, football practice, or did Joe Blow clock in today on time or was he late again because you don't want to have to write him up--surely the "happy place" is a break, get-a-way, a mini-moment at least from all of this? Something like the old Calgon bath commercials----maybe that's it the "happy place" is the Calgon bath coming in and taking you away! LOL!
But I thought about this "happy place" I wondered how do you get there do you buy a ticket? How much does it cost? Who takes the money? Where do I board? and How long is the trip? LOL! I joke but I am very wouldn't imagine some of my days not to mention some of the situations.
Well I am pondering on this "happy place" and I am so glad that my friend discovered it. I am so glad that she reached her place of paradise and she has vowed to visit often and I am clapping and celebrating for her. And although inside I wanted to scream Take me! Take me! I know that the journey to one's "happy place" is a self journey that only can be taken by you alone.
So I started to inventory, sort through, and organize because I wanted to find my "happy place" vehicle. Ok, so this "happy place" is a new concept for me so surely there has to be a vehicle to arrive at this spectacular friend said for her it is I began to sort through and decipher at what point or what action do I do that causes me to reach this mysterious "happy place".
Then suddenly it flooded my mind at once and actually consumed my entire being. I have learned to live in my "happy place" in the midst of my roles, responsibilities, and requirements I have learned that my "happy place" is inside of me. I carry it with me and I attempt to flow from my "happy place" at all times. I am not always successful but when I relax and allow the Peace of God to surpass my understanding and to consume my being I am not moved from my "happy place" at any point.
So when I am running around meeting deadlines, trying to be on time for meetings then when I am in meetings desperately trying to be interested.....Or when my role changes and I am Momma trying to listen and be attentive without shutting him down and being too controlling and still running around trying to make sure we are at school, practice, and Kumon tutoring on time---did I forget about making sure that I cook---oh and making sure that what I cook is nutritious and balanced--McDonalds or anything else is no longer acceptable-- and keeping a clean house, and managing and running a household. Then when my responsibilities shift yet another time and I am the eldest sister and/or child and I have to be the daughter and big sister that my family needs......then it shifts again and I am a friend who tries to be compassionate, honest, and open.....and then there is another shift and my role is a woman and I am experiencing dating and meeting new people that happens to be men...LOL!
But in all of this I have learned that my "happy place" is not a sedentary moment in time that I mentally, physically, or spiritually shut down or pull away---my "happy place" is in the midst of the whirlwind. When it seems like it's all floating by. I may drop a few things....I may get so busy with one role that I neglect another temporarily but I have learned to stay in my "happy place".
The bible says to be rooted and grounded in our faith....and my faith has become my happy place. It's because of my faith that I am able to keep myself as priority and love me because I see the price he paid for me and the love that he has for me that motivated him to pay the price that he paid. This alone is enough to keep one in their "happy place".
So I have learned that in the midst of the deadlines, responsibilities, and roles that I play in life......I can smile because I have learned to operate from my "happy place".
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    Amen, Audie. You are speaking a truth we all need to hear. Bless you for that!!
    4643 days ago
    You said, "It's because of my faith that I am able to keep myself as priority and love me because I see the price he paid for me and the love that he has for me that motivated him to pay the price that he paid."

    Well said, as always! Truly loving ourselves, the way God loves us, will encourage us to care for ourselves in a way that we will AlwAyS drive right past Micky D's!! Thanks for reminding me to love Julie the way my wonderful Savior did/does!

    I got all excited when I saw ya had a new blog. :)))) Love ya! Take care of Audie... and enjoy those new (male) friends. hahahehe :-)
    4646 days ago
    Audie, This is a wonderful blog. Of course, I'm reminded of a Scripture. Ps. 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I believe the secret place is a "Happy Place". I also understood the writer on this blog to speak of a better place, which reminds me of the Scripture that tells us, if this earthly house is dissolved, we have another building, not made by hands, but is eternal in the heavens. It also reminds me of the Psalmist, who said, I won't be satisfied until I awake with his likeness. As I said, you wrote a wonderful post, but it just reminded me of some Scriptures. Ann
    4646 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/21/2008 1:53:07 AM
    Great blog AUDIE. My happy place is just sitting quietly somewhere. Just peacefulness for a few minutes and I can handle anything that comes my way. Getting tune with myself and God. (the best of times).
    4646 days ago
    Hum, my happy place is my car I play my music & my bed where I tune the world out & watch tv. I also learned not to be so dependent on them & get out & socialize. (Whatever that is?) Thank you so much for sharing!


    4646 days ago
  • 3GATOS1999
    You know, Audie, what you described is joy. The ability to smile in the midst of the whirlwind. To me, that is a great visual of joy.
    As for a happy place, for Christ followers, while we can have joy, I am not sure we will ever truly reach our happy place here on earth. Our hearts long for our Heavenly home, just as all creation groans to be rejoined in perfect fellowship with the Creator. Like I said, I think we can be joyful, and I think we can feel happy, but I think there is always something in us that keeps us from becoming too complacent here on earth, so that we are always keeping our eyes on Jesus. At least I hope that I never get so settled here that I am content to stay when there's something better coming and it's my time to go! What are your thoughts?
    4646 days ago
    Was wondering when my girl would share some wisdom with us.......Woo Hoo
    Girl you are amazing.......YOU have led me to my "happy place"...YOU greeted me with open arms and led me back to Him....Thank You
    I am so proud of you and all that you do for YOU and each and every person in your life...YOU are the rock for so many.

    Thank you for being my rock!

    love you always
    4647 days ago
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