Why I support Barack Obama

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Actually I have thought about this question for a while...and I finally answered it in a group that I am felt so right that I am copying it in a blog.

Why do you support Barack Obama?

I must admit that when he spoke at the DNC in "1990 something" I knew that we hadn't heard the last of him. He was nothing short of incredible. So I occasionally would keep my ear out for that "black senator from Chicago".
Now here he is running for president!
I was amazed at his gumption. But reluctant to jump on his band wagon because America needs real change and vision. So I held my opinion and listened and listened some more.
Although he has a plan for America that I think is feasible and possible and a vision for America that I think is obtainable I was still reluctant. Being a black woman I didn't want to be the one to support Senator Obama simply because he is black.
But seeing Senator Barack Obama at the DNC on August 28, 2008 that historical Thursday delivering his acceptance speech made me realize something that I had missed before about this moment and this person.
I am a firm believer in destiny.
We are here for a purpose and to fulfill a destiny. No matter how insignificant one may seem to another each destiny builds on the other.
Seeing Senator Obama on stage and listening to the media reporting the historical significance to the day that Dr. King delivered his "I have a dream" speech caused me to realize that this moment was not only historical but this is a destiny being fulfilled.
I realize that Senator Obama is making tremendous strides that all African Americans should be joyous and proud but we have to look further.
That is what I did last Thursday. I looked further.
Senator Obama represents more than just Black Americans.....he represents America. He represents all Americans. In this window of time Senator Obama has brought us together with our history of a struggling and divided nation trying to find itself and right the wrongs that had occured in our past. In doing this Dr. King and many more lead a movement. In this movement were all Americans' Black, White, and Red. The enemy was ignorance, poverty, and injustice.
I thought about the Black people who were killed, churches blown up, houses and homes destroyed, and then I thought there were white people too. Remember the 3 Freedom riders? Only one of those 3 were black. The other 2 were white and they were murdered just the same.
Then my mind went back 2 generations ago when White parents had to overcome their fears and teach their children to not see the color of ones skin because injustice is wrong. I thought about the internal struggle that they had to overcome in teaching their children to be better people than they were by not passing their own fears and ignorance.
I think that they should be commended because as a parent I now know how difficult that can be.
So sitting there glued to my television like most Americans it hit me.....that is why I support Barack Obama!
Barack Obama doesn't represent just one sect of our population....he doesn't represent just white people, black people, red people, rich people, poor people.....he represents us all. He represents America and he has a plan for all America and a vision for a whole, well, and healed America.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Amen Audie...Amen!

    It is a movement dear Audie

    The sad fact that the "other side" has laid claim to patriotism and being right with God makes me shudder...

    On primary day here in the great state of Maryland I canvassed and walked in the pouring rain...I drove people to the polls...and then I stood my lonesome... with my sign...


    people passed me... sneered and taunted...FOR TWELVE HOURS!

    "Would he stand out in the rain for you?"

    Yes...I believe he would! In fact he already has...for you, me...for all of us

    Not since the Good Doctor and RFK has there been such a MOVEMENT...and Lord knows the time is now!


    4612 days ago
    I couldn't agree with you more....YES Obama is just what this country needs
    4618 days ago
    Girl it gave me chills just thinking of some of the points that you have addressed. This is so well spoken. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    4622 days ago
  • D710DANCE
    4627 days ago
  • BLESSED3061
    This is awesome, so well put.
    4628 days ago
  • SILVIA2006
    So well said!!!! emoticon
    4628 days ago
    AUDIE!!!!!!! Wow, Wow, Wow!

    You've got to send this to his campaign somehow. Seriously, he would soooo appreciate it. ALL of his supporters would appreciate this. Just wow, wow! WOW!!!! I love it! I feel the same, but definitely would have botched it up. hehehehe!

    4628 days ago
    4629 days ago
    I couldn't agree with you more. Very eloquently put.
    4629 days ago
    I agree wholeheartily! I was a teenager when Dr. King was making history by trying to bring people together. I was one of those white people who cheered when segregation tumbled. Our country has a long way to go, but putting Obama in the white house is a way to help give this country back to the people. I also believe Obama will also help give this country more credibility to the rest of the world.
    4629 days ago
  • SGAL36
    Nice blog. Thanks for your insightfulness.
    4629 days ago
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