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Health and fitness know no age limits

Saturday, September 20, 2008

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Wow, how very sad.

Letting your age dictate what you do with your life.

I don't talk about my parents much, it's because they are not supportive of my lifestyle at all. Good genes have so far kept them in good health and a relatively healthy weight, but they constantly question my exercise and eating habits, "You're going to hurt yourself lifting that much weight!" "Is it safe to run 21K?" It is sad to know that in a few years their unhealthy lifestyle will catch up with them and they'll be relegated to the "I'm too old for _____" camp.

A month ago I took a learn to bike course and there was a lady in her 60's taking the same course. That's the kind of person to admire.

Here's an article on Fauja Singh, who started running at age 81.

and one about Morjorie Newlin, who started competitive bodybuilding at age 72 and competed until her death in Jan. 2008.

and last but not least, grandma doing kettlebell swings:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great post!!! :D Thanks for the super cool links. :) My inspiration at my gym is an older woman -- she's always in there rockin it. I had to comment though because my mom, although she is very proud of me, is apparently afraid I'm going to turn anorexic/orthoexix/exerciseaddict or something. She's always like, just be healthy!! I hope you're staying safe! Or something to that effect, in a very CONCERNED sounding voice. I'm like, yes yes, I'm good. I've been maintaining now for a while, not trying to lose anymore weight, I eat lots of food... stuff like that. :)
    4608 days ago
    Thanks for the links! Awesome!

    4609 days ago
    Hey Zorbs! My take is that some people use "I'm too old/tired/fat/dumb for _____" as a socially-acceptable way to say "I just don't want (or it's just not worth it to me) to _____". I used to say I wouldn't do alot of things that I now regularly do (and probably still say I won't do things that I eventually will), but I try to be honest with myself about why I'm not doing them now.

    Adopting a healthy lifestyle HAS turned back the clock for me, I look forward to a lifetime of new challenges and experiences! That said, there are still many things that aren't for me...I just don't blame my age! :)
    4610 days ago
  • -H0LY-Y0GA-
    Great examples, Zorbs. I have an aunt (who is also a fellow sparker - whoo-hoo!) who took up both distance biking and the violin after 60. I hope to follow her example and be a lifelong learner - whether challenging my fitness or my brain/creativity. Obviously not everyone will run a marathon, but we all can strive to keep living while we are alive. I hope I will never say "I am too old to....." (Except maybe to wear pants with words across the butt. I am definitely too old for that ;)). But too old to grow and accomplish new things? Never :)!
    4610 days ago
  • ZORBS13
    I don't think running a marathon is good for weight loss, but for personal achievement, why the heck not?
    4610 days ago
    Marathons are an incredibly awesome accomplishment...but really, honestly...is 26 miles at once healthy for anyone? She didn't say she was too old to exercise, just too old to run a marathon. I think I'm too old to run one too ha ha. Okay, but seriously...

    I see your point. I don't think anyone is ever too old. I read something online today that said a healthy 50 year old could add as many years to their life by adding exercise as any person would get for doing it their whole life. Exercise isn't quite the same as investing, it has equal benefits at any age.

    Parents are always skeptical, I think they freak out a bit when their kids lose any weight at all, or make huge lifestyle changes such as those related to health. Food has become such an addiction that so many people see a healthy diet as extreme. My mother makes comments all the time about how a person can be TOO healthy...but that makes no sense to me. They just worry :/
    4610 days ago
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