Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have been thinking for a few weeks about how quickly the end of the year is approaching. This type of thoughts brings a lot of things and events to mind....mainly the holidays, my birthday, different sentimental times, etc.
But it also caused me to reflect on this year. It's not over although it's close. But I asked how I have done this year? Not judging myself or implying a grading system. But evaluating how good I have been to me.
See I started this year determined to make changes and accomplishments. I started this year with a renewed focus to prioritze me. Now the end of this year is quickly at hand and the question that must be answered is
"How good have you been to yourself?"
* Did you make YOU priority or did you keep your needs on the back burner as usual?
* Did you move to the forefront and stop being the shadow to everyone's light?
* Did you take the time to learn, enjoy, and love you?

These are tough but necessary questions.

Somewhere between the beginning of this year boggled up in the middle I learned a term called "journey". LOL!
This seemed like a wonderful way to describe my quest and a fantastic summary of what I had began my "JOURNEY".
Now that I am a year into my "journey" I am realizing something incredible.....this is no quest.....or some temporary attempt that I am embarking to and will return one day....nope this is permanent.
What I embarked on a year ago wasn't a journey, it is life. I am not trying to visit, return or go other words where I am going is permanent.
The word "journey" sounds fitting but it would suggest that it is a vacation or a quest such as a trip to the moon with a schedule to return back to earth. LOL!
If regaining my life and health requires a journey to the moon then I signed up for a one way trip.
I am a year into "ME" and whether you term it as a journey, a voyage, or just a lifestyle change....either way don't mistake it for anything other than life.
As flippant and non-challant as we are with life it is something so very precious and valuable. Our time is worth more than anything in this world and the time that we invest in ourselves making our lives more enjoyable and possibly longer is well worth the effort, energy, and sacrafice.
It may be a little early to answer those questions that I have but make no mistake time is passing and the time will come when I have to answer those questions and when it does I want to make sure that my answers are correct.
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