That's me- a secret eater!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I just saw a doctor talk about how some women are secret eaters.
1. If you eat a large amount of in a short period of time
2. Have sense of loss of control as if you can't stop
3. Eating in secret
4. Eating until uncomfortably full
5. Using food to treat your mood

This relates back to my other blog I never saw myself as an emotional eater.
I think I've discovered a truth about myself.
I will be honest & say that I would not stuff my face in public like I have many times in private.
But, , I disagree that it's a "disorder," it's just a bad habit.
Back to NSD isn't it?
Brain change!
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    I'm with you. People call emotional eating a disease. I say it's a bad habit... and I think in some ways it's like a spiritual disease... something you need to have cut out of your heart. It's relying on food instead of relying on God. Last summer I started Weight Watchers and started to have some tough circumstances to deal with. I had seizures that were throwing my life into craziness and I was having some rough emotional issues and some problems in my marriage. If anyone had reason to partake in emotional eating it was me. But I made a firm decision in my mind. Whenever things got hard I was going to turn to my God and not to food. Eating more food than I needed never did me any good - but my God had NEVER failed me. I prayed ALOT in that time... and it solidified a new habit in me - praying without ceasing... all through the day. And many of those times it was, "God, I know that I am going through something really hard and right now I just want to eat that cookie dough and a big bowl of ice cream. And I can't stop thinking about McDonalds and Taco Bell. I don't want those things to be the things that I long for... I want it to be Your Strength and your Hope that sustains me. Please help me to chose the right thing to eat right now." And sometimes I felt so weak that I didn't even have the time nor the strength to do that and all I could pray is, "God, I feel so unstable - please help me eat right - and not eat junk."

    Prayer works - and so does faith. Have the faith that He can and will help you with this. That He is SO MUCH STRONGER than any pull of food. And yes, this is a brain change... keep on going. It WILL happen. After about 3 or 4 months of consistantly praying instead of emotionally making my food choices I knew that I would never go back. Now, that's not to say that I don't eat occasionally out of "Hmm. A snack sounds good about now." And I guess that would be boredom. But there has to be room for food like that somewhere. If I am still 200 calories below my lowest calorie margin then I guess eating a snack at that time would be fine, even if I am watching TV and feeling snacky. But then I would make it something like salsa and chips and not a giant fudge sundae. There is a difference... and the difference is in your heart. God gives us discernment - let's use it!
    4377 days ago
    You are correct in your thinking that it is a habit. Because habits are learned and they CAN be changed. This can be UNlearned! That is what we are all here to do. I think most of us who struggle with our weight do one or all of these things to some degree. I know I do. Hopefully it will become a thing of the past though!
    4377 days ago
    Wow this blog caught my eye for sure! I too suffer from secret eating. It can get really bad. I used to do it when I was a kid too. Keep it up, things are falling into place and you're identifying your eating patterns... You go girl!

    Not sure what NSD is though...

    I will see you around! Take care sis!
    Peace in Christ!
    Mrs. Kitt
    4377 days ago
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