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The Way It Makes Me Feel

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This blog originally started as a list to motivate myself to stay focused on exercise. Suffice it to say, it snowballed. Other than the obvious health benefits that I have blogged about before, here are some of the things I love about my transformation:

§ The tightness of my skin when my muscles are pumped.
§ Spaghetti legs when I finish intense cardio.
§ Wanting to do a double take when I walk by a mirror or checking myself out in the plate glass of a storefront.
§ Sweat dripping from my elbows, running down my knees and burning my eyes.
§ Understanding the difference between eating for fuel and mindless eating. I thoroughly enjoy focusing on feeding the machine.
§ Being willing (and able) to try things that I once was too self-conscious to try.
§ Being able to say I just finished a 22-mile bike ride.
§ I love that some consider me to be a role model, even though I am still working on viewing myself that way.
§ That my 16-year old is asking for my feedback on his food choices. He even asks me to run some of his meals through the nutrition tracker and analyze it for him…sometimes BEFORE he decides what to eat.
§ Being sore for two days after a good weight session.
§ Donating my ‘new’ Goodwill clothes before I have a chance to wear them because I’m still losing weight (and inches).
§ Getting more new clothes.
§ Squeezing out one more rep and feeling the pump in the target muscle.
§ Purposely doing exercises that I do not like because I can feel it working that body part.
§ When people I haven’t seen in a long time do not recognize me; or they know something’s different but they just can’t quite ‘put their finger on it!’
§ Knowing that I am in control of this process.
§ Controlling my progress.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ohhhhhhhh excellant! Love that!
    My dd has been doing the same thing - coming over and learning to eat.
    Just cuz we eat healthy - doesnt mean we dont eat gooooood! Right!

    great list!

    4277 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4454521
    Once again, there you go putting this all into perspective. Thanks. I'm so very proud of all that you have accomplished and look forward to seeing you continuing to inspire others as you have me and everyone else who commented here.

    4280 days ago
    Wonderful Blog Tam!!!! Look back to the things you use to enjoy and then see everything now you enjoy.. What an Amazing Difference.!!!!..

    Happy and Proud For You!!!!
    4281 days ago
    Awesome, Awesome list!!!

    I made one of these on my cell phone a while back when I began noticing some of the little changes that boosted my self-image and confidence.

    4281 days ago
    Rock on! I LOVED reading this, and imagining you noticing these things about yourself.
    4281 days ago
    Your blogs are always an inspiration to me. You are doing so well and to have it rub of on your son is great too. I love your dedication in this journey. Keep up the good work, it is clearly paying off.
    4282 days ago
    One of the things that I really need to work on is the ability to analyze myself. And, I know it's one of the things I really need to work on. It's just finding the time to concentrate. As I have written these two sentences, I have answered three calls....which makes it very hard to concentrate on something as important as analyzation (ha! Is that a word?). When I get home, David feels I should dedicate all my time to him...which I am happy to do. But that leaves me no time to really study and analyze my goals.

    Thanks for helping me to realize that I really need (and want) to enhance this area of my journey to health. And, kudos to you for all the great things you are accomplishing! I'm so jealous!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

    4282 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    I too am so happy to have found YOU and very proud to call you my Spark Friend. You have this uncanny talent to sense what others are feeling and knowing EXACTLY what needs to be said.

    THANK YOU for being Tam.

    4282 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Amazing that you put into words what many of us failed to articulate. Since I? have banished the scale- I know it has only been 2 days- I have been much more cognizant of these changes in my body. I spend more time admiring these changes. It becomes addictive and leaves me wanting for more. I love the feeling of sheer exhaustion after having pushed myself that one extra step.
    It's a wonderful journey, isn't it.
    4282 days ago
    I agree with Nancy 100%.

    If you could bottle what you have discovered about yourself you could be a gazillionaire. Instead, you have chosen a career path that will let you come in contact with hundreds and thousands of people, giving them a glimpse of what they can become, empowering them to be their best self, and using your knowledge and wisdom to teach and inspire them.

    I am in awe at what you have done with yourself - your body, your mind, and your spirit! Thank you for letting us all share in your world!

    4282 days ago
    damn, tam! there you go again, rocking my world with your process, progress, and insights! what an incredible feeling of empowerment you must have....i feel it through cyberspace! what a metamorphosis! you're still changing yourself, tam, and improving, slimming, strengthening, learning, and finding ways to nourish, challenge, and appreciate your body and efforts. ROCK ON, TAM! YOU'RE ANOTHER SPARKSUPERSTAR! it's an honor to call you my sparkfriend. fondly, n
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4282 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    I see all of the things that you have wrote about and then I think of that physical agility test you took and didn't do so well on a while back...I have a feeling the next one you take is going to have a much different result!

    Keep reaching higher and challenging yourself's working!

    4282 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Great attitude and Great list!

    I was thrilled this morning when I realized I could "hold" my stomach in. Yea!

    4282 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this!
    I'm trying to get back to that mindset.

    4282 days ago
    Dang, you are an athlete. Yup. Hard body athlete. Wuff. Strut in front of the mirror, hawtness.
    4282 days ago
    Great work!
    4282 days ago
  • LIS193
    You're doing great - Way to go!
    4282 days ago
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