22 Pound Blocks.... Who Knew?!?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Since starting this weight loss journey I knew that I wanted to get to a healthy weight and not an unrealistic weight that I would never attain or with maintance keep off, so in the back of my mind I know that I want to lose approximately 100 pounds total. To date I have lost 38 pounds, with ups and downs along the way.

Hubby and I got two pallets of Windsor wall blocks (to set up at retainer wall) this week-end. There are 144 blocks to each pallet times 2 makes 288 blocks. When we were unloading them, all of a sudden I realized, these blocks are really heavy to pick up and carry to off the truck and into a staging area.

One of those blocks is 22 pounds and it is quite heavy to lift, when I reach another 6 pound weight loss that will be the equivalent of two of those blocks, Ok! Now I get it! No wonder I feel so much better with the weight loss, I’m not carrying those extra 38 pounds around( almost just two blocks). And to get to my goal, all I have to do is lose the equivalent of a little over 4 blocks in weight. WOW, I’m thinking that was my ahaa moment, I’m almost at half way to my goal, oh my gosh! So, from today forward I will take the weight loss in increments of 22 pounds at time. I have 6 pounds to make it to my second weight in blocks, and then only two more full blocks( of weight) and a little more and Wala…. I’m at goal. I’m getting really pumped and excited.

Who knew that it was going to take me loading and unloading 288 blocks to get to this realization and relate it to the weight loss. I’ve heard of people carrying a sack of flour/sugar equal to their weight loss in an effort to feel/visualize their weight loss. Just why did I not ‘Get’ this equation before? Maybe, I just wasn’t thinking?!? All it took was a few blocks to get through my block of a head.
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  • JANICEB0414
    Janel, I liked your AHA Moment. It is easier to think in terms of blocks instead of pounds. I am watching this show on BBC called, 'You are what you eat" and in BC they will say she weighs 17 stone instead of how many pounds. I don't know what 1 stone is equal to in pounds but it dosn't sound as bad to say I need to lose 2 stones instead of how many pounds. Like I would have to lose 50 pounds, I wonder how many stones that would be? Also on that show, they will show a person who is eating too much of some food what it looks like in terms of fat. One lady was eating so much milk chocolate that they used chockolate and made a grave and headstone out of chocolate and because she is allergic to dairy, the point is she was killing herself with chocolate. She would not stop eating milk chocolate, even though it could kill her because of the milk in the chocolate. This display of chocolate finally got through to her the danger she was putting herself in. But getting back to the blocks, you are sure to be burning a lot of calories just moving those blocks. Good Luck!
    Janice emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4276 days ago
    Maybe you can save a couple of blocks and put them on a belt or something... so if you ever get discouraged, you can "relive" your past weight and remember the glory. I read a blog about putting two bags of sugar in your pants pockets... HAH! I think the blocks would be less messy.

    4277 days ago
    You sure put that into perspective for me. Gave me something to think about hopefully whenever I get discourged.Thanks emoticon Linda
    4278 days ago
    Wow, I am right at 22...yes that speaks to me....
    I love being able to put reality to the amounts....
    Great boost for us to keep going!!!!
    4278 days ago
  • PACKY62
    just think that was heavy for you to carry, now think how your nees feel!
    rember you were caried that around on your body for how long?
    4280 days ago
  • BIGDAD1211
    Great Job! Way to go!
    4280 days ago
  • MAGA99
    4280 days ago
    Not only sounds like a great aha moment but a great work out maybe you should keep an extra block to work out with a least once a week just as a reminder. Sounds like I need to make a back pack with my little 14lbs and carry that around. Thanks for the tip.
    4280 days ago
    I saw your emoticon go off. Good job!
    4280 days ago
  • JEWELS571
    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was just coming to ck in on you and found this awesome blog! YOU GOT IT!!!! Mine was turkeys, lol. Was originally a turkey breast bought earlier this year to make turkey salad, and the weight of that 7 lbs bird made me realize I had lost a whole bird, almost 4 20 lbs turkeys, just 6 more lbs and 1,2,3, 4 gobbles gone!!!! I am so proud of you! Oh and BTW...what a work out you got moving those 22 lbs blocks! And Congrats on the 3500 fitness minutes! w00t u!
    4280 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    4280 days ago
  • JE_69_MO
    Wow, that's great! Congratulations.
    4280 days ago
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