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The Object I Face

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I was told that I was over thinking it. I received a questionnaire from the program coordinator at school. It was kind of an ‘about me’ form and it covered things like first term goals, first year goals and career goals. The very last item threw me and I had to wrestle with it for a while to come up with an answer I could live with. It was one of those; ‘complete this sentence’ things and it took me a couple hours to decide what they were asking.

The statement was, ‘If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…’. I think what really got me flustered, was that I read ‘fear’ in that statement. And y’all know, I aintskeerd of just about…nuthin’! But I think most people fear things that they might fail at doing. When I actually decided on my ‘final answer’, it included a qualifier.

Now that I read it back, it sounds more like a mission statement. So here’s what I said: If I knew I couldn’t fail, I would…establish my own lifestyle coaching business, catering to overweight individuals who want to improve their lives with solid nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude.
However, the object I face is not fear of failure, it’s formal training and investment capital. That is why I have enrolled in this program.

Adding the qualifier made me feel better but they’ll probably think I’m a nutcase for adding it in. Oh, well, I’ll cater to other crazy people.

So when the dogs woke me in the middle of the night to potty, I had a bit of trouble falling back to sleep. I guess Kristy was right about overthinking things, ‘cause my mind was racing with ‘what if’s’ for a while. But I reminded myself of the silliness of it all, and pointed out to my healthy self, that I was being robbed of valuable sleep. I don’t remember anything after that.

I woke up with new focus to get back on track hard and fast. I am only one month away from the start of school. The program is pretty aggressive; I even had to sign a contract that outlines expectations as if it were already my job. I guess it’s really happening, as I sign up for classes next Tuesday. That’s when I apply for approval from UI to continue my benefits while in school. I meet all the criteria and am in an approved degree program so there should be no problems at all. Just the same, it is the last hurdle to make my student status official and I’m looking forward to that.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    SWEET!! You're on the path now to your next goal! Even before day 1 of school, there's so much preparation and mental gearing up. I'm really proud of you, Tam! This 'getting healthier' idea started as such a small little spark. Did you think that it would change your life to this magnitude!? You're an INFERNO now! WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! emoticon
    4266 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4454521
    Hmmmmmmm, I'm feeling kinda torn. So happy to be on this journey with you now and getting to know you and see what an amazing inspiration you are to all of us now.

    But on the other hand, disappointed that I don't get to be one of your students. LUCKY LUCKY THEM!

    You are going to be amazing!
    4268 days ago
    Congratulations Tam!
    You will be an excellent student and an excellent coach!
    Good luck!
    4268 days ago
    Whoo hoo! School! We'll be students together! How exciting!!! xoxo
    4269 days ago
    LOVE IT! So what if its a mission statemnet. It admits that you are well thought out individual with ideas in your noggin about what you are doing, where you are going, and what it takes to get where you want to be. There aint a dern thing to be ashamed about. Your answer was fabulous!

    Overthinking is something I battle. My dd is looking at colleges and I could not sleep last nite for the life of me. She's is coming of age.. and Im trying to help her (healthwise, and everythign else) and sometimes the mind just races.
    Dont fret it.

    You are doing fine!

    Now.. what classes are you taking? Inquiring minds wanna know!
    Did I miss the details on this?
    I'm curious aka nosy!

    4269 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    I am so excited for you! And I am thrilled that you are blogging about the process. What an amazing time for you.

    Your answer to the question I think was spot on. I would have had difficulty with that one to. It DOES read as fear. Why they would ask that particular question is beyond me, but your answer will make you stand out. Maybe that is what they are looking for...

    4269 days ago
    Good luck to you! It looks to me like your are the right path for you! Congrats and work hard and you will the goals that you are after. I know working hard is the best way to get ahead in this world of ours. I work hard and its what has made me successful. once again good luck and will look forward to watching your progress.

    4270 days ago
    Man, you are going to do so well in your new career! I am so proud for you! There are just no words in my limited vocabulary to express my happiness that you are on the way to realizing your dreams. I hope you still give out some "free" advice to your buds on occasion! Ha!

    Now, I am going to anxiously await your Blogs about your classes and your tests and your experiences in new areas! Congrats!!!!!

    4270 days ago
    Tam, your career goal/mission statement is PERFECT! It's what you would do, with that admission of what specific assistance you seek from your program. That will help the directors and faculty to work to meet your needs.

    I am so happy that you have found this program and that you have been accepted into it! I just feel silly for not suggesting it - I guess since MHCC doesn't have a similar one, I forget that others can have it.

    You are going to be such an amazing student and in just a few short years, such an amazing coach. Your students are going to have the opportunity of a lifetime - what a gift you will give them (and then how kind, they will give you handfuls of money in return! emoticon )

    Your blog also answered my "when do you signup fr classes?" question....I was getting worried about that aspect. Now I can sleep tonight!
    4274 days ago
    it's your nature to do things like that because you have an analytical-black-and-white-sit-down
    -shut-up-and-just-do-it attitude about things. that's what makes you so wonderfully unique. because you can do it, other people can, too. yet, you have a very kind, compassionate streak for those times when it's hard to stay motivated and always do the right thing. you have a keen sense of observation, inspiring insights about human nature, an enlightened perspective about the art and science of self-improvement. these traits and facets of your personality assure you success and devotion to your new career path. i think you answered that question very well, qualifier and all. somehow, tam, i think your forward projection and goal-orientation will prove very helpful to you as you progress down your new path of degreed, dynamic fitness. yes, indeed, another changed life by sp! sure, it's new territory from a professional level, but not from a personal level. push forward, find your niche, feed your body and mind with the good stuff, educate those engrains, so you can spread the spark to others!DON'T DOUBT YOUR ABILITIES, MY WONDERFUL SPARKFRIEND!
    4274 days ago
    4274 days ago
    Ummm... Just one question. When does your enrollment for new students start?
    emoticon emoticon
    4274 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Tam, let me tell you a story. Back in 1991 I had the golden opportunity to change my career. I was an LPN and I hated HATED every minute of it because I am not a people person due to my shyness. In nursing, you deal with nothing but people...and their bitchiness. Yes...I ooze with compassion. We had two little kids at home but my husband suggested I quit my job (yea!) and go back to good old tech school to enter the computer-aided drafting program. When I was in high school I always wanted to be a drafter but girls didn't do that back then.

    Long story short, I successfully finished with a 4.0 and now I love LOVE my job. Looking back I was full of many MANY fears but I did not let that stop me because this was my dream.

    From another person who OVERTHINKS EVERYTHING (and you know that) I think you are not overthinking this at all. You are simply going through all of the what-if scenarios and preparing for each one.

    It is going to be fun to watch you go through your transformation and you know that you have my full support. I look forward to cheering you on!
    4274 days ago
  • LLTS01
    If I knew I couldn't fail I would...

    go back to school. Oh wait, you're already doing that. I admire you as much as I admire our admin who is going on a 2-week vacation alone. My hat is off to all of you who do what you always wanted to do! It takes guts. You definitely ain't scared!

    4274 days ago
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