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Of Markers and Measurements

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been thinking about other markers and motivators lately. Maybe it’s a summer time thing. It seems that I, as well as many of my spark friends, have had a rough go of it the last couple months. Nutrition has been a battle for some, exercise for others as well as time management with kids on summer break, vacations and such.

I’ve read many blogs of frustration and have offered encouragement where I saw an opportunity. One of the things I try to do when I have a challenge is to focus on another aspect of the process. If I can’t find time for exercise, I try to put extra emphasis on nutrition and so on. That way at least the whole plan is not derailed.

Still, the scale is not moving. OK, for me-I planned it that way, but that’s not always the case. It was during my workout this morning that I decided to stay off the scale. My plan was to commit to a month of no weigh-in, but I suspect that with starting school in a couple of weeks that will be a requirement of the program. But other than that, I will stay away from the scale, and look for other progress indicators.

Then I read my SP motivational article of the day, which covered this very topic. I’ll accept that as an omen that I am making the right decision. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

And another thing… I mean I knew they were skinnier, ‘cause I can see the light between my toes, but I think my feet are longer now too. I overheard Dr. Oz, the other day, saying that for every 50 pounds a man loses, his ‘buddy’ gains up to an inch of length. So I’m thinking that must be similar to what happens with your feet.

I’ve been due for new gym shoes for a while so I hit the Big 5 yesterday to see what they had. OK, I had my heart set on a pair of Saucony running shoes, since the last time I was there they didn’t have any in my size. Being impatient, as I sometimes am, I settled a different pair and have had IT Band problems every since. My feet are usually too wide for most women’s shoes. Cross-trainers were about the only women’s shoes I ever wore because of that, and I pretty much always wore an 8. Which, in men’s sizes, usually was a 61/2 to a 7.

So I tried on, probably a dozen different shoes, and decided on a pair of women’s Saucony’s that truly were the most comfortable pair I tried on. (And not because I had them in the front of my mind from the get-go.) But here’s the thing-they were a size 91/2. Everything I tried that fit was a 9 or 91/2. Then of course, I looked at the price as I was headed to the register-$85, ugh. I have paid much more for shoes, on more than one occasion, but I was really hoping to stay under about $65. So I meandered through the clearance tables and finally wound up at one in the men’s department. Low and behold, I found a pair of Adidas on clearance that fit as well as the Saucony’s…but they were only $29! WooHoo!

I wore them today for ST so they should be ready for me to try a little run/walk tomorrow. They are the Ultracushion Running shoes…in a men’s size 8! So far, they are really comfy not to mention stylin’!

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  • SUZY6281
    Love the shoes! Not sure why your feet would be longer, but there are many worse things in life. Ha! Keep up the great work. I like your scale idea, and would try it myself- but you know how I am...

    4237 days ago
    Good footwear makes me want to dance, not just work out!

    I like the looks of these shoes a lot - esp the description of the cushion, which I find very important because of my weight/pounding on my bones. I was set on getting a pair of New Balance but they were $119 +!! I had to buy inserts and tie them a special way so the heel wouldn't slip. I went to eBay and put an "alert" for them. The hard part was waiting for my size: which was a size larger than normal. Every company is different, yes? Puma's run small, as do MBTs. That's why trying on is so important.

    Congrats on scoring a bargain! That's a two-fer.

    Oh - I never got the New Balance, but found some cushiony Nike's at Nordie's Rack while on vacation for $45 ... and "I" thought "I" did good! lol

    4245 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/22/2009 9:12:47 PM
    Congrats on the new shoes!!!

    I've been 1/2 looking for over a month now. Somewhere at home I have a pair of shoes that are great, but with weeks of intensive looking, we still haven't found them. That's a big part of why I haven't been able to commit to buying a new pair. In addition to that, I wear a women's 11WW. Try finding that, ughh! I imagine I'll end up in a mens 10 1/2, as that's my closest good fit...

    How I envy you with your normal feet!!!

    4247 days ago
    Great new shoes. My sweetie and I adore Saucony and shop at Big 5. We always ask if the manager will sell us the Saucony shoes we choose at the sale price (they always have one pair of Sauconys on sale) since we are buying 2 (sometimes 4 pairs). They always say yes. Just saying. Glad you found such great bargains and stylin' shoes. They look like you could conquer the world in them.
    4247 days ago
    Nice shoes! I'm sure they will serve you well. And, thanks for all your good advice. You always motivate and inspire me!

    4247 days ago
    fancy schmantzy, tam! looks like you could jump to the moon and back, landing safely at both places! what cushioning! i like sauconys (wider toe box) and asics for their fit and wear. another 2 months or so of constant walking and i'll be needing a new pair, too. good for you and for finding those bargains! i don't weigh myself weekly...i've done to every other week (if i'm feeling good about my progress and other signs are pointing in a positive direction) or once a month. you're right, you may have to give a lot of objective information about yourself for your program, including weight, so here's to you, your new professional path, to your love of learning, life, and the pursuit of YOUR happineses! n
    4247 days ago
    I love it when I can find a bargain like that. For some reason, new shoes can be a motivation to get back in the groove.
    4247 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3402791
    Those are, indeed, stylin' shoes, Tam! Glad you posted the pic AND glad you got such an awesome deal on them. I continue to learn from you, o wise teacher!

    Have a fabulous week! SO glad we're in the same neck of the woods. Gonna be a warm week, it looks like. Fall can't be far behind, tho, can it?

    Blessings to you!
    4247 days ago
    Once again you prove we are somehow related - I loved the shoes I bought in the chilfren's department on sale! And I'll have to give the men's dept a look-see, too! Why pay $85 if you can find what you need for $29?!

    As one of your fellow travellers on the Frustration Trail, I appreciate what you said about refocsuing and redirecting. I know it is soooo wrong to say "tomorrow I will start" but I honestly think I have to be so in my groove when Scott gets out of work that there was no way I was going to get a grip on things until the weekend. Today I am heading out for a super-long walk (as soon as it is light enough to see!) and have planned my food very carefully and sanely. Tomorrow, when he heads back to school, my life will get back into its much-loved routine.

    Thanks for your support, and enjoy those new, comfy, stylin', inexpensive shoes! (and I can't help but hope the right pair of shoes will somehow turn you into a runner!)
    4248 days ago
    Love the new shoes! (And I totally know what you mean about feet changing in size--this same thing has happened to me.)
    4248 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan for where you are right now... dang!
    Love the new shoes.
    With ALL the weight I have needed to lose, I have gone into long 'pauses', and each time I've felt that it was a good thing... at least, in retrospect. My whole body has to go into 'shift' mode during these changes, and getting a 'breather' seems to mean that this time will be my LAST time to lose a lot of weight.
    Lifestyle, lifestyle, not a flash in the pan, not a quickie, lifestyle.
    Yeah! Like that!
    4248 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Well you already know where I sand on the scale and it has served me well. It has redirected my focus on being healthier, eating right and gauging how I feel.

    I like your new shoes. I have actually dropped a half size in the shoe department- the same 10 size that i had added over the past 15 years. Now my shoes are all too big. Weight loss is turning into a money pit. emoticon
    4249 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4228914
    I had backed off on my weekly weigh ins which I had performed from late December 2007 until February of this year. Then I was doing monthly, but still measuring myself, but my charts (personal ones I have on Excel) didn't flow as well without the weight so I developed the charts to run every 14-15 days now. I find doing my measurements about every two weeks works quite well and keeps me focused not so much on losing weight...but on how I'm feeling.

    I too have read several blogs of frustration. Some are going low carb. Some are questioning everything and want to radically change things from top to bottom. Others are following a starvation "diet" and wondering why they are still hungry after their "meals" and want to tear through the refrigerator or pantry like a tornado through a trailer park.

    I just blogged last Saturday about patience with plans and results. Those thoughts came to me after reading many blogs about the frustration of not losing weight.

    Back in February of this year, I wrote a blog and posted it in the spark cafe called "Critical Mass Time" which became featured and was a big hit with many sparkers. It is where a great deal of my friends list has developed from as I was added by a great deal of people at that time. At the time I had wrote that, I noticed a huge drop off of people that were on my friends list. People that had just about 6 weeks earlier dedicated themselves to a "new" lifestyle, but for whatever came up, dropped out of sight.

    Since then, I saw a bump up in new sparkers in the early spring. A few found their way to my page and added me to their friends list. Prior to the spring I would automatically reciprocate the friendship adds. I approached it in a different manner after late April. I would send the person adding me a spark mail and I would respond on their page. If I heard back from them on either venue, I then would add them to my friends list.

    In the rush of new folks, some have fallen off, some are doing really well, and some are taking advantage of the features of spark people in other ways that help them in the social aspects (which there is NOTHING wrong with) of their daily lives.

    My advice to everyone is founded in my own personal experiences. This blog you have written brings it to the front of my mind.

    Markers and measurements.

    When I started my routine, I knew that I was morbidly obese. I knew that if I became healthier, I would feel better. My original goal wasn't hanging a number out there to shoot for or to lose "X" number of pounds. My goal was to "Feel good again". Not only was that my goal, but it is the theme of my spark page and my life. I am feeling good again.

    It is what drives me. So much more than losing weight, it is that good feeling from being healthy that keeps me on my schedule at the gym. It keeps me making healthy choices for my meals. In a way...that good feeling I have is a marker. Over the past few months, there have been times when I have taken that good feeling for granted, but never lost sight of it. I am more focused now than I have ever been.

    As a spark people motivator, I feel it is a part of my inner being to help others to achieve this good feeling that I (we) have. We both know that you can't starve yourself to good health. Giving our bodies the nutrition it REQUIRES on a daily basis and fuel that it NEEDS for the activity we do is a foundation for our bodies responding to the workouts in a favorable manner.

    Use those new shoes Tam for all they're worth. They look great and look as if they'll be a "comfortable" adjunct to your workouts. More important than the shoes...keep these wonderful thoughts falling off of your fingertips...for they can help others that feel as if they're in a dead end on their plans and are trying to seek a successful solution to their own personal plans.

    4249 days ago
    Great looking new shoes. I'm wearing Saucony's myself for running. It's my first pair, and they are nice. I can see why you would have headed for them first. I hope the Adidas are every bit as good for you.

    As for measurements - I spent over 6 months between 237 and 239. I was still making progress, it was just the kind that didn't show on scales. During that time I really learned to value other means of measuring progress. It is really an incredibly worthwhile thing to do, so I can see why you would stop using the scale. More power to you!

    4249 days ago
    I love Adidas and Im with you on the scale thing Im not gonna check my weight I am doing measurements :) good luck and great blog:)
    4249 days ago
    Sweet shoes Tam! As one of the frustrated friends, this is a very timely blog. Time management and life have not come easy for me the last couple of weeks. (Too much crap to get done, and not enough time!)

    Thanks for some thought provoking as always!
    4249 days ago
    Those shoes are HAWT! Nice work!!!
    4249 days ago
    wow, those shoes look really cushiony!
    I hope that you have a great walk/run!
    4249 days ago
    Looking good! Good blog!
    Thanks for writing!
    4249 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Tam, those are some smokin' shoes! I mean the wonky (in a good way) red soles look like they are on fire and ready to go!!! You will be streaking in your area come tomorrow!!! Once again you gave sage (not as in stuffing) advice and thank you!
    4249 days ago
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