1000 Days and (still) Counting ! ! !

Friday, October 09, 2009

WOW ! ! !



I've accomplished a feat that would have seemed impossible 142 weeks and 6 days ago, or 33 months, 1 week and 3 days ago, or...

...1000 DAYS AGO ! ! ! That's when SparkPeople came into my life.

It was a time when I was just so sick and tired, of being sick and tired...a time when I not only couldn't, but wouldn't move my big lazy butt farther from my house than the mailbox at the end of my driveway...a time when I'd eat two pizza's because the second one was only $5 more than the first one (moan).

It was in January when I found SP. The annual New Years resolution I would make like the many years before...to get my butt up and get moving. But unlike the many resolutions before, this time I had a resource. This time I had food trackers, exercise trackers, and solid goals, but most of all I had a TON of encouragement from individuals who were going through the same things as I was going through.

The type of things that could have easily de-railed my journey and eventually could have de-railed my LIFE, was circumvented by the wonderful people here and the vast knowledge I was to ingest from SP, it's what has kept my journey moving forward in the direction of success.

This 1000 days has been enriching on so many levels. It might seem like a lot of days, but the kicker is...It was a necessity, and heck what else could have been more important in my life this past 1000 days. I've said many times on the threads, when newbie's introduce themselves and are looking for help as they begin this journey that "this is a lifestyle, that takes a lifetime to master".

So in the scheme of life, a 1000 days is only but a blink of an eye. The question to you is: Why not begin your next 1000 days today? Because the next 1000 days will be here, no matter what you do.

So you might as well be doing the next 1000 days as healthy and happy as you possibly can.

Lets raise our glasses and toast the next 1000 days.

Can I get a emoticon?
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