Where have all the good Doctor's gone?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorry in advance...for the length of this blog. You can stop here if you don't want to hear me rant and rave. This blog is helping me to vent and get all of the bad feeling out of my system, I am so upset at my Hubby's doctor I could spit nails right now!!

My hubby Jeff has had a bad knee for years, his last surgery on his knee was in 1992 and the Doctor at that time told him he really needed a new knee, but, was just too young, as he would then need another by the age of 70! He has been in pain off and on for at least 17 years now and right now in more pain than ever. Early this year he went to see a Doctor (#1) who was suppose to be "the best ortho" in our area.. he took an xray and said he was not a candidate for knee replacement surgery. He then started a series of three jell injections, one a week for there weeks which were ideally to replace the cartilage in his knee with a cushion, and should last 6 months, they did help for awhile... but, four months later... more pain. The same doctor scheduled him for another round of three gel injections.

One day at work, a friend of my boss and I started talking about knee replacement surgery and I told him about Jeff's knee problems, still not even realizing that he too was an ortho Dr.
He had Jeff come into his office for a free exam, x-rays and even a cortisone shot. This Doctor#2 told him that he should have had knee replacement surgery years ago, his knee is bone on bone, that he must have a really high tolerance for pain to be able to walk around in his condition, and if he was his Doc he would do it right away... problem was he was not on our insurance plan.

So, back to Doc #1, to let him know he got a second opinion, Doc #1 got upset and said ok we will settle this once and for all, I'm ordering an MRI... guess what the MRI showed bone on bone, but, he did not apologize... just said he still thinks he is too young for knee replacement surgery. Jeff finally insisted... he decided that quality of life was important to him and wanted the surgery done NOW. He got the call the day of my Dad's funeral that the surgery was set for Nov 13........great news right? Well not really!!!

Someone we know who had knee replacement surgery told Jeff that the recovery time is much longer than this Doc#1 was saying if it was a total replacement, in checking into the procedure to be done today we found out that as it turns out this surgery was to do exploratory surgery try to clean up anything Doc # 1 could..... with a three week recovery (using of course Jeff's sick leave , which needs to be saved for the actual knee replacement recovery time. ) So.... now we are back to square one, no new knee and a really BAD Doctor (#1).

We are in the process of getting an out of network referral to Doc# 2 to do the surgery... its all in the Insurance company's court now. Jeff said he thinks that I am more upset about this than him. This is not the first time lately that we have had a doctor who was not willing to do what was to be done. Where have all the good Doctor's gone???

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    gosh I just read this Janele. So disgusting.
    You definitely need a different Dr. There must be more
    then 1 ortho on the plan??????
    Dr. Oz always says "if the Dr. isn't receptive to 2nd don't want him to be your Dr.
    Let me know where it stands now....I pray his pain

    4168 days ago
  • JEWELS571
    I'm sry! That truly just stinks! My hubby needs shoulder surgery so bad, but he won't go see about it! BLAH!
    4191 days ago
  • HILARY26
    yikes! im sorry you are going through all this. i can def relate...we've had many run-ins with dr.s over the past couple of years. i can tell you from my days as a surgical tech that the exploratory surgery is very painful and takes a while to recover from, so you are right to not want to "waste time" on it!! especially considering how long this has been going on! i will be praying for you guys to find a wise doctor and that your insurance will be fair with you. frustrating!!! your poor hubby :(
    4191 days ago
  • ANG14FAN
    Could not agree more. I hate that our choice in drs is chosen by our insurance plans-that is so not fair. Drs --- its hard to find a good one these days. It really is sad. My mom was at the hospital with my aunt(she was a patient) and my mom caught nurses talking about what services they could add to patients to get some more money out of insurance. Services that these people did not get!!

    I hope that everything turns out great for hubby. I have done the whole exploratory thing and it ended up worse than before. My PT said that a replacement will be in my future but I was in my 20s when they told me that-scary!
    4197 days ago
    What about a doc #3? Is there another doctor on your insurance plan other than this one? Surely any doctor could see how much he needs this replacement surgery!
    4199 days ago
  • MICK999
    Add my fingers to the list of being crossed for your hubby! My hubby went through something simillar with a torn rotator cuff for over a year.
    4199 days ago
    :( Jelli

    Know what you mean. Fingers crossed for you and hubby.

    Laura xx
    4199 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4756432
    this subj is one of my biggest pet peeves!

    i'm so sorry you and hub have to put up with doc#1 and his arrogance. some docs forget they are hired by us and work in partnership FOR our health (and not their big houses, cars, boats or to stroke their egos).....and heck if they start thinking and acting like they are god!

    doc#1 seems to be trying to soak anything and everything he can pertaining to your hub's knee. exploratory surgery???.....after what the MRI showed and what doc#2 found with the xrays!! this is not right! i hope everything turns out with the referral to doc#2. i'd be scared to be under doc#1's care!

    quality of life is more important than anything when it comes to health...and having a doc that listens to their patients is of utmost importance. hope this gets settled soon. keep us posted.

    4200 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/13/2009 8:07:13 PM
    He's probably right and I understand. It's like if somebody hurts me, I can take it. If you hurt someone I love, you better watch your back. I think that's the mother instinct in us, even if it's about people other than our children.

    Since I'm over 40 now (closer to 50), I push for what I want from doctors and I find out as much information as I can about something. It takes awhile to find a doc who is mature enough to listen and to respectfully consider all of my questions. All this is due to my hormone issues, over 10 years of searching for answers. I finally found a great doc here in Texas who isn't threatened by my questions and he explains why he may disagree with me. Or, he may say, OK, we'll try that. etc. To my great delight, his office IS in-network, although the compounded hormones are expensive.

    Your husband has to do what is best for him, even if it costs more. It sounds like Doc #1 has tunnel vision and doesn't have a good "bedside" manner.
    4200 days ago
  • PACKY62
    i went thru the same with my ACL there are good one and bad ones out there. ask your husband if his cfomoany has short term disabilty. as far as you getting upset thats what you are there for protection of you husband.
    4200 days ago
  • BIGDAD1211
    My wife has really bad knee pain also and she had surgery in 2000 and her DR, told her that the surgery should take away the pain. NOT! So I told her to see other doctors about this as she is in much pain and it affects her walking. Even her sleep is affected as she has to sleep with wraps and ice packs. Her Dr continue to tell her there is nothing she could do about the pain. I finally had to pull Hubby rank and tell my wife she has to find a new doc, so we are looking for one now. Her DR now to me is the worse but for some reason my wife loves her! Go figure. I think DR just don't care anymore. Well not all Dr.
    I will be praying for your DH knees.
    Your Friend
    4200 days ago
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