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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Making real progress!!!

Last night was Body Pump again. I know I was seeing improvement after Thursday's class, and on Saturday I was thrilled to find out that was not just a one time thing. But to see even more so quickly? Amazing!

I guess you could say I was feeling a little sassy last night. I decided to increase the weight I use for all of my arm tracks...And I still made it through without quitting! Don't mess with me, I pack a mean punch now! LOL

Then, doing the leg tracks I actually looked at myself in the mirror. You wanna know what I saw? I saw muscle definition in my calves! I gotta say, I liked the way that looked!

Think it can't get better? It does! I managed to do all of the push-ups too! I didn't have to stop to rest!

Okay, granted I still have to pause a few times on the ab track...But considering I only really started to be able to work that one last week, I'm cutting myself some slack. I know I'll get there too!

Let me add, I am totally pumped for Turbo Kick tonight! Who knows, a few more of those classes and I may not look like a completely uncoordinated klutz there!
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