An Exciting New Addition!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So, Guess what???

I'm pregnant!!!

I'm really excited, but also a little nervous. I'm about 10 weeks along. My due date is 10/10/10 (kinda fun) We don't know what it is yet, but my husband is really hoping for a boy. He says there is way too much estrogen in the house emoticon and that he needs a boy to help even it out (We have two little girls who are very dramatic and emotional).

Having a baby was planned. I knew I wouldn't get to my goal weight yet, but I have gotten almost half way there. My plan is to continue on Spark People with my healthy nutrition and fitness plan, but just tweak it a bit, so that I don't lose anymore weight. I want to keep up my streaks and make sure I don't gain too much weight with my pregnancy. After my pregnancy I'm planning on losing the last 50 or so pounds.

I've had to add more calories to my plan (so I don't lose anymore weight) and have found that it's actually hard to get in all the calories. I usually don't feel too good if I eat all the calories I need. So, I'm just trying to eat what feels right and go from there.

It's been a little frustrating lately because I haven't been eating as healthy. I don't feel like cooking, I'm having aversions to veggies and meat (which is weird...I usually love veggies). Because I haven't been feeling my best we have been eating more ready made foods/processed foods. I'm hoping that the morning sickness will ease soon and that I will be able to enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods.

I've continued exercising and have found that it actually helps with my morning sickness and fatigue. I've just had to tone it down a little, and not go as fast.

So those are my thoughts and plans. I'm hoping for a good healthy pregnancy.

Wish me luck!!!

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