Thoughts have consequences, too!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've been really struggling with craving chips and sugary treats at night. I start feeling mad that I have to stick to the planned calorie amount for the day and project endless days of misery and deprivation into the infinite future, which makes me feel even madder and hungrier than I was and desperate for the chips and sugary treats. Last night I Got (with a capital 'G') that my thoughts have consequences, too. I've known this in my head for a while, but just experienced it in my whole being.

Last night I became aware of starting down that nasty path of feeling miserable and deprived, then consciously chose to switch my thoughts over to how grateful I am for all the support I've had getting to the weight that I'm at currently. I then imagined myself standing on the scale on August 1, which is when I'm going to reach my goal weight of 143, and felt excited and full of joy. I felt so totally filled with gratitude and joy that chips and sugary treats faded from my thoughts and didn't have any pull on me at all. I noticed that I was still a bit hungry, but it was just plain old hunger with nothing heaped on it by my tired, night-time (beasty) mind. So, instead of feeling deprived, I truly didn't want more food. What I wanted the most was to take care of my body and stick to my plan. You could not have paid me to eat chips or sugary treats last night. (Well, maybe we could have figured out a price. : )

Has this worked for anyone else? Do you have other ways of handling feelings of deprivation or other negative thoughts? I'd be interested in hearing what works for you.
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    It is just about a month from August, how are you doing?
    4055 days ago
    Congratulations on finding a revelation while fighting a craving!

    As someone else said, I do not have any foods that I cannot have.

    For me, that would be too close to dieting, which is how I ended up at 333 pounds in the first place.

    I attribute those kinds of thoughts to the little girl I was when food began to become an obsession for me. She has to be loved completely, and watched carefully. She can still get me in trouble don't ya' know!

    She and I are still working this stuff out, but we are getting there. More like the tortoise than the hare, but as the hare, I have always gained the weight back, so I am trying it this way this time.
    4101 days ago
    I don't make any food off limits. When I have reached my goal weight, I want to be able to eat things that previously I binged on, but learn the right choices in which ones offer the best for me in calories and nutrition along with taste.
    Sometimes when I feel a binge coming on, I will resort to peanut butter on one slice of bread. For a diabetic, the body takes a while to process peanut butter and it curbs the impulse for me.
    What you did was great. I think we each find what works for us as individuals. For awhile I would imagine food with worms in it and it would help me to get through the urge. Sometimes just delaying the response to impulse eating for a few minutes helps the urge to pass.
    4102 days ago
    Yes. thoughts are essential - and here's a tip I got from Martha Beck. SIN when you are depriving yourself of a desired food item. Substitute Inedible Nutrition - things that feed your soul, your mind, your body in no food tactile ways. Pet your cat. Learn something new (even if it's what your favorite celebrity's divorce settlement is) take a bubble bath. I'm finding that sort of nutrition can distract me from a sense of deprivation.
    4110 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    I have been craving chocolate for the past few days. Feeling a little bit sorry for myself, yada yada. I haven't had chocolate in almost a year. I am afraid if I have any I won't be able to stop. At any rate, I got really close to eating some yesterday - we have free ice cream in the lobby at work. On the way home, I stopped at a local gym, had a tour and then signed up. They gave me the 'family rate' because my DIL is aleady a member. I felt so good when I got home about taking the next step toward fitness that I didn't want the chocolate anymore!
    4114 days ago
    I don't allow myself to think about unhealthy foods I don't want to eat. I have a list of healthy snacks and I refer to it when I feel I need one. something usually jumps out at me as just right.
    4116 days ago

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  • MARLY53

    Way to go, you took control of your thoughts instead of your thoughts controlling you. I too have fallen victim to late night binges due to my thoughts dwelling on food that is not good for me. Now I can use the same reasoning myself and maybe I too will experience the feeling that you had.
    4117 days ago
    Wish I'd read this two nights ago . . .

    Good way to look at it. Thanks!
    4117 days ago
    Wow, that is great. I have been struggling with the same thing and trying to overcome. You give me inspiration. Thanks.
    4117 days ago
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