Exorcise Those Demons... how I am going to do that!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I get a newsletter from Jillian everyday of the week ... this was the one today!
What kind of emotional demons are lurking in your closet (or refrigerator)? Not sure? Well, it's time to find out, and to exorcise them once and for all. To succeed where you have failed, sometimes you have to take three steps back to take that first step forward. In terms of reaching your goal weight, "stepping back" means reviewing past and current self-defeating behaviors to identify where you got stuck, discouraged, or overwhelmed. ~ Jillian Michaels
This newsletter came to me at the right day of my journey...I have been stuck for sometime in my weight loss... pound by pound the scale is inching back up and I was getting concerned and a little anxious. I was starting to fail and lose my self-confidence in myself and my ability to get this weight off. So this morning I took three step back and re-evaluated my journey.

For starters I took a mental evaluation of my refrigerator. Since it is the day before payday... really not too much in there to evaluate. I have low fat cheese, (which hubby now actually prefers to regular cheese now), Ezekiel bread, low-fat cottage cheese, fat free milk, eggs, apples, fresh spinach, ground turkey, chicken, sugar free jell, all of those look fine! And since I ate the last of the chocolate peanut butter ice cream just last night... that is out of the freezer as well. (OOPS... why was that ice cream there to begin with?!? Looks like I just might have come up with the demon in the refrigerator. Now... I know that ice cream is a red light food for me,,, which means it is my trigger and if I take just one bite it is all gone, guess that would be my self-defeating food there.

Now to take three step back and look at my plan for getting this weight off. I admit that I am a real professional yo-yo dieter... I have tried every plan out there... Weight Watcher's, Jenny Craig, Slimfast, Medifast, Low carb, Cabbage Soup, High fiber, just to name the ones I can think of. Every new book with a plan that sounds good I either own or have read. I've even tried to devise my own plan. All of which worked for a short time but eventually I would gain all of the lost weight back plus some. Where did I get stuck, discouraged or overwhelmed? In looking back I am a person who is gung ho at the start of every plan, and I start to get discouraged when the weight does not come off like I think it should and then when I weigh... there it is overwhelmed... because the scale would not go down quick enough or else because it would teeter back and forth for several days and then I would just give up.

Today... I have decided to make changes in my life with my relationship with food and my scale. I have decided that just writing this all out has made me realize that I need to write a journal of how I am feeling and no one else will read it but me. I am making myself accountable for ME. I am going to take pictures of my progress and measurements like I've tried in the past but not kept up. I am going to ask for help from my family and my Spark friends when I need it. I am going to start caring for myself more than I care for others. I am going to take my own advice that I so willingly give to others and apply it to my own life.

Last but not least I am not going to leave room in my life or my weight loss plan for those emotional demons. I will ask God for his help to help me conquer every obstacle that is holding me back in my journey. I am going to take one day at a time and make changes, and with God's help I will complete my journey !
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    That sounds great that you are looking at things and working threw them.I really should do the same.
    3868 days ago
  • JANICEB0414
    Hey Janel, as you have said to me so many times when I was plateaued, You can do it! And I know that you will do it, because you have done it in the past. You inspire me and I know that you have been on the right track. Sometimes, we fall off the track, just get back on again. I have found that I was eating too many carbs. So now I count both calories and carbs. I try to stay under 200 carbs a day. The doc would like me to take in only 100 carbs a day, but that is so difficult for me, so I try as hard as I can to get the carbs lower and some days I do it, and some days I don't. Now I just work to keep the blood sugar down and at the same time, the weight is starting to come off. But my weight loss is slow and I know that I have to just keep at it. Now that you have lost so much weight, it will get harder, because you don't have as much to lose any more. Keep up the good work! emoticon
    3977 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1315172
    Sounds like a great plan, remember to read the daily devotionals as they really hit the target for me!
    4010 days ago
    Ice cream is a problem for me. I keep some of the healthier stuff around and I only have a serving when I indulge.
    4017 days ago
    Good for you Janel! I'm actually doing the same thing starting on Sunday. I know that you can do this! Good luck! I'm cheering you on!
    4017 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4018 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5496460
    You've touched on a lot of important things. And maybe if you go back to that point when you got off track, and find out what was going on then- maybe that's what's the emotional trigger. You've had a lot of family stress the past year.

    I guess we need to clean out our emotional closets every season like we do our clothes closets. Keep the good things, dump the bad stuff and figure out how to keep our heads all nicely organized, clean and healthy.

    Well I'm here for ya girl!!
    4018 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6770550
    Thanks for sharing! I just wanted you to know that when you need help, I will be one of those sparkfriends that you can ask for help... I know I'm not a weight loss genius or anything. Obviously! But I know I need my sparkfriends sometimes. And you've actually motivated me. I am going to start keeping a journal as well. I've tried but haven't been consistent. Thanks again! And good luck.
    4018 days ago
  • JEWELS571
    I am so glad you shared this! You know sometimes blogging helps put things in perspective! I am proud of you and I know that this is your time to shine. Even when we teeter, even when we fall we only fail if we refuse to get back up! Love you sister! You can do this!
    4018 days ago
    God's the key, isn't He? That self-love to get it? emoticon
    4018 days ago
    I can't Thank you enough for Sharing!
    I am going thru the Same Exact Thing,Have Been and Can't seem to Shake It! I have lost Control and My Motivated to Continue. Like you the scale is going in the wrong direction and I truly Can't Stop It!
    I am going to try Jillians Method and Pray that it Works.

    4018 days ago
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