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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We've now returned from our second trip of the summer and I must say it certainly derails my eating and fitness efforts. We spend a lot of time driving while we are on these trips and to pass the time--we snack. We try to make them low fat and healthy, but the calories do add up.

When I started SparkPeople in March my goal was to lose 21 pounds by August 15 so I would look great for my daughter's wedding photos. So far, I have been on track and have lost over 12 pounds. But I feel myself losing motivation to work out and eat right. I know I am looking better and my clothes are getting loose. I am getting comfortable with where I am and that's not a good thing. Recently I looked at a picture taken of me in November of 2009 and compared it with one taken last month (which is the photo of me and my husband above) and my face is noticeably thinner. But it is not GOOD ENOUGH!!! I want to be BETTER!!! I want to look GREAT!!!!!

To counteract my non-motivation for exercise, I did begin taking Mixed Yoga classes last week and hope they will put me back on track. I still am working out in the gym on the elliptical so I think my exercise levels are good. Also, I need to begin walking again. The weather has improved enough to make that possible.

Where I do need to concentrate is on my eating. I notice that I have been snacking more and not eating the way I should. I went out to dinner the other night and ate an appetizer and most of my dinner as well as a couple of glasses of wine. All that after pizza earlier in the day. I do keep track of all I eat in the Fitness Tracker except when I don't have computer access so my calories are usually close to where they should be.

The problem is that I find myself wanting to eat more and more. My attitude toward food is changing and I can feel it. My concentration is not on healthy eating but on food that tastes great and wanting more than I should. It's hard to explain, but it seems as though I am mentally going backward on good eathing habits to the way I used to eat instead of the way I need to eat to be healthy.

So, starting tomorrow, I will work more on measuring what I eat, eating more salads and vegetables with less fat and fried food. My husband enjoys barbequeing for us so I will get him involved in that. Planning ahead will accomplish that. Usually I wait until late in the afternoon before deciding on what's for supper. We are picky eaters so that limits our menu somewhat and a lot of vegetables are not on that list. But I will plan ahead and make more trips to the store's produce section.

I will keep you posted on my attitude adjustment journey.
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    I understand exactly what you are saying. I think I finally have a habit of eating small portions, but now my exercise is suffering and I can tell I really need to get moving or it will be harder to start up again. I found what really helped me was to dig through my drawer and take out some jeans and a pair of slacks that my sis gave me a few years ago that have never fit. I tried them on and actually got them zipped, but they definitely don't look good! That was enough motivation right there, so if you have some "too-small" clothes in your closet, go try them on. It instantly erases any complacency you might be having!
    P.S. You DO look great! Younger, too! emoticon
    3989 days ago
    Thank you for all your kind comments. I am doing well on this journey and I am thankful. What does bother me is that my attitude has seemed to change over the past couple of weeks.

    My goal is to plan ahead for meals and stop snacking so much.

    I am enjoying my Mixed Yoga class a lot and planning to attend all ten of them. Also, when we travel we tend to forego our formal exercise routines. When we go to our river property we get lots of exercise walking the railroad tracks, chasing dogs, and having fun. When the weather gets better we will take our raft upriver and I will row while Joe does some fishing. We just need to have summer get underway!!!

    Now, I just need to work on what I am going to wear to the wedding! It's outdoors and quite casual, outside of a log cabin located just outside of the entrance to Glacier National Park. Her colors are yellow and salmon and pink and gold. She's using dahlias for the flowers. The groom is wearing a khaki suit. I think the wedding will be quite pretty.
    3989 days ago
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    I know you can and will do this! Keep think of those wedding pictures and think of how healthy you want to be to enjoy the wedding and the years afterwards as well! You have done so well that I imagine you are just having a few down days and will bounce back. Like Debra, I find that almonds are my friend and have fallen back in love with fresh fruits and veggies! This is the perfect time of year to get healthy. I also find that if I can get myself to do half my exercise when I first get up it helps. I need to change my exercise up a lot as I get really bored. I like to do aerobics and am on a constant hunt for new routines that someone with little stamina and two left feet can do.

    You do look great and have done such a good job so far, but your health is what is really important and that is an on-going journey. I look forward to hearing that you are back to your old self again soon. Keep blogging and working through this--I talk to myself and keep a journal and it really helps. You deserve success and I am sure you will get headed back in the right direction shortly!

    3989 days ago
    you have lost over half and i have no doubt you'll lose the other 9 pounds. i learned this past week on our no junk food challenge on the westie team that eating watermelon, canteloupe, grapes and pineapple are excellent ways of keeping full. also i measured out a serving size of raw almonds (24) into a small bowl and kept them on the bar. when i had a craving i would eat 3 or 4 of them. doing these and chewing sugar-free gum helped me to not eat any of the junk food the rest of my family was eating in front of me all week. plus i added fruit 2-0 water for something different to drink. i have been on a plateau for awhile but doing all this resulted in a 2 pound weightloss this week. i know you can get back on your healthy eating plan and start losing again. you can do this... we can do this ..together !!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3989 days ago
    I have the same issue with craving fattening foods that I do not normally want, when I feel I am being restricted or denied this food on a diet. Got to keep thinking that this is not a diet, this is healthy, I will feel better. I do not feel better when I eat this other stuff. I feel bloated and need a Tums. Now I try to make sure I don't shop when I am hungry so I don't bring any of those items home. Planning your food first is a great help in making sure you stay within your nutrition tracker guidelines. I seem to be stuck in a rut eating the same few healthy foods over and over, esp since it is just me here. Always nicer to eat out and let someone else prepare it but not in my budget. I have to look thru all my recipes and on Sparks to shake things up and get some more variety as there are so many tasty ways to prepare the good stuff.

    You have a reasonable weight loss goal and a good reason for getting there by Aug 15 and I know you can do it!!
    3990 days ago
    I have experiencing the same thing lately and you are right feeling comfortable is not a good thing if it leads to complacency. I tend to start doing that after I have been doing good for a while and I think that I have done so well and know what to do so I get lax with measuring and tracking - this leads to complacency on my part. I have to get back to the basics - fresh fruits, veggies and lots of water to get back off track and not even allow myself to have the occasional "bad" foods that I love because it seems to start an avalanche of wanting more:(

    Keep sticking to your plan and congratulations on your weight loss this far, I know that you will be able to get to the goal you want if you just persevere.
    3990 days ago
    I think what you are experiencing is pretty common. I have gone through that before, several times, but luckily things stuck this time and I am out the other side of it. It's like we see some success and we back off. I often wondered if I just wanted to see if I could still lose weight when I wanted to, because once I did I backed off the good habits.

    Whatever, I think your blogging about it is the best idea. Keep putting it out there until you figure out what baggage is getting in the way of your complete success.

    You look great so keep up the good work. Just think how amazing you will feel when you get the other half of your journey accomplished!
    3990 days ago
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