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Monday, August 02, 2010

o/` "We will never be a nuclear family
But a rainbow will begin at our feet
And if you take my hand
Beware that this boat can
Run aground making the ocean floor weep" o/`

-- "Pageant of the Bizarre" performed by Zero 7

It's been a while. Dorie and her brother Dee have been living with us for almost three months now and I couldn't be happier. Under her careful and tactful direction, the house has gradually become presentable. We just steam cleaned the carpet in the living room and rearranged the furniture. This is the first time in almost a year it's been usable. Generally the couch was piled high with clothes, old grocery bags, and other debris and the area itself accumulated boxes and junk. I now have a nice little reading corner with a view through the oak of the hummingbird feeder.

I hadn't realized when I invited Dorie to be part of our family that I would be getting an entire family. The Cajuns are tight, almost clan-like and readily absorb those who attach themselves to their members. Dee's brother Callistus, who works for the Civil Engineering Corps down in New Orleans, comes up here when he can and helps with the outdoor maintenance (he thinks he can fix our drainage problems and build a deck to which I'll have access as well as a ramp). I misremember which of them --- Dee or Callistus --- had custody of their youngest sister, Lix, but she's come to live with me too. I'm home schooling her; she's really too bright and sensitive to have the Florida public school system inflicted on her (having already been expelled in Louisiana). There are new friends as well --- Dee's co-workers, friends of the family, Callistus' co-workers... I am unused to having so many people care for and about me but oddly grateful.

I gradually realized that obsessing on the weight goal wasn't going to help matters much. I eat what Dorie gives me and I move around on my own when I'm capable of doing so. Recently Dee, together with one of his co-workers, suggested using hand weights and put together a program for me modified from a physical therapy routine. It includes yoga poses which can be done in a chair. I wish I knew whether or not the weight loss was healthy, though. I still don't have many food items I can safely eat without getting sick.

The foods I can eat seem rather bizarre: mashed potatoes, clam chowder, Tuscan bean soup, a kind of Cajun corn stew, hot and sour soup. We tried sandwiches and then just the meat and cheese but that didn't go over too well. I still can't eat most vegetables or meats unless I want to be in a world of hurt.

At least I'm keeping active and we're going on vacation soon. I love my trips out west, they're revitalizing. We've been dehydrating meals to take with us. So far we've done lentils and carmelized onions, lentils with rice, Tuscan bean soup, and chicken lentil stew. I'm really, really impressed. I never thought I'd actually get my money's worth out of that thing but I'm being proven wrong.

Also, I've discovered that sweets and home baked goods do not apparently make you fat if eaten in moderation or home baked. I begin to wonder if it isn't the use of processed foods and preservatives which doesn't contribute. Dorie's made orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, brownies, key lime pies, and ginger cookies in addition to her more traditional and healthier fare. She uses whole wheat flours and I've certainly eaten my share, if not more...but none of us are getting fat. In fact, as the ticker indicates, I've lost weight. I'm within about seven pounds of my first goal.

We had to wipe my computer and get rid of Vista; it had ground to a halt and flat-out quit working. I'm much happier with XP back on it and it runs great, like having a new computer entirely! One of the items I put back on it is Google's photograph utility, which has facial recognition. We have about ten years' worth of digital photos stored on the house server and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many of them have me smiling in it. Ten years' worth of smiles....a beautiful thing. I plan on printing out some of the montage and pasting it to my collage in order to remind me of that.

I've started a photo blog over on Tumblr under the same name. I haven't been terribly good about keeping up with it, not since I got out of the hospital, but I think I might start working on it again. I finally got most of my writing files over on my main web site re-linked too. Right now they're only getting spam comments but at least the search engines can find them.

I also started marketing my jewelry. The shop is called Crazy Coyote Creations and is on Etsy. Again, no bites but I'm hoping that might eventually change.

For some reason, my husband is irritating me. Really, there's no need to bray like a jackass so that I can hear you laughing clear on the other end of the house.

Lebanese fish stew for dinner tonight. This should taste good and the pasta is whole wheat.
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  • SHERRY666
    You are really getting things done.......... it all sounds perfect...... Keep moving in this direction.... Your doing an emoticon job.......... emoticon
    4008 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7817100
    you are on a roll! keep moving as much as you can
    4009 days ago
  • 1NIMUE
    LOL. Great blog. I really found it interesting. Thanks for sharing
    4009 days ago
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