The Cookie Century: 100+ kilometers, 70 miles and a bottomless cookie jar!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

100+ kilometers, 70 miles and a bottomless cookie jar!!!

Rest Stop#1:It’s a Cookie-Palooza!!! Mile 14.
As the cookie monster would say, "Cooookiieees!!!"

Actual Cookie Baking Lady. (I LOVE this RIDE!!!)


Most delicious, oatmeal, chocolate chip, goodness.

And loads of healthy stuff (grapes, bananas, three types of melon, salted potatoes, bagels, etc.) emoticon emoticon emoticon

Even though we are burning over 3000 calories today, I can actually see my ticker moving AWAY from my goal weight. Hmmm... I could actually GAIN weight on this ride. emoticon

Rest Stop#2: A Cookie Oasis in the Dry Heat: Mile 33.9

Espresso- Chocolate Chip (These are not cookies but MAGIC!) (Oh my goodness!) There were girly-like squeals of joy from hardened grizzled men over these cookies in the upper left hand corner. I am sure that the recipe is a closely guarded trade secret. (I could tell you but I’d have to do away with you...)

Also, I thought it was just a dream. NO, it’s a real OASIS. It’s a huge CYTOMAX truck with the reps mixing the electrolyte elixir so we don’t dehydrate. We run up to the table in droves like we have been wandering in the Mojave desert for days. This is the BEST RIDE EVER!!!

They prepare us for the worst climbs of the day. We leave smiling giddy with the fond memories of chilled Cytomax and cookies. emoticon

Rest Stop#3: “Spray n Go” Service While you Wait: Mile 56.1
Did you ever get so hot riding that you wanted to run through the sprinkers on someone’s lawn? Well here is your chance to make your dreams come true. They have a spray station. Here are J and G making goofy poses in a brave attempt to cover all of their body parts in cool water.

More sammies and cookies and just in case you need someone to adjust your bike.

There is a BIKE mechanic with a entire lift who is actually tuning up people’s bikes while they dine. (I am speechless).(I think this ride is better and easier than my real life!)

Finish Line/El Finito: The Price is Right Stop: Ben and Jerry’s Anyone??? :
Registration Area: Mile 70

Lunch could have been a let down. They could have coasted on the fact that we actually ate so well, that we weren’t that hungry but NOT this ride.
Barbeque carnitas, freshly shredded lettuce, chips, all the fixins to make your own soft tacos. Sodas, juices, and a Ben and Jerry’s Cart. OK, I know B&J is not Spark friendly. So, I dig out my well worn, sweaty green bucks to pay for my scoop. I ask how much. The perky teen responds,”It’s free.” A FREE Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream cart with the full slate of flavors!!! Had I not eaten so much, I would have just saved my appetite just for this!!!

This is ALL covered in the registration fee along with a beautiful poster of Napa Valley suitable for framing. WOW, this IS the best ride ever!

Unlimited homemade cookies, beautiful scenery and FREE Ben and Jerrys!!!
Count me IN! See you next year!!!

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