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9 mile run ends with WET SOCKS!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I really ran 9 miles. I think I have shocked myself at first I really didn't think much about it just the fact that my schedule said 9 mile run so that's what I will do. When I stopped to think about it was when my Dad said well I guess you could run to my house then. UMM I thought well yeah I guess I could. I always run at the park and I feel more comfortable there then out on the street with the traffic and stop lights. I hope to one day just put on my running shoes and just run to his house but for now my comfort zone is the park.

I was all set to go not as early as I would have liked I didn't even leave my house until 8:00 so it was getting warmer. I had a lo ball I think it's made by Monster before I ran it's a coffee drink gave me some energy. I also had a bowl of Cheerios. My friend Joane came with me she rides the bike and has my towel and water and roots me on, it helps to have someone to talk to.

I wanted to start off nice and slow so my first mile was a little over 12 min. and I was happy with that the second mile was also over 12 min. My 3rd mile seem to be faster I knew I was coming up on the 5k and wanted it to be just a little faster. It was at about 35 min. and I was happy with that. My body was feeling good. Miles 4 & 5 went well. I had a water and had mixed it with G1 pre game fuel. I think you suppose to drink it before and I had tried to the day of my 5K and it was way to sweet so I mixed it with water and drink it for the first 4 miles.

As I hit mile 5 I was getting excited and focused because I knew I was coming up on my 10K and was hoping for a good time. My 10k time was 1hr.13min. I was happy with that I had even had to walk some not sure when and it wasn't for long maybe 30 seconds at a time and then I would start running again.

My back was starting to hurt I kept saying to myself keep your back straight and when I did It was ok. I tend to slouch but the more I focused on keeping my back straight the better I felt.

It seemed to also help me to break up the run, Joane said ok you got this all that you have left is a 5k and you can do it. I was now drinking G2 that I also mix with water it's a little to sweet for me by itself. I had started to get a little weird by my 7th mile just saying off the wall stuff. At the park I go to they play Frisbee golf and on Sundays there seem to be a lot of people out there playing it's pretty fun to watch them. But around Mile 7 there was a frisbee that had landed close to where I was running and I was pretending like I was going to pick it up and throw it just being silly, I was singing along with my music pretty loud just things I would not normally do it was like mentally I was starting to lose it not sure what that was all about.

At mile 8 I was getting excited tired and ready for this to be over it was probably my fastest mile Joane said. I guess I knew 9 was coming and I was ready!!!

When I finish it had been 1 hour and 50 min. I was happy with that. I had done 8.37 a week before that and my time was 1 hour and 48 min. So I had gone longer with around the same time. I was so wet with sweat even my socks where wet. I guess my legs had dripped so much I had to lay my shoes outside to dry out and my socks I could ring them out!!!

My recovery time seemed much better then my other long run. I had a G3 recovery post game protein and it really seem to help.

I ran a ez run of 3.5 miles yesterday. I was sore and my knee seem to bother me some I walked quite a bit. But I still wanted to make sure I had that ez run in. It took me 47 min. to complete and I was sore most of the day yesterday. Today I am resting from running and doing some ST this afternoon. My body feels much better then yesterday and I can't wait for my 10 Mile run this weekend.

HUGS TO ALL !!!! emoticon emoticon
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