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Consider sugar as poison.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost 24 million Americans have diabetes and record numbers are now pre-diabetic, some not even knowing they are borderline diabetics. Many Americans are at risk due to genetics, others are at risk from obesity. Americans consume sugar in excessive amounts and eat very little fiber.
Sugar exacerbates Bi-Polar Disorder, ADHD, and diabetes to name a few. Sugar can raise triglycerides and cholesterol, cause some cancers and feeds yeast infections. So why aren't Americans concerned about their sugar intake. Is it that they just don't care about themselves or their children? Take a look at the school lunch program in your area, the food is high in carbs, juices and chocolate milk high in sugar. Even French Fries has hidden sugar to make them more tasty. Get wise America, wake up and start complaining to our food companies about what they add to their products. If you consider sugar as poison, maybe you will start losing weight faster and become a healthier person.
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    Sugar is my weakness. I am 53 and currently have not issues with diabetes, but my mother living with me has type II. I now watch sugar, but do not avoid it. Try to get it naturally, likes fruits. Also I eat dark chocolate, small bits at a time. Not even daily.
    1987 days ago
    Thanks to all for all your comments. I'm new to pre-diabetic and learning lots. emoticon
    2446 days ago
    I agree totally! I have been off sugar for a while now and I feel 1,000 times better! I used to be on insulin and metformin, but doctor took me off when I dieted, exercised, and reduces my A1c to 6.4. I remember reading a book entitled "Sugar Blues" decades ago by an actor. Of course I didn't take heed then. Now I am convinced that sugar is a poison.
    2715 days ago
  • no profile photo KBOOFAN
    1 more:

    - make a deal: you get a candy bar at the gym -- where you'll do cardio for 30 mins
    3080 days ago
  • no profile photo KBOOFAN
    Sugar is addictive though -- so how to fight an addiction?

    - Taper off slowly?

    - Find replacements for "the fix" you seem to need: burst of exercise (short, get heart up to 150... on a cardio machine and that endorphin high is as good as any), short walk in fresh air, 10 minutes of hilarious comedian, phone chat with intervention buddy???

    - find alternative ways to get at sweetness: clementines, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, fresh fresh fresh -- your absolute favorite fruit is better than other sugar fixes (but don't do juice or smoothies -- too much fruit sugar when liquified)

    Any other ideas???

    3080 days ago
    I really appreciated your admonition to consider sugar like a poison, as well as your insightful reasoning for why this is important. I have struggled for years with a terrible sweet tooth and know that sugar is not good for me. However, I think that taking your advice and thinking about it as a poison and not just as something I "should" not eat too much of might help me to take it more seriously.
    3612 days ago
  • SUNSHINE6442
    Thanks for your comments in my blog Think of Sugar As Poison. You mentioned "Most fruit, and even whole kernel corn, and whole potatoes and WG rice doesn't have this devastating side effect" ( the craving) and that's because those foods take longer to digest in your body making you feel fuller. I have learned to stablize my blood sugar and eat every two hours, 1/2 cup of Brown Rice by Success or 3 Tablespoons of Cottage Cheese...15 almonds or some pistachios( About 25) which slow the absorbtion of glucose right after a meal. I eat only 4 ounces of meat a day, lots of Green Beans and Broccoli, and even though I am not crazy abot friut I do eat high fiber fruitlike apples, tangerines, bananas, berries. I also found raspberries and Fage Greek Yogurt takes my cravings away.
    3876 days ago
    Hey Sunshine,
    I agree! I have been off major sources of sugar for more than 5 years now, and used artificial and no cal. sweeteners with great success in my BG and A1C. But recently I've found that certain No added and no sugar products cause a sugar craving that causes me to over eat. Most fruit, and even whole kernel corn, and whole potatoes and WG rice doesn't have this devastating side effect. But processed food with the label of less than 1 gram of sugar per serving can still be a problem for me. Doesn't make logical sense that a piece of fruit with 10 grams of sugar can be ok for me to eat, not cause a spike in my BG, and a no sugar soda with less than one gram of sugar, (especially if the ingredient is fructose) trigger cravings that make me want to binge the night away. I react differently to different substances than others i suppose, more like an addict. I am beginning to wonder if this is why I have been unable to control my portion sizes and have not lost weight?
    3880 days ago
  • KARBIE18
    Stopped by to thank you for your comments on my blog, and noticed yours. I didn't realize that sugar had any effect on triglycerides until I got my bloodwork back last Friday, and my triglycerides had jumped so dramatically, and I did some research. I don't eat many sweets, but have been treating myself with chocolate milk most evenings. DH is a vendor during the summer, and had two huge bottles of Hershey's syrup leftover. Because of all the other great choices I was making throughout the day, and the fact I was using lowfat milk, I thought it was a great treat. Now I know otherwise. I thank you for spreading the word about sugar. I am first-hand proof that it really can mess with your cholesterol numbers.
    3881 days ago

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