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Friday, December 17, 2010

To say I have had a tough week would be an understatement. However, I have found a way to cope and move through.

A really good friend suggested we do weight watchers new system together. I said sure thinking eh? The first week was different. I kept thinking I was eating way too much to lose weight. The second round of steroid shots was Monday. I only had 8 instead of 12 this time. But they hurt so bad. 5 days later I am still sporting very purple bruises on my back.
Work has been so different. In the three weeks since I have been gone, a lady in the office has thrown her weight around and gotten several things about my job changed. And no one is telling me what is different until I do it the old way and get told it is wrong.
My college daughter has came home sick and with a chip on her shoulder and then found out the football team got a bowl bid, so now she is in New Orleans with a whole bunch of college students for the week. (Can you say emoticon)
And I changed my weigh in day and time. I went from Saturday morning first thing to Thursday night after work. It is just easier and a great group of ladies. So I was going into this thinking I weighed first thing in the morning before eating Saturday, had steroids, stressed, ate everything that wasn't nailed down, was too sore to exercise any at all, and I am weighing in at the end of the day.

I lost 4 pounds. emoticon

I counted all my points. Ate a lot of fruit. Gone thru two bunches of bananas, two bags of grapes, two bags of apples, and cranberries. I did my best to eat bananas instead of "junk" but c'mon here! I took the family to IHOP on Sunday! You can't have IHOP and lose weight. It must be against the rules somewhere. Isn't it? Where is my copy of the dieter's rule book?

Well I guess I need a revised copy.

I have been changing how I let the college age daughter talk to me and how I deal with the more difficult of my family members and their problems. I just don't sweat the small stuff and put down an ultimatum to the daughter. And I don't like ultimatums. And it is difficult to make a change.

I had let people bully me into thinking I was a bully so I would back down and had really let some people start walking all over me. I just didn't feel good enough to resist. But now I am done with that.

Not that I am going to be overbearing like they are, but I am going to stand up for me more and not be such a push over. If things matter to me, I am going to speak up more.

The one thing that gets me so pissed more than anything else is when the DD says, Oh you must be feeling bad today. You know this is no big deal.

I have learned to say, Just because you don't agree with me does not make me wrong.

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    What a nice surprise - down 4 pounds - awesome! Sometimes the stress factor plays into the weight-loss scheme of things and just hangs on to those fat stores for dear life. Glad to hear you are finding a way to deal with stressors, because we will always have those one way or another. Yahoo for you!!!
    3830 days ago
    Oh julie, I feel your turmoil. My 21 year old son is the thorn in my side. I try, lord knows I do, but I finally had to give up. Not worth the pain it brings to me. I have been on ww now for a while. I'm still getting used to this new system. Man you ate a lot of fruit. I need to give tha a try. Your loss was amazing. I'm very glad to see you coming back. I missed ya.
    3832 days ago
    Congrats for losing 4 pounds on steroid shots, that's amazing. you have more determination and drive than anyone, i know you'll continue to find ways to make it work. i'm so glad you are enjoying your new ww program. keep doing what you can to make it through the weight.
    i agree, don't let anyone try to take advantage of you. give it right back to them!! your body may be a little weaker but you're certainly not !!!
    keep up the great work, i'm so proud of you !! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3832 days ago
    Julie...standing up for yourself does not make one a bully!!! I am going to WW after the first of the year because three of my friends said they love the new program...of course, I have joined WW at least 11 times in my lifetime but now I have a totally different minset and I think it will, I know it will work. So sorry you still need the steroids shots and losing weight on steroids is a tough thing but knowing you, you''ll find a way to make it happen. I'm very proud of you! emoticon
    3832 days ago
    CONGRATS!!! That's awesome that you've lost 4 lbs. and weighing late in the day I bet it was actually a little more! Good for you in standing up for yourself. We just HAVE to do that EVEN with family. Been there!

    Congrats again and emoticon emoticon
    3832 days ago
    Well I would say you are doing pretty darn good considering all that is going on in your life. Good for you!!!!!!!!
    We are our own advocates and if we dont stand up for ourselves NO ONE else will.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
    3832 days ago
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