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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I recently took on the habit of trying to eat more organic foods. I am reading the labels and checking the sugar, carb, calorie count, etc. I have noticed that with organic cookies, they have simple ingredients, far less sugar, and I can eat the recommended serving size and not want to indulge in more. The cookies are satisfying, they taste amazing, and I don't feel like I cant control eating them. I have really been doing my research on additives and preservatives, there is a lot that I need to learn but I am already putting some good habits into practice. This is really not a DIET! Finally! No cheating, no shortcuts! Just a committment to eat responsibly and sensibly. I can have whatever I want as long as its sensible! No more low carbs, fasting, colon cleansing, etc. I am pushing myself in the gym as well! Working out is NOT about comfort! If you are comfortable on the elliptical, you need to step it up lol! I am finally learning more about what it truly means to STOP DIETING!

I am learning that losing weight IS NOT about losing weight! If you focus on that, you will CONTINUE to FAIL! I have re-directed my focus to simply doing the right things. If you do the right things you can not FAIL, with anything in LIFE! I am staying focused and praying to get to where I want to be, and thats a healthy weight! It has taken me forever (25 years) to realize that there IS SOMETHING WRONG with being heavy! I learned to love myself and I have always had SOOO much confidence - there is nothing wrong with that but it has hurt me more than it has helped me. When you see yourself as unflawed, you have no sense of urgency. I always thought "I dress nice, I have a nice shape, I have tons of friends, I haven't missed any opportunities, I am SUPER "healthy, I can stand to lose weight but if I don't Im still almost perfect"! I just woke up and said well if you don't lose weight you will be so heavy that nothing nice will fit you. You will certainly lose your shape, how can a shape be defined with fat growing around it. How do you know that you have not missed any opportunities? There is nothing healthy about the weight you are currently at. You are at HEIGHTENED risk for diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, cancers, hypertension, congestive heart failure, etc. Thats one of those "it hasn't happened yet, but it could happen tomorrow". Why take the risk. I am doing what it takes to eliminate the risk.
Yes its scary. I continue to ask myself "what makes this time so different?" You have tried and failed numerous times, what is it about this time that makes you believe that you are finally going to change and get yourself together and stick to something. I can't say what will happen in 6 months, but it is up to me to try and to never give up. In order to change your situation you have to change your outlook. I have certainly change the way I think of myself. I can turn all the things that have held me back into things that will push me forward. Because I dress nice I owe it to myself to have clothing in smaller sizes. Because I have a nice shape it deserves to be noticed and not hidden behind excess weight. Because I have tons of friends I have people to support me and people that I can help find their way as well. Because I am super healthy there is no reason for me to skip the gym or not give my workouts 100%! There is nothing that I can do to get back the 25 years of denial that I have lived through. All I can do is use it to motivate me to press forward. Use the times that I have failed as a tool to succeed. I know my triggers, I know my weaknesses. Knowing is half the battle!

In this journey I am also learning the word "no". No to myself! No to people who encourage me to cheat! No to happy hour. No to people who cut into my gym time. I have always had a problem with that word, but failed to see that other people didn't have a problem telling me "no I have something to do". I know that part of my problem with this word comes from my childhood - being told no but not being allowed to tell other people no. Its not that traumatic where I need to carry it around, its simply a matter of re-programming myself and teaching myself new habits!

I am on my journey! No longer sprinting. No longer racing, no longer taking short cuts, just getting there the best way I can!
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