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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I want to take you on a journey with me...a journey of self discovery...

Imagine I invited you to go with me to Europe on an all expense paid trip for two weeks. With our bags packed and passports in hand we head to the airport and check in. But, let's say just as we are boarding the plane, we overhear the navigator talking to the captain of the plane. He tells the captain that the computer that flies the plane has been programmed with the wrong directions! OMG. What would you do next? You would get off the plane without a question! Why? Because two things are gonna happen: you are either gonna land in the wrong place or worse CRASH.

Yet this is exactly the kind of programming many of us have. We know what we want (weight loss, toned body, health) but we are trying to get there with the wrong programming. Years of negative self-talk, doubt , unbelief, have clung onto you like a dress with static. We keep trying, hoping, dreaming but nothing seems to work. No wonder. We have a bad program on board.

Here's just a list of a few things you might have been saying to yourself

It's just no use!
I'm not good enough.
I'm not pretty enough.
i just hate myself.
I'm really out of shape.
I'll never be able to lose this weight.
He only loves me when I'm thin
I don't have the time
Why should I even try, it's not gonna work anyway!
I wish I'd never been born.
I'm so depressed!
This life sucks!
I'll never get it right.
I just can't handle this!
I'm too busy.
If only I could afford a trainer
....and on, and on and on.

Now Imagine sitting down at your personal keyboard and typing any of these directions into your computer. And imagine that your computer will do whatever you program it to do. Scary thought, isn't it? Yet that's exactly what we do to our computers and that's why things don't work out. We have the wrong program running in our system.

You see the more you run the program(believe something about ourselves whether its true or not) the more we accept it as true. And the more we will find thoughts and ideas that will support and prove what we already have stored in our data files(document folder).

It really doesn't matter what you've believed about yourself in the past or what others made you believe. You are in the drivers seat. You are the programmer of your computer or in this case the re-programmer. If you don't like the programs running on your computer, CHANGE IT. Uninstall and remove what you don't want and install the programs you want. Run on your computer the programs that will get the job done.

I am successful at losing weight.
I am committed
Whatever I set my mind to, I accomplish
I finish what I start
I'm a winner
I'm a marathon runner
I am worth it.
I have value.
I will schedule time to exercise regularly.
My life is worth living to the fullest.
I can change.
I'm a loyal friend....

You get the picture.

Get out there this week my Sparkfriends and don't let ANYONE, including yourself tell you you can't do it.


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