Four letter word, called....LIFE!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hubby and I left last week to drive 12 hours to get My Mom settled in Rehab and button up her house, get some paperwork taken care of, we then drove home about half way and stayed the night with our oldest son. Yesterday morning, we got up and got all of our stuff loaded in the car, and went to breakfast with our son and his girlfriend, after breakfast we were heading to the Assisted Living home where my in laws (hubby’s parents) live for a short visit, then making the rest of the journey home and back to work.

While at breakfast we got a call from Hubby’s brother that their Dad was not doing well and not expected to make it through the night. So we headed over there, as we had planned, and FIL did not look good at all, the whole family was there with the exception of one sister who lives in China. He had signed a do not resituate so they were only able to make him as comfortable as possible, and he would stay there and not be taken to the hospital. He looked so small and feeble laying there in that bed, he was really white and both his eyes looked black, he at first seemed semi conscience. The nurse had given him oxygen and morphine, later giving him Tylenol for his spiked fever. We stayed for about 4 hours then headed on home we both had to be back at work today.

Hubby just called me and his Dad passed. Hubby is not taking it well, his Dad was his idol, his hero, the one he turned to for advice and help with projects. Dad would have been 89 in August, he lived a good full life, FIL and MIL were married 67 years and had 6 children. MIL has dementia and is hanging onto life by a thread.

We will now be heading back to Albuquerque for the Memorial service later this week. Please pray for hubby and MIL. She said that when FIL passed she wanted to go to a new nursing home, she really did not want to be where they had lived together for the last year, so we will see, she may change her mind.

I really hope that LIFE settles down soon so I can get down to business, get back on track and lose some more weight!
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