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My 3rd Sparkversary : To Remember Those Who Lost Their Lives April 27,2011 In Alabama's Tornado's

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My 3rd sparkversary was today. Several weeks ago I had in my mind what I was going to write in this blog. All about how wonderful my three years have been. All the great tools, the 34 pounds I’ve lost. My fantastic westie team and all my spark friends. My streak with out a bite of junk food which will be a year may 31st. So many things I love about spark people.

Things changed.
I live at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. April 27th my Tuscaloosa was hit with a killer tornado causing massive destruction in it‘s 80 mile path. 41 dead, over 5,000 homes and businesses destroyed. We had 7 tornados that day.
My Alabama the beautiful was hit with over 50 tornados that day. 42 of our 63 counties are damaged. Mass destruction is everywhere still today, 4 weeks later. 238 people lost their lives that day. On this the start of memorial day weekend I hope everyone reading this will pray for the families of all who lost their lives that day, the injured and their families and everyone who has been affected.

The following is a list of the one’s who lost their lives that day. Please take the time to read their names. They were someone’s babies, children, mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent. Their life mattered. They deserve to be remembered.

Ricky Paul Smith, 55, Brent

Tina Forrest, ?, Ohatachee
William T. Lipscomb, 67, Ohatachee
Linda Lipscomb, 63, Ohatachee
Ruby Douthit, 61, Ohatachee
Arvello Jones, 65, Ohatachee
Vernon S. Moates, 33, Alexandria
James Romaine, 65, Ohatachee
Michael T. Forrest, 54, Ohatchee

Keenan Johnathan Sullivan, 20, Hanceville
Loyd Wilford Harris, 68, Simcoe

From Bruce Wilson, Deputy Coroner,
Gene Bullock, 65, Rainsville
Marcella Bullock, 64, Rainsville
Hubert Wooten, 70, Rainsville
Charlotte Bludsworth, 36, Rainsville
Patricia Harcrow, 75, Rainsville
Peggy Sparks, 52, Rainsville
Ester Rossen, 81, Rainsville
Juanita Wooten, 70, Rainsville
Lethel Izell, 86, Rainsville
Eula Miller, 80, Fyffe
Belinda Sue Boatner, 67, Higdon
Chelsea Black, 20, Higdon
Jeremy Ferguson, 34, Sylvania
Tawnya Ferguson, 33, Sylvania
Emma Ferguson, 6, Sylvania
Terry Tubb Tinker, 50, Higdon
Jewell “Tinker” Ewing, 73, Higdon
Jody Huivenga, ?, Sulligent
William Daniel Vermillion, 42, Fort Payne
Courtney McGaha, 15, Fort Payne
Jidal Vermillion, 44, Fort Payne
Violet Ruth Hairston, 90, Fort Payne
Timothy Ott, 53, Henagar
Ida Ott, 87, Henagar
Williams Michaels, 70, Higdon
Martha Michaels, 72, Higdon
Linda Martin Graham, 62, Valley Head
Kenneth Graham, 56, Valley Head
Harold Harcrow, 74, Rainsville
Michael Kilgore, 48, Sylvania
Judith Austin White, ?, Ider
Arnold Wayne White, ?, Ider
Hannah Goins, 3, Ider

Melissa Ann Gantt, 43, Eclectic
Martha Ann Myers, 67, Eclectic
Candice Hope Abernathy, 23, Eclectic
Cammie June Abernathy, 5, Eclectic
Mary Alice Lee, 74, Alexander City
Rebecca Lee Woodall, 70, Alexander City

Patricia Gentry
Edgar Mojica
Sonya B. Trapp
Martha Pace
Edna Nix
Nila Black
Zan Black
Jack Cox
James Robert Keller Jr
Donald Ray Heaps
Gerri Dean Waller
Carol Dean "C.D." Waller
Dagmar Leyden
Donna R. Berry
Jack Tennehaff
Michael Allen Morgan
Charlene Crochet
Ricky Ethan Knox
Kelli Marie Thorn Morgan
Amy Crystal LeClere
Jay LeClere
Claudia Mojica Palucios
Donnie "Don" Gentry
Georgia Scribner
Lester Hood
Jeffery Cotham

Jeff Kemp, 60, Berry
Reba Kemp, 60, Berry
Leon Spruell, 76, Berry
Sylvia Spruell, ?, Berry

Henry Lewis (died 4/27/11), DOB 12/21/1984, died on Co. Rd. 14 in Sawyerville
Elizabeth White (died 4/27/11), DOB 11/28/1985, died on Co. Rd. 14 in Sawyerville
Frankie Lunsford (died 4/27/11), DOB 5/9/1955, died on Co. Rd. 18 in Sawyerville
Jerry Hodge (died 4/27/11), DOB 1/29/1947, died on Co. Rd. 18 in Sawyerville
Gerald Brown (died 4/27/11, found on 4/28/11), DOB 12/23/1940, died in Greensboro
Cora Brown (died 4/27/11, found on 4/28/11), DOB 4/12/1943, died in Greensboro
**Gerald & Cora Brown were husband & wife**

Kathy Joann Haney, 46, Pisgah
Elizabeth Ann Satterfield, 81, Pisgah
Herbert Satterfield, 90, Pisgah
Shelba Shannon, 58, Flatrock
John Whited, 77, Flatrock
Janie Shannon, 80, Flatrock
Katherine Whited, 75, Flatrock
Branen Warren, 13, Bridgeport

Haley Alexis Kreider, Age 8, died at The Children's Hospital after being transported from the Concord area
Bessie Brewster, Age 72, died in the 1000 block of Hibernia St. Pratt City
Jennifer Jones, Age 26, died in the area of Warrior River Road and Alpine Street
Michael David Kreider, Age 10, died in the area of Masters Road and Handley Road
Ernest Charles Mundi, Age 53, died in the area of Masters Road and Handley Road
Michelle Pearson Kreider, Age 30, died in the area of Masters Road and Handley Road
Janet Dixon Hall, Age 55, died at 840 Pinewood Road
Louella Bell Thompson, Age 81, died at 713 10th Lane Pleasant Grove
Kenneth Ray Nation, Age 64, died at 744 Forestdale Blvd.
Cheryl Denise Cooper, Age 47, died at 949 6th Way Pleasant Grove
Tracy A. Traweek, Age 39, died at 1238 11th Pl. Pleasant Grove
Reba Jones, Age 75, died at 516 7th Ave. Pleasant Grove
Nancy L. Wilson, Age 56, died at 1246 11th Way Pleasant Grove
Carrie Grier Lowe, Age 26, died at 1324 12th St. Pleasant Grove
James Jerry Clements, Age 66, died at 916 11th Terr. Pleasant Grove
Deneice Pressley, Age 57, died in the 200 block of Quebec St.
Canatha Hyde Earley, Age 71, died in the 900 Block of 12th Lane Pleasant Grove
Ramona Sanders, Age 47, died at 921 12th Ave. Pleasant Grove
Iva Mae Cantrell, Age 73, died at 713 10th Lane Pleasant Grove
In Addition:
Mr. Milton Edward Baker Sr. died in Cahaba Heights earlier in the day from injuries sustained from a falling limb.

Horace Smith
Helen Smith
J.W. Parker
Matthew Adams
O’Neal Terry
Allen Terry
Aurelia Guzman
Edward Vuknic
Zora Hale
Donald Ray
Lyndon Mayes
Mary Mayes
Mike Dunn
Earl Crosby

Janice Dorothy Peden Riddle, 54, of Rosie Road in Tanner.
Roger Glen Riddle, 55, of Rosie Road in Tanner.
Carol Jan McElyea, 47, of Neely Hill Loop in Athens.
Shannon Gail Sampson, 39, of Highland Lane in Madison who died on Chipmunk Lane in East Limestone

Gregory John Braden
Katie Cornwell
Harold Fitzgerald
Milena “Nicky” Hammonds
Ronnie McGaha
Bobby Joe Moore
Philomena Muotoe
Rachel Renee Tabor
Frederick Post

Bridget Barnwell Brisbois, 34
Robbie Cox, 68
Tina Donais, 37
Chris Dunn, 32
Charles Tommy Garner, 75
Mae Garner, 79
Ed Hall, 53
Teresa Gay Hall, 50
Karlo Jokela, 76
Donna Lee “Leah” Jokela, 77
Freddie Lollie, 81
Vickey Lollie, 55
John Lynch, (?)
Cletus Inez McCarley, 69
Vicki Lynn McKee, 47
Faye O’Kelley, 70
Rodney Gene Ables, 51
Ken Vaughn, 24
Linda Faye Knight, 57
Michelle Brown, 43
Tammy Johnson, 52
Jacob Ralph Ray, 5
Virginia Revis, 53
Jeanette Cochran Wideman, 52
Hillan Mark Wideman, 49

Phillip Ray Hallmark, 56, Ruth (community in Arab)
Hester Ann Hallmark, 54, Ruth
Shane Tracey Hallmark, 37, Ruth
Jennifer Hallmark, 31, Ruth
Jayden Alexander Hallmark, 17 months, Ruth
Ronnie Isbell
Tammy Isbell
Leah Isbell
Sandra Pledger
Oberia Ashley
Mae Lovell
Bertha Kage
Thomas Lee
Charlie Wolfe
Nettie Wolfe
Gayle McCrory
Precious Hartley
Albert Sanders
Angie Sanders
Baby Matthews

Katherine Massa, 70, Dadeville

Christian A. McNeil 1yr DCH Morgue
Ta'Christianna Dixon 8mont Possibly Rosedale
Zyqueria McShan 2yr Possibly Rosedale
Perry Blake Peek 24yrs #90 Cedar Crest
Morgan Marlene Sigler 23yrs #90 Cedar Crest
Davis Lynn Lathem 57yrs DCH Morgue
Ashley Harrison 21yrs In field by Charleston Square Apt.
Melanie Nicole Mixon 21yrs Charleston Square Apt. in pk lot
Jeffrey Artis 51yrs 141 E 51st Ave
Carolyn Ann Jackson 50yrs Chastine Apts
Lola Pitts 85yrs 30th Ave E. @ 3rd St.
Loryn Brown 21yrs #31 Beverly Heights
Minnie Acklin 73yrs I359 @ 35th St Exit
Thelma Krallman 89yrs Virgina Dr
Danielle Downs 24yrs #31 Beverly Heights
Justin Leeric Thomas 15yrs 2900 blk of 10th Ave (East side)
Sheena Hutchins 26yrs Inside of Rosedale
Patricia Turner 55yrs #1 Shaw Dr.
Jacqueline Jefferson 45yrs 2419 7th St E. Tusc
Kevin Rice 36yrs 25th Ave E @ 7th St E.
Yvonne Mayes 30's Behind Fire Station #4
Mozelle Lancaster 95yrs Behind Fire Station #4
Willie Lee Turner III 20's Shaw Dr
Jeniffer V. Bayode 35yrs Crescent Ln
Scott Atterton 23yrs #90 Cedar Crest
Annie Lois Sayer 88yrs Keene Dr
Hugh Graham Davie 55yrs 2609 6th Court
Velma T. Leroy 64yrs Shaw Dr
Cedria Harris 8yrs 2419 E 7th St Tusc Al
Micheal Bowers 3yrs Behind Fire Station #4
Makayla Edwards 5yrs. 2900 blk of 10th Ave (East side)
William Stevens 20's #31 Beverly Heights
Keshun Harris 5yrs. Across from 2419 E 7th St Tus
Judy Sherrill 62yrs. Brookwood
Terrilyn Plump 38yrs Cresent Ln
Thomas D. Lewis 66yrs Lot# 27 Cresent Ln
Dorothy Lewis 61yrs Lot# 27 Cresent Ln
Mary Bryant 43yrs Lot# 26 Cresent Ln
Melgium Farley 58yrs Chastine Apts
Marcus Smith 22yrs Behind Charleston Square Apts
Caiden Blair 2mos Possibly Keene Dr. area

Jonathan Scott Doss, 12, Cordova
Justin Lee Doss, 10, Cordova
Annette Singleton, 45, Cordova
Jackson Vannhorn, 21, Cordova
Wesley Largar Starr, 45, Argo
Lucille Hagler Waters, 89, Argo
Harold Ray Jett, 47, Sipsey
Pamela O. Jett, 42, Sipsey
Kathleen Brown, 64, Oakman

Thank you for remembering them.

Please also pray for everyone lost in the Joplin, Missouri tornado and all the other states hit by the tornados. . We know what they are going through.

This beautiful double rainbow appeared in Tuscaloosa a few days after the tornado
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congratulations to you on your third year and thanks for your tribute to all those who lost their lives that was horrible tragedy..
    3615 days ago
    Congrats to you on your 3rd Anniversary!! You are an inspiration to me and I'm thankful you are here on Spark with me!

    The list of those who died that day gave me chills again just reading your blog. But it is so true - we should remember and also remember all that the survivors are still dealing with - some have nothing left other than their lives which is by the Grace of God - there are a few families in the Holt area that I know personally. Though the damage I received from the 4/15 tornado was so minor - it does put into perspective for me the damage a tornado can do and how we should truly take the warnings seriously!
    3654 days ago
  • JENNY888
    Congratulations on your third Spark Anniversary and the pounds lost and kept off. Thanks also for posting the list of those who died in the tornadoes. It had much more impact on me as I scrolled through the list of real people than just reading so many had died. It makes me think of all those who were affected by this terrible loss of life.
    3669 days ago
    Congratulations on three with Sparkpeople! And I think it says a lot about the quality person you are that you used your blog to remember those affected by this crazy killer weather we're having. emoticon
    3669 days ago
    Congratulations on your third anniversay and wonderful weight loss achievement!

    Being the special person you are, it's no surprise to me that you chose to list the names of those who lost their lives in your state to the terrible ravage of tornadoes. You are a blessing to everyone. Living in Oklahoma I most certainly understand the devastation and destruction it causes, both physical and mental. Everyone affected across the world is in my prayers for healing and comfort. On this Memorial Day I also include those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and for the families they left behind.

    Thank you for a special this blog.

    3670 days ago
    Congratulations on your achievement, and thank you for reminding us to keep the tornado victims in our memories and prayers.
    3670 days ago
    Thank you for posting the names of the people from Ala. We were traveling thru that area during when all the damage was done. I live in OK and know how it effects everyone around you. But if, like Oklahomans you pull together.
    Congrats on your weight loss! emoticon
    3671 days ago
  • S76SMITH
    Debra, As I write I am shedding yet more tears for the horrors our State has had. I live 1/4 mile from where the tornado came through here. It was the same one that took out T-town and B-ham. I live in Ohatchee. I have only seen the damage just down the road from me twice and I am still amazed at how Mother Nature's fury can cause so much.Thank you for sharing Our Losses with the rest of Sparkpeople. Congrats on your 3rd Sparkversary. I just celebrated my first. You have done a wonderful job on your weight loss and your streak without junk food. Good for You. God Bless You. Sue
    3672 days ago
  • AMAS92568

    Congratulations on your third Sparkversary.

    I'm so sorry for these people and their families. It really has been thought provoking for the rest of the country.

    I really like the picture you chose to post...the rainbow. Faith is all some of these people have left. Hopefully our combined prayers will help them.

    3672 days ago
    When I first heard about these tornados, I was at work. I was horrified to think about what that must have been like. Then I saw the pictures and heard the numbers, and my heart went out to all those who had been affected. I made a donation to the Red Cross, just so I could feel like I was helping out, because when I see/hear about something like this, I just feel so helpless. Thank you so much for posting the names of these innocent people whose lives were taken too soon. It makes it so much more personal than just hearing the numbers and it allows these people to be remembered. May their memory be a blessing.

    I continue to pray for those affected by this tragedy and others.

    Congrats on your Sparkversary. emoticon
    3672 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7296616
    Thank you for helping us all see these tragedies in a more personal light. We all need to keep everyone who has been impacted by these tragedies in our prayers. It is a reminder of how precious life is and how blessed we are to have each day.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and your awesome close now!!! You are a special lady and such a wonderful addition to the Spark family. I am so glad I found you! You have provided countless support and encouragement to so many people on Spark and we are all lucky to have you. Thank you!! emoticon emoticon
    3672 days ago
    Thank you for posting this. We hear the numbers, but seeing the names makes it so much more personal. I was born in Jefferson County so those names were especially hard to read, even though I did not know any of them.

    Congrats on your Sparkiversary! You are such an inspiartion to us!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3672 days ago
  • FLOWER1967 terribly sad... Whole families lost. We dont have tornadoes here where I live (thank goodness) Ive seen the footage on the news and can only imagine the terror. Do you get warnings about tornadoes coming ? Seems to me they can form very quickly. Does it help to have a basement ? Im only asking as I have no idea about these things. My heart goes out to the people that have been affected.

    Congrats on your 3 year journey with Spark People

    3672 days ago
    Hi Debra!

    It is no surprise to me that you are celebrating your 3 yr sparkversary... you are a committed person and you care deeply about your health. Congrats on that no-junk food streak! It is amazing, and I am so proud of you!!!

    You are always so interested all of us... you are always checking in on me and such a great cheerleader/motivator!!!
    I love that.

    Thank you for listing the names of the people who lost their lives due to the awful, horrific tornadoes. You care so much about your Alabama and I know with your strength and love for your state and people, you are making a difference and that spark will spread, and help slowly build your town and state again.

    Happy Sparkversary. emoticon Congrats and Thank You!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Have a wonderful Memorial Day. xx
    3672 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1603758
    You are such a special person to list all that have passed on. And of course prayers continue to go out to all family that have happen to been affected by these tornadoes.

    You are also doing wonderful with both weight loss and no junk food streak!

    emoticon emoticon
    3673 days ago
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