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The decision is made!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yep, I've decided to stop the Tony Horton program. I really agonized over this decision, but I think this is the right move for me right now. I just can't risk being limited to only those videos in a day because of knee pain. I looked at everything I'd done in the 2 weeks I did complete of the challenge, and there were only 5 days that I did lower body. Looking at the next two weeks, there was lower body on 8 of the 14 days. I just don't think I'm physically fit enough at this point in my journey to keep up with it all. I'm not going to say I didn't feel like a quitter, even if only for about a day, because I did. Luckily, my wonderful friends on here helped talk me down from the ledge. :P Thank you, my lovely ladies!

So since I had that free time, I popped in Leslie Sansone today. I haven't done her DVDs for a few weeks now, and I missed it! I'd intended to do 4 miles. Mostly because that's the furthest I've gone on there. I went ahead and set it for the full 5 miles, with the intention of fast forwarding past the last mile and doing the cool down and stretch. I got to mile 4 and was still feeling pretty good, so I just kept going! I did it! The whole 5 miles!!! This is officially the furthest I've walked at one time, EVER!!! So that was 67 minutes, with 5 12-minute miles and 7 minutes of cool down and stretching. I have to say, if you have to stop a challenge, what better way to get over it than to reach a new milestone!!!!

I'm settling in much better with BLC 18. Getting organized seems to have really helped. Some of the drills are about to kill me! They're tough! So far, I've done wall squats, 150 step-ups, crunches, arm hold and high knees. Now, they sound fairly easy like that, don't they? Let me break it down for you, shall I? lol Wall squat: do a wall squat and hold for as long as you can. Log your time. 150 step-ups: do the step-ups on a step that's 6 to 8 inches high, and log your time. Crunches: do crunches for 2 minutes, log the number completed. Arm Hold: this one's a real doozy! Hold your arms out at shoulder height. Now just hold them there for as long as you can. Log your time. Believe me, you'll feel this one for sure!!! High Knees: this one is the cardio one. We could choose from high knees, mountain climbers, etc. I chose this one, because the others, I wouldn't have made it past a couple. lol So you do as many as you can in 2 minutes and log your count. This will get your hips burning! I still have 3 drills left. I'm trying to pace myself for the rest of the week. :P

Alright, I've bored you enough. I'm going to bed. I've got a manager meeting tomorrow...on my day off. :( I guess I'll decide tomorrow whether I'm going to work Friday for the overtime or take the day off. I'd like the extra day, but I could use the overtime to put toward my treadmill dream. We'll see.

Have a good night everyone!
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  • TISHA80
    Awesome job with the walking! :) I'm glad that made you feel better about quitting the Tony Horton program. I completely understand your decision to quit, because I have knee problems myself.
    I still feel behind on the BLC18 stuff. It takes me forever just to reply to everyone's posts in our daily chat. I love that the team is so active, but I don't want to miss anyone. I'd also like to comment on each member's page and/or blog at least every couple of days, but I don't see that happening. I haven't read that many of their blogs, yet. Besides all of my new purple team sparkfriends, I have other people who are adding me as a friend. I think it's nice that people want to be my sparkfriend. I just want to be able to be a really good friend to all of them, and I feel like I'm letting down my friends I've had for awhile.
    I've only done two of the drills so far. I did the crunches and the arm hold. I was surprised at how well I did at both of them, but I knew they would be two of the easier ones for me. I need to get the rest done. I am really not looking forward to the wall squat. I don't think I'll be able to hold it very long at all. I also hate pushups. I could do wall pushups, but I'd rather do modified. I can't even do regular pushups.
    Well I hope you have an awesome Day 4 of the BLC! :)
    3619 days ago
  • BRDGT262
    Woohoo!!! Amy did 5 miles, Amy did 5 miles, Amy did 5 miles...that was all in song! lol! Awesome job!!! I saw that dvd but had 2 other ones catch my attention, so, I am saving that one for next month, lol! You can see what I bought on my blog :) Amy and quitter don't even fit in the same sentence!!!! Glad you are taking a break from that, how sad would it be if all you could do were water aerobics!!!! Take care of that knee!!! Lot's of hot baths!!! I say go for the overtime, one step closer to that treadmill!!!!! :)
    3619 days ago
    I love Leslie Sansone and walk with her quite often. Just reading the various exercises you're doing wore me out!! I think you're doing great. Keep up the good work!
    3619 days ago
    Woo hoo! Congrats on doing the full five miles ...
    3619 days ago
    emoticon You are doing great!

    3620 days ago
  • MCJEN2010
    Don't feel like you are quitting! Just think ~ if you keep up with it and then suffered an injury....what would that do to your weight loss progress. I think you made the right decision. And I think I will hold off about 20 or 30 pounds until I give the Tony Horton program a try! Have a great day! emoticon
    3620 days ago
    You are definitely not a quitter. Way wiser to avoid injury!
    3620 days ago
  • FAITH0405
    You are doing fabulous!! Way to go on making the decision that was right for you!! GO AMY!!
    3620 days ago
    Good decision and way to go on the 5 miles!
    3620 days ago
    Don't beat yourself up about quitting a program. You are still putting forth a great effort and doing something to reach your goals. That is wonderful! Keep up the good work my friend...
    You are emoticon
    3620 days ago
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