Over 19,000 pounds of Weekend Warrior Exercise!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hubby and I have been busy for three summer's working on the terrace's in our backyard. Every weekend we get outside and get some more done. Although we are far from finished, several of my Spark friends have asked to see pictures of our handiwork so those pictures will follow.

The three terraces hold up our huge hill in our backyard, the steps to the left go up to our patio area that is surrounded by the fence for privacy.

This is a peek of the garden inside the fenced in patio area, this little guy is my guard frog, guarding all of my flowers.

This plant is also inside the fenced patio area, one of my favorites, called "Red birds in a bush", which the hummingbirds love more than my hummingbird feeder. LOL

This is the last terrace that we worked on this past weekend. There are still a few stray block on top of the terrace holding up the fabric liner until the dirt settles a bit more.

There is one area that we have not planted yet in the bottom row, we are considering using it for our green chili crop next year. The second row is now planted with day lilies with our tomato crop on the end. The very top row has several bushes, two butterfly bush's, a Spanish broom, smoke bush, and a bush that is not a snowball bush but looks like one.

Chicks-N-Hens taking over one section, they grow and populate faster than any plant I've ever grown.

Garlic growing near our basement level, I am so thankful to my Spark friend Emily for the link she shared with several of us recently on how to dry the garlic, which will be done when they start to die back.

So that is peek into what Hubby and I have been up to during our"Spare time" !

We will need to plant our grass yard which will be below the terraces, which we will probably do in the fall or next spring. So far we have purchased 6 pallets of block (144 block on each pallet and each block weighs 22 pounds) which equals 19,000 pounds or 8.46Tons of block, no wonder I am so tired! I've still not figured out how to get that exercise into my Spark fitness points.
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