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Pimp My (P)Ride Challenge - Before Pics

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I was hoping to get some blogging time this weekend, but alas, I'm stealing it from my sleeping time!

So I'm starting this challenge and my Partner just happens to really like lifting. She's been touting it at me for a couple of years now, but I don't like to be touted AT. LOL

A.K.A. I'm very stubborn. And usually a bit of a chicken. So, she and I talked about this challenge, and I asked her to read the blog YOOVIE sent out about this challenge. The biggest reason is because I need her help with all this. Well, she's excited to do it! I'm excited for this challenge with her expertise behind me!! WOOT!

She and I went to the gym today (well, yesterday now...) to get some benchmarks down on paper. We did a series of 7 lifts of various sorts and found the max weight we could do of each lift. I thought I would be lifting under 50 pounds on all of the exercises, me being a wimp and afraid of too much strength training. But lo and behold... I surprised myself!! Here's the stats:

Bench Press max: 75
Squat max: 115
Dead Lift max: 120
Bicep Curl max: 40
Tricep Extension max: 35
Shoulder Press max: 55
Barbell Row max: 65

Holy moly! Two of those exercises were over 100 pounds! I can bench press my 10-year-old! I am impressed. I feel proud. I'm looking forward to this challenge.

Before we get to the challenge, let me post my before pic in all its horrible glory:

These jeans are size 7 and I was able to wear them when I bought them two years ago... now, not so much.

I know I said "pics" in the title, but I don't have any more yet. I will get more taken of my arms, the side view of my thighs, and maybe my abs too. Once I get them, I will def post them!

I haven't put on much weight, but I haven't been maintaining my muscle. Thus the flab hanging out and the button not lining up on the jeans. /sigh I know this challenge isn't about losing any weight, but I sure would like my muscle tone back! I look forward to dropping inches, too. I want to fit into these jeans with a nice tight a$$ and cut quads!

Like I said, I'm excited for this challenge!

With that, I will say g'nite. I have a new schedule starting tomorrow with school starting up again! I'm happy to not have summer prices of day care any more! Whew!

Tomorrow, I will take my measurements.

Gnite Sparklers!
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