Fall 5% Challenge

Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting to hear and be invited to join the CATS challenge again. This time it seems I am having some success. I always expect to lose the 5% even though I know I am a slow loser. Have thought several times I should join that team. Joined weight watchers monthly recently so it is making me more intentional about my eating and tracking. I think I have been intentional all along, but I am finally seeing the scale move.

Our assignment for the fall challenge is to blog our goals. Mine have not changed over several challenges. I will post them again to once again get them into my head and work on them.
1. continue to make healthy choices in my food.
2. track on Spark people and in my WW tracker.
3. establish a consistent and routine exercise program. Mostly walking, but also participating in the Silver Sneakers offerings.
Why do I want to do this challenge and continue to work on these goals?
1. To improve and maintain my flexibility
2. To be able to walk longer and further than I currently do.
3. To look good in my clothes and be able to button my jeans without trouble.
4. To live a long time in a healthy environment and enjoy my family and friends.
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