A Breakup, Of Sorts

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Friday, March 09, 2012

I have loved my time on SparkPeople, and have interacted with many great people. The calorie trackers and fitness articles have really been helpful for me.

Sadly, I cannot ignore the changes that have been happening regarding the nutrition articles and cook books that are for sale. Pushing a vegetarian diet goes against recent research by unbiased scientists. The articles that were published were even available on the Health Article pages. The human body needs to cholesterol to be able to use the vitamin D we get from our food and the sun. We also need the amino acids and B vitamins only available through an animal protein for brain health. They are finding that vegetarians and vegans have smaller brains and more issues with demetia as they age than those who eat meat regularly.

My hubby and I raise hogs on our farm. I can tell you that their diet is more nutritionally balanced than anyone in my family's is. When a blizzard is raging, hubby is out in the barns making sure the animals are warm and dry, with plenty of food and water. When there are severe thunderstorm warnings or tornado warnings, hubby is out in the barns making sure the animals are comfortable, and that the power stays on so they will have plenty of food and water. They are fed free choice, like a buffet on a cruise. They are healthy and happy. They grunt in a contented way when we check on them throughout the day. My ranching friends treat their cattle the same way. With care and concern for their health and well being.

I cannot continue being a part of a web site that continues to perpetuate the agenda of animal rights groups by promoting the Meatless Monday concept, and pushing vegetarianism and veganism. So, I am breaking up with SparkPeople. I will move on and find other ways to track my daily calories and my fitness goals. I will read nutrition articles that are peer reviewed, and not based on a biased understanding. I will eat meat, vegetables, grains, dairy, fats, and sweets all in moderation. The human body was designed to run on nutrients provided by many sources - meat included - and I intend to feed mine that way.

To all of my friends on SparkPeople - I will miss you! I will be keeping my account open for about a week before permanently closing it.
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    Sorry to hear you are leaving us. Much success in your journey. emoticon emoticon
    3071 days ago
    Hi Carolyn;

    I am sorry we are going to loose you but I can understand your outlook on the issues. I eat meat but not a lot of red meat. Summer I live out of my garden with fruits and veggies and very little meat. I eat everything and as you say moderations. God bless you and keep up with your healthy living and tracking your food your way. Stay happy, healthy and love life.

    Smile Joyce
    3366 days ago
  • REBECCA180

    I personally love meat, and usually have one meat free meal during the week. (and not because of SP) I pick and choose from this site and get information from many other sources. One thing that is being widely questioned is whether or not we need as much water as SP pushes. In fact it may be bad for you!

    Good luck to you in any case.
    3374 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6758122
    Sorry that you are going ! Best of luck to you !
    3375 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4429274
    Like others, I'm sorry to see a member leave because they feel the site isn't balanced. I am not vegan, but I am enjoying trying different recipes and learning to eat some meals without meat. Like you said, balance and moderation are great, and I find I don't get enough vegetables in my normal diet.

    All the best to you, wherever you end up on the web. :)
    3376 days ago
    Meatless Monday to me is a day to consider my food, and where it comes from.

    I think many of us in the western world eat too much meat, and are demanding cheaper and cheaper meat - which may come at a cost to the animals' quality of life in some cases (NOTE those last 3 words).
    I believe that meat is part of a healthy diet - but that most of us can find room for more vegetables in our diets.
    I also believe that it costs the earth more to produce animal protein than it does to produce vegetables.

    So, if we eat less meat occasionally and more vege, this is a good thing.

    As with any argument, there are extremes. Those who want the world to be vegan, and those who think every meal should revolve around meat.
    The truth, in most cases is somewhere in the middle.

    Eat meat, pay attention to where it comes from, use it all, don't waste it, and enjoy some meals that don't contain meat.

    I am surprised you think SP is pushing an agenda and not using research based information - I have always found them to be really good at using proper science.

    I wish you luck with your health journey.
    3379 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/15/2012 4:33:54 AM
  • no profile photo CD10700406
    Like the others, I am sorry to see a member of the community make a choice to leave. Being a vegetarian is a personal choice that I make and I'm happy that SparkPeople provides support for it. However, I am also happy that SparkPeople provides support for non-veggies, as I use this info to feed my family...the hubby is an omnivore and my children are being raised as such until they are ready to make their own choices. Please re-consider your departure - it's important that this group be diverse so that we can understand each others' choices. Like your hogs, we should all be so lucky to have as many "free choices" as come from a cruise buffet :) If you do, however, choose to leave SP, may your path rise up to meet you (a little irish blessing in honor o' the upcoming holiday)! Respectfully,
    3380 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    I take the useful information from the site and ignore the not-so-useful. I think Spark is just trying to offer something to everyone, even those who do not eat meat. I personally enjoy a good steak, chicken breast or pork roast - I just need to keep it in moderation. There is a lot of good information here, as well as some not so good information - you just have to sift through it and see what is applicable to your own circumstances and situation.
    3380 days ago
    I too hate to see you go. I understand but then I have run into others that are vegetarian, vegan, raw foodies. and truthfully only met 1 that continues to go on and on about fake food adn meat. I have left that team, and don't bother with her. I am here cos have met a ton of friends and support in the exercise and daily life stuff and help me with food ideas. I dont support all of spark stuff but hey not going to leave all my friends and support cos of their opinion. Right or wrong... everyone has a say and you have to just listen to what you want.
    HUGS and think about staying!
    3380 days ago
    Sorry you are leaving. I am a meat eating Texan and I don't ever see that changing. If Vegans want to read articles about their approach let them but I noticed when they list meals and snacks for SP trainers or staff , there seems to be a healthy representation of carnivores. Even I don't eat meat with every meal to keep my fat intake down and its nice to have some alternative ways to get some protein in some recipes. Everyone has an opinion and we can all listen and then choose to agree or disagree. I hate for you to feel you need to leave because some on these pages, I don't believe it is the majority, express strong vegetarian leanings. I wish you would stay and use the benefits SP offers and ignore the chatter.
    3381 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7670724
    Sounds like we would be great friends. Please let us know where you go so that I can follow along.



    3381 days ago
    Wow, my first blog I read of yours, and I LOVE it and you're leaving! Bummer. I hope you find a good site. I have noticed a lot of "vegetarian" options on the recipes, but to be fair, I come to SP to mostly check out my diet stats and track my workouts and to be motivated and motivate others. I don't get a lot of recipes here, because I know how to eat healthy and lean. I just haven't always done it.

    I won't, personally, ever become a vegetarian. Meat is delicious, healthy, and I have never seen something wrong with it.

    Thank you for posting and I hope you are successful in your farming(?) is that the right way to say it!?
    3381 days ago
    Our family has always eaten from the gifts of the land, grass fed beef, raw milk, fresh tomatoes and apples picked off the tree. A quality balanced diet. (No preservatives, or artificial anything.) It was when I left daily farm life for the business office that I packed on the pounds, chocolate, oreos, soda, fast food........ I've returned to my rural eating standards, including lots of freggies. But I still need meat/milk to feel satied; fruits, veggies, soy, nuts and beans just don't do it. Meat directly from the farm always tastes best.
    3381 days ago
    I understand where you're coming from, but I am also sad to lose a voice of reason here. Dietary issues, particularly those involving animal protein, so often jump the shark from reasonable science-based discourse to something more akin to religious fervor. I have had to walk away from blog discussions here with people just certain that animal agriculture is trying to poison and sicken us all. When there is a poll about meatless whatever or going vegan for a week, I always make sure to respond. If we don't, it just skews the results towards the people riding the meat-is-evil bandwagon through town.
    3382 days ago
    I don't necessarily feel like sparkpeople has been pushing it, just offering articles and recipies for those who choose that way of life.

    I have run into several negative people commenting on blogs and posts that were, in my opinion, obstinately unhelpful. Telling someone that their problems are caused by eating meat and they won't improve until they stop is just not helpful. Telling people that their advice is wrong because they are ignoring that the person eats meat, which is the obvious cause, is not helpful either. If I were to chose not to eat meat, it would not likely be due to someone offering me slanted advice on a posting.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving and hope you will reconsider. Sparkpeople tries to 'offer' something for everyone. It's really up to you to chose what you want to use from the website.
    3382 days ago
    I am sorry to see you are leaving. ISparkPeople offers something for everyone and please don't think that they are hitting you over the head with vegan living. My husband and I have been eating meatless for 3 days a week and raw for 1 day. On the the days we eat meat, and we still love meat, we make better choices and smaller portions. I think Spark People actually promotes moderation vs elimination. These articles offer another view for those that don't eat meat. Someone that I know that uses this site was saying how glad she was seeing some support for vegetarians. Much success to you in your journey and keep on SPARKING!
    3382 days ago
  • MISSLISA1973
    I am sorry to see you go. I do hope you find something that better fits your values. I have a friend that is using (and loves) the FitBit. A couple people I know also used, and someone else seems to like the Weight Watchers program she is on, with both live and online resources. Best wishes to you!

    3382 days ago
    You have a right to make your own choices. I wish you luck in you future.

    3382 days ago
  • 1MOM93
    HI - got to your blog through a post for those in their 40's with 100 pounds to lose. I eat meat and agree with your points. Also did a paper during my nutrition class about proteins and how they help people heal, especially after surgery. A varied and balanced diet is important to health. Hope you stay and keep posting!

    Who will be your voice on Sparkpeople? We need you - we need each other.
    3382 days ago
    I agree with you. I am sorry you are leaving. I read all the stuff about vegetarianism and veganism with dismay. I will never stop eating meat, though I don't eat tons and tons of it. I prefer grass-fed beef from local farmers, pastured chicken from local farmers, etc. It is expensive, but well worth it. A vegetarian diet (let alone vegan) is not what human beings were designed to eat. But if that is what some people choose, that's great for them. Not for me. I wish you all the best. Good luck!
    3383 days ago
  • CAM2438
    I am the same way. I read the things that interest or involve me and skip the rest. Good luck to you and your family. emoticon
    3383 days ago
    I just read your blog, and think that you are a very articulate person, it would be a shame to lose you, you have so much to offer us, it seems!
    I, too, was raised on a farm, we had pigs, cows, and horses, and let me tell you, I was raised that the comfort of the animals must be seen to, just as your husband does every day in his work.
    I was raised eating beef, chicken, pork, venison, and pheasant, even the occasional rabbit and squirrel. I will never give up eating meat as I feel that it is essential for health, when eaten in the correct amounts and cooked the right way.
    I found this blog when my dear friend Jamer123 commented on it, and I feel the way she does.
    Please reconsider, there are so many good people here, I take the articles I don't agree with with a grain of salt, but HAVE increased my overall intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and become more active, much to my benefit!

    I will join with these other good people, and ask you to stay, there is much good here, and not just the advice from the team, but the help from caring people everywhere, who are members!
    emoticon emoticon
    3383 days ago
    Well, sorry to see you go, but good luck on your journey to health :)
    3383 days ago
  • JAMER123
    As far as I am concerned you hit the nail on the head! I am a farmgirl that is married & living in the cities. We had cattle, hogs, chickens, eggs, etc. and I won't give up any of the healthy foods that are protein laden as well as full of nutrients. I don't take this vegitarian and vegan information to heart and don't use the recipes. I am on the site for my health & will continue to stay because I have met some fantastic people (most of them with the same nutritional values). I don't use the meal plans as the majority of the foods I am either allergic to or can't have due to medications. I work with portion sizes and healthy foods.

    Please reconsider leaving. You can take from this site anything that is offered and leave what you don't believe in. What is really important is the people you meet, the conversations one has, the information sharing that goes on with threads & posts. When there is a Community that gets together with the same goals in mind, one has a much better chance of losing weight, learning the healthy life and keeping it off!! What ever your choice may be, know that we care about you personally! I may not be on your friend's list but I still am one to care about all people. Godspeed and best wishes on your choice! emoticon
    3383 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11125403
    Sorry to see you go. I love my pork...esp ham. Yum! My grandson's other grands raise them pigs and at 2 yrs old he loves the "piggies". He'll be raising and showing them too. I am a big supporter.
    3383 days ago
    FARMWIFEANDMOM, Thanks so much for sharing your opinion. I agree with a lot of what you say and I'm happy that you said it. I'm also sad that you're leaving...........more than for any other reason than to shut .DUSTY. up.
    Never once .DUSTY. did she say anything about wasting her money (or time or anything else), so your really, unkind, nasty comments are totally uncalled for. In fact, she praises the site for what it did give her. She only shares her opinion, based on scientific fact I might add, which is something we're all allowed to do. Too bad you only have hurtful things to say.
    FARMWIFEANDMOM, I hope you reconsider leaving and give SP and the rest of us another chance.
    Much love and emoticon
    3384 days ago
  • CAROLJ35
    Just came across your blog because a friend commented on it.
    Just a few days ago I left a message on an article about vegetarianism saying that I love my vegetables, but feel a strong need to eat meats as I need the protein and tend to be anemic at times.
    I am very opposed to people being "gay" and do not endorse articles about same-sex marriages, but I cannot escape all of this as it is too big for me to conquer. Thus, I still buy a newspaper, listen to some news, and forge ahead so I can benefit from other articles out there. I hope you can do likewise!!! We need to voice our opinions if we do not agree!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3384 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon What an honor to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail. emoticon
    3384 days ago
    I agree with you too. However we need your voice here we need to hear from you we need your input and how you are doing eating meat and why and how you take care of your animals in waiting.

    So Please reconsider don't let them win.


    You have not given up on yourself.

    You are the only one that can make it happen for you thur God all things are possible.

    You have the power with God's help to succeed

    You have chosen to succeed.


    emoticon don't leave
    3384 days ago
  • REYVE01
    I agree with you soooo much, I'm studying nutrition in college and even supplements are not true nutrition. There is not one supplement or amino-acid that can replace the chemical makeup of real food. They are not even legal to make in the US so they all come from overseas. The science suggest that supplements should only be used in extreme cases and temporary... for patients who are in the hospital and unable to eat.

    I'm so sick of hearing about carbs and meat stuff. I have tried to give up bread, because I eat it like a piggy, but I'm not giving up carbs. Bread is like someones chocolate.... I could eat it 24/7 so I have bought tortillas and eat one every other day... still carbs.

    The advertisement is starting to sound like another agenda that back fired in the news lately.... you know.
    3384 days ago
    As others have stated I read what interests me and skip the articles on 'meatless' or 'vegan' topics as I need to eat meat. I haven't felt that SP was pushing vegetarianism or veganism but you're entitled to your opinion. Good luck with your decision.
    3384 days ago
    I agree with the others who have pointed out that the recent "promotion" has more to do with the season of Lent than anything else. And I remember the hullaballoo when a playlist of Christian music was offered--what a bunch of craziness! You'd think that those people would be griping now about offering a "religious diet" for Lent!

    I hope you reconsider your exit because you are someone who can speak with authority regarding how your meat animals are raised. There's enough negativity being offered from Hollywood, etal, and we need someone who can speak balance!
    3384 days ago
    I am sad to see that you are thinking about leaving sparks because of this. SP is trying to reach many people and help them live more balanced lives that include a balanced diet. American's have gotten to the point where they eat much larger portions than they should of a variety of things. I did not see the new book or the meatout day as a way of pushing vegetarianism or veganism, rather as a way of learning balance. This is Lent and many who celebrate cut out meat, why not offer them meals that are balanced and full of nutrients that they need. SP offers a lot of options for all the different people who have different opinions. I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I do like eating some meat free meals as it is lighter on my pocketbook. I love the ability that SP has given me to make some tasty meals.

    You know, it actually hurts me to see you leave for this small incident. It would be kind of like me leaving b/c they say you should cut out corn syrup and other corn products because that is part of my families income as well. However, I know that there is a balance in things and every things should be done in moderation. I really behoove you to journal (in a personal journal) about your feelings. Figure out why this really upsets you. Are you really upset with SparkPeople? Are you upset with society? Are you upset with the idea that the suggestion to eat more veggies than meat is out there? Are you upset that SP has offered an option to those who follow those meal plans to get better balance in their nutrition?
    3384 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2012 1:20:29 PM
    I am just meeting you for the first time now, but I am sorry you feel you have to go, but I certainly understand your reasoning.

    I personally could not live without my meat, chicken, etc, but I do respect others have the right to their opinions and lifestyles.

    There are many things on Spark I do not agree with, but I take from it what I choose, and leave the rest.....

    We all do what we have to to for us personally, and not for
    others around us.

    Whatever your ultimate decision, I wish you all the best and Godspeed.

    3384 days ago
  • .DUSTY.

    I'm sorry that you've wasted so much money here as a member. Oops, that's right this is a "free" site.
    3384 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2012 1:12:50 PM
    You have to do what is best for you. Just make sure you are doing it, for the right reasons. Take care.
    3384 days ago
    I, too, hope you will reconsider your decision to leave SparkPeople. It is a community and communities are composed of all sorts of people. As others have stated, your voice needs to be part of the community.

    I grew up in rural communities, mostly in Colorado, and my grandfather was a cattle rancher. When my children were younger we were active in 4H and, believe me, that's a wonderful way to teach children responsibility for humane treatment in raising livestock. My kids will tell you they feel lucky to have had that experience.

    I've been active in SparkPeople since November and the site has made me a much better consumer of the healthy lifestyle. I read most of the e-mails about recipes and have set up my own collection. My daughter is a vegetarian and I forward recipes to her, knowing that they will help her live healthier because the recipes are balanced and probably tasty. I would love to see more recipes about ways to use beef and pork. Chicken and turkey can get pretty boring.

    If you decide to leave, you will be missed.
    3384 days ago
    We all make our own choices about what we choose to eat based on our own reasons for doing so. I usually skip the "vegan" material because that is not an option I want to explore at this time. I grew up on a farm and still have hog farmers in my family. Because you are involved in that line of work, you may be more sensitive to the issue. I've only been on SparkPeople for 7 months and really thought the meatless emphasis was more to do with the lenten season that with pushing a vegan agenda. I also ignore the "running" emphasis because with two artificial knees, I can't do that. I pick and choose what works for me and leave the rest for someone else.

    Recently there was a big "to-do" on fb about SparkPeople publishing a list of Christian music to use during exercise. You would have thought that they were trying to convert people to Christianity at gunpoint from the reaction some people posted to that list. Again, there are lots of different people out there, and I appreciate that SparkPeople does try to give different perspectives.

    I'm glad you are leaving your page open for a week to give some time for reaction and thinking. Often it is in that break we get some clarity. Your perspective is yours as is your choice to leave, but you've connected with many people who would miss you and will miss out on meeting others, like me, who would like to get to know you!
    3384 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12019534
    emoticon emoticon
    3384 days ago
  • JKSTEIN123
    Everyone has there opinions about things. You can agree to disagree. They are suggestions. I don't know any web site that has as much to offer as this one. I just don't read the articles I disagree with.

    Really we all should eat meat, but not as much as we do in this generation.

    You really are the one that will lose by leaving.
    3384 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2012 11:01:51 AM
  • JENG829
    I hope you reconsider your "breakup" with spark. We could use more voices & opinions like yours around here (to keep some sanity!)

    Your point that SP is pushing a meatless agenda is one that I agree with. Every time I log in, I see articles for "meatless March" or the "meat out" and ads for their vegan ebook. Notice in message boards that the paleo diet or low carb comes with grave warnings from the experts about consuming more than 7% of your diet from saturated fat, yet others can freely state that a vegetarian diet is superior. Frustrating!

    I'm a former vegetarian & vegan, had 10 years under my belt before I decided that my health was more important than my beliefs. I've finally been healing my body and that took lots of saturated fat. Oh no! Ha, I've gone from depressed, fat, very sick, to healthy, strong & happy (with better cholesterol numbers too!). You're darn right... I needed to eat cholesterol! And fat! Some folks need more than others. I'm more aware now of what my body needs, and I choose to support local small farmers like you, who respect and care for their animals. Kudos to you for that!

    Please consider staying and maybe we can have a "Meat IN" on March 20 instead of a meat out! LOL. Take care!
    3384 days ago
  • DJSHIP46
    I'm sorry your leaving! Sounds like you're one of the voices for balance and choice. Those are VERY important voices in the mix. I sincerely doubt I will ever be a vegetarian and veganism seem way too extreme to me! I do worry sometimes about food animals and of the bad practices that are going on, but I'm encouraged to know that there are still many health conscious ranchers like yourself out there. It would be good to stay and be a voice for those ranchers if you could.
    3384 days ago
  • NEWMAC2011
    I watched 2 documentaries that I found very eye-opening, "Food Inc" which shows the mistreatment of animals by certain corporations and "Forks over Knives" which advocates a plant-based diet. Although I believe in both, I'm not trying to change people here on SP to my way of thinking. I don't think that SP is trying to make people vegan or vegetarian. I think they're just showing other options. Their cookbook has all types of recipes & I don't have an ebook so I can't get the vegan one, but I would, just to try new things.

    I've lost 60 lbs here on SP & am now slender instead of obese. I've made lots of friends and gotten great support. I think maybe you might want to write to some of the coaches here on SP & tell them how you feel. It would be a shame to leave but that's certainly your perogative. Good luck!
    3384 days ago
    I can't disagree with this opinion. I can disagree with leaving Spark. I think that Spark suits a variety of people with different ideas and opinions. I would suggest that the writer take from spark what is their choice and be content with the fact that others will do the same, whether their choices are right or wrong.
    I do have to agree that people who are new to Spark and previously have not looked into diet and nutrition or use Spark as a Bible on the subject without other study will be strongly influenced to go in one direction.
    Spark has to cater to its main audience, but it does offer something for everyone. The majority of members seem to be very supportive, encouraging, helpful, hopeful and nice. In fact if I posted that I was depressed and not losing weight so I was going to give up my diet of thumb tacks and nails, the majority of replies I would get would encourage me to "not give up" "you can it" "give it time". Don't get me wrong, I don't look at this as a bad thing in fact it is a nice change from the norm.
    Be patient with and helpful to others, and kind to yourself. Sorry about running on but good luck with whatever you decide
    3384 days ago
    So sorry you feel that way! Spark people are just exposing us to other ways of eating. Though I'm tempted to try, I don't. Hope you find something that works for yu. Good luck.
    3384 days ago
    I have no plan to move away from meat, and I have read a few of the articles for my personal information. I know this focus will last only for a time and then we'll have a different focus, depending on the month or special days or special awareness. I don't need to give up SP, I just look for other articles on the site. You don't have to be vegan to love SP.
    3384 days ago
    3384 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4658628
    I participate in Meatless Monday, but NOT because of any vegan ideas or because of any anti-meat agenda's. The simple fact is that meat is expensive, and for a family of five living on a small income, eating meat nightly isn't really an option.

    I'd love to grow my own meat. I would be thrilled with a hutch of meat rabbits (I love rabbit stew), and I would enjoy having chickens for both eggs and meat - and knowing what went into the animals and how humanely they are treated would make me feel better about our eating habits. But unfortunately, our township has outlawed things like chickens and meat animals on suburban property, and if you are caught, the fines are pretty hefty.

    I agree with you that sparkpeople should not be promoting something like this for the wrong reasons (i.e. inaccurate research papers, biased viewpoints, etc.). But if they were promoting it to help people to eat healthy on a budget (like we do), or because some types of protein come only from plant sources (which is a fact, just as many types of protein only come from meat sources), then I could see their point of view. I haven't seen the promotion you mentioned - would you be willing to post a link to my sparkpage? I'd love to look it over. Thanks so much!

    (P.S. please ignore any misspelled words or bad grammar - I injured my back, am fairly immobile, and on some strong painkillers, so my brain - and thus my spelling - is a little on the fuzzy side. Thanks)
    3384 days ago
    you know there are lots of little problems like that nad i have been here for almost 6 years..probably i've seen it all and heard it all a zillion times for sure..i lost 273 pounds and have maintained that lost for almost 4 years..i was fat forever and now at 65 i'm glad i've got it done..sometimes i question some things but you know there are truly all kinds of people in the world and you need to think of all the good you have done for others while you have been here..i have been thorugh this same thing many times here and i just sometimes take a break intentionally to reenergize the motor..don't give it up and don't fight about diets..yes eat healthy (and i am a great lover of pork in any kind of meal believe me i grew up on it) there are ways ppeole do stuff and i have noticed the ones that matter are still here..a few on hiatus for a while and myself i spent almost 6 months in rehab and have a new pacemaker..without my friends and their continued thoughts of me i would have been in a sorry state but they were there waiting when it was all finished and yes i cut back it's for me but don't give it up because i see from the responses you are such a wonderful part of the site..just scale back for a while and unjoin every team but the one you really just can do it again just not right this moment
    knows there are lots of peolpe who need you for sure and don't read the vegan stuff don't go there
    the lady mary minding your business tonight for sure emoticon
    3384 days ago
    I do feel vegan, meatless is being pushed since the new e-book came out but have no intention of giving up meat. SP gives many options.
    3384 days ago
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