I Totally Lost 100 Pounds

Monday, April 30, 2012

Dudes. It's happened. I totally lose ONE HUNDRED POUNDS.


I thought it was going to be another week or two before it happened but I popped up on the scale on Saturday and voila! 100 pounds lost! Holy crap!

I wish I could write out this big inspirational post about how amazing I feel and give you these magical words of encouragement but I'll spare you. Instead, all I can say is that to those who have a lot of weight to lose is: It's gonna be hard, some days it'll suck, it'll bring up emotional s**t that you didn't even realize you had but, in the end, it's SO worth it! So so so so so so so worth it!

I still have more to go but hitting those triple digits feels like a huge, one hundred pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the end is in sight.

You want it? Stop complaining and just go out there and DO IT! Stop making excuses about why you didn't do it or why you "can't" and just do what needs to be done. There will ALWAYS be something that gets in your way but it's your DESIRE, DETERMINATION and FOCUS that will get this weight off, even if it takes five years or five months. There's just no way around it. Stop focusing on the weight loss and focus on how you are going to be able to create a lifestyle that supports weight loss and a healthy weight maintenance. I eat the way I eat and work out when and where I work out because it works with my lifestyle and that's why this is working.

Now, I need to stop typing so I can get some work done and get my workout in for the day (TurboFire Fire 45 Class - my favourite)!!!
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