I Feel A Shift Happening

Monday, May 07, 2012

Went back to my nutritionist yesterday and she's really pleased with my progress so far. Then plan is to continue with what I've been doing for the next couple of months and at the end of July I'll go in and get my cholesterol retested to see where I'm at.

My diet is the same for now but she is sending me a revised version in the next few days. I have to admit that I totally cheated last night and had a beer, veggie burger (with cheese) and fries after seeing The Avengers with Alan and my brother (LOVED it!). Jack Astor's has my favourite veggie burger so I decided to splurge. I've been really on top of it for all of April so I didn't mind taking a night off. Today I'm back on the horse and ready to go for May!

The one thing I've discovered about doing a detox is just how good it feels. I mean, my diet is quite clean as it is, but when you're forced to cut out those foods that you do sneak in, it really counts! I knew I'd pay for last night's "indiscretion" and I did! I felt so heavy and gross that I'll definitely be remembering that the next time I want to eat like that again. Detoxing just makes me feel sexy, eating veggie burgers with fries? Not-so-much. I do think that even when I'm back to eating "normally" I'll still adopt quite a bit of these changes. I'd like to continue with my extremely limited soy intake as it disrupts the thyroid and a lot of it is incredibly processed anyway (I've been weening myself off of it for a while now) and I'll keep my gluten to more of a minimum.

I'm also starting to work on my stress levels. I'm not a crazy stressed out person but my body sucks up stress like a sponge which is causing muscle tension and could also be contributing to my out-of-whack thyroid. I'm working on getting back into my spirituality which I let slide when I started to take care of my outer body. This means more writing, reflecting and lots of breathing!

I really do feel another shift coming in my life. One that will push me forward even further and I'm very excited to see where it'll take me!
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    Okay, so I'm REALLY late getting here for this one, and I missed a few in between, but this was an excellent one for me to read today. I'm working a lot with how food is making me feel right now and just not "there" yet, but starting to implement some things that I really hope end up feeling "sexy" instead of "not-so-much".
    3271 days ago
    You are such a rock star! You inspire me to be better... :-)

    Keep at it girlie - you're changing the world one person at a time starting with the most important one...YOU!
    3287 days ago
    It is such a great feeling how you can read/feel your body once you've made a change. I know I feel it right away with the whole sugar thing. The spiritual side of things is just as important as the physical and emotional. There are days that all I need to do is meditate or journal and reflect and I am ready to conquer the world!! Good Luck to you on your continued journey ~ Namaste

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    3287 days ago
    I'm going to see the Avengers tonight! Excited about it ... it's gotten great reviews.
    MY favorite veggie burger is from a restaurant called Houston's. It's got beets in it (yes, beets!). When you take a bite, it's kind of pink/red inside, and almost looks like a real burger: scary!!!

    Kudos to you for being aware of your spiritual life. So important, isn't it?

    Have a fantastic "Shift," woman.
    3287 days ago
    Unfortunately when we have a great deal of weight to lose, and when we achieve our goal and get back to a "normal" weight for us. There is no returning to eating "normally". That's what got us here in the first place.

    I think portion control, and what the portions are, are going to be the here on out, as far as everyday eating. An occasional "no no" food won't kill us, but I find it triggers something called a "binge"

    Of course if you can counteract it with exercise, you can add more calories to the diet. Just make sure they are not calories that turn into sugar. But we all need to remember there is no going back to old habits and ways of eating normally.

    You have come a long way and have done a great job! I have been a Spark friend for quite sometime now. And I admire what you have done with yourself so far.

    It's really not fair for a great amount of us to watch what we eat, because of the repercussions. We love food. But I don't think food returns that sentiment. In fact the world revolves around food. It's everywhere, in every day life. We cannot run from it, we just need to find the best way for ourselves to "manage" it.

    And stress is such a big factor in how we handle our food intake. Some eat to get through a stressful day, some do not. I like that you write to help with it. Do you do Yoga? very helpful with stress, and a lot of deep breathing.

    I just recently thought I would try the raw food way of life. Not for me! lol So back to clean eating. It's been the best for me. No junk entering my system (processed and sugars)

    "Don't let the goodies getcha" (My motto! lol)

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    3287 days ago
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