Happy Birthday to ME............

Friday, June 29, 2012

emoticon emoticon Well today is my 50th Birthday ! On one hand I feel like OH NO I am getting old-I am a half a century old..Ugh.. But on the other hand I am so Blessed By God to still be alive with al my health probs and all I have been thru with my health.. I am so happy that i had the Gastric Bypass and hav elost half of my body weight almost--I am getting there--I have lost 220 lbs and I have 30 more to go to my goal. 8 years ago I was told by my heart doctor that i would only live 2 more years unless i did something drastic to lose the weight like Weight Loss Surgery.. I was trying for 2 yrs to get it done--but of course I ran into probs like at first my insurance did not cover the surgery--then once it did I saw 2 different weight loss surgeons and they refused to operate on me as i was such a HIGH Risk..I was 448 lbs and filled with Fluid and could not breath or walk -I was in a wheel chair cause I could not walk more than 3 steps with out my legs giving out...A size 5x was tight on me and some clothes were a size 6x..When I look back and remember it is hard to believe that was me in my mind--I made a promise to myself that I will never forget how close I was to death and I am so greatful to God for his Blessings. I also am so happy for all of you here on Spark People who have givenme support,motivation and encouragement along the way the past 5 yrs..I thank also the man who created Spark People--sorry I am forgetting his name.. I have made so many friends on SP..Even tho I am stuck with bad Diabetic complications for the rest of my life I am in better shape now that my diabetes is under great control and I am not on Insulin any longer.. emoticon.ust felt I had to share my life experience since 50 is what we call a Milestone age..Lol.. God Bless you all and remember to take one day at a time....Hugs and Prayers my friends.. Love Susie SMith from PA emoticon
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