Too-tight pants dance

Monday, July 23, 2012

You know the one. You pull your jeans out of the dresser, step in and have to do some weird kind of dance/wiggle to get them up over your thighs and onto your hips. And THEN, when you finally get them buttoned, you feel like sausage meat in a too small casing.

Well I didn't have to do that dance today!!! I pulled those jeans right up and fit perfectly!!! Kind of a weird victory, but it is one in the same.

For the first weekend in a very long time, I didn't have a day where I ate whatever/however much I wanted. I stayed on my plan. However, I did have two oreo cookies on Saturday. I weigh in today around 12:30 so I'm hoping for a one pound loss from my last weigh in on Thursday.

Mailed invites today! I'm excited that they're out of my house. I feel like this is the part of the river where the current starts picking up before a waterfall. The kind you get swept up in and can't do anything. Oh boy.
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