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A Nimaweygh by any other name(KARLAS-KORNER). just not a NIMSY, NIMS, NIMMIE,NIMMYKINS!

Friday, August 31, 2012

It seems for the past couple of weeks I have really fallen into the doldrums. Yep the blues just took up residence in my life and would not leave me alone. So I have tried to figure out what is going on with me besides *real life* stuff which we all have that to deal with.

After thinking about everything that had or has changed in my life over the past month I came to the conclusing that one of the big things was........................... name change on here.
For years (3/07 is when I joined SP) I have been NIMAWEYGH. Most call me Nims, Nimsy, Nimmie, Nimmers or Nimmykins but the all relate back to NIMAWEYGH. I use this name on other sites that I am on as well and have used it for years. It was the name of my most favorite dog. She is who I dedicated my first published poem to because it was about her.

So when I changed my user name on here to my real name Karlas-korner I thought it was the right thing to do. Now in reflection it really was just something I thought I should do but in reality it was a BIG MISTAKE. I thought I was hiding behind NIMAWEYGH and not being my ture self but one cannot be seperated from the other and one is not a shield to hide behind but a banner to be waved.

I am Karla but I am also Nimaweygh. One in the same. One is more serious (yep you guessed it Karla is) and one is more playful, upbeat, funny..................yep Nimaweygh. So how can you split a person in two and expect what you try to be whole. It can't be done.

So NIMAWEYGH is back to stay. She never really left those that love her the best. Yes they tried to call me Karla but it did not suit me like Nimsy does and so in the back of thier minds I remained Nimsy or Nims. To those sisters of my heart................YES YOU KNOW ME BEST.

The second thing that has me a bit off kilter is the fact that I chose to sit this round of the BLC 20(Biggest Loser Challenge Round 20) out after being in it since round 14. I feel like I am missing something wonderful and exciting. Like I am trying to tell myself that I need a break, I need to sit this one out, I need....................I stop lieing to myself and find a way to get in on the wonderful support, motivation, inspiration that is the BLC and connect with the women and make more friendships that last the test of time.

So now that I have corrected one mistake it is time to find a way if possible to correct the other one and get back to my funny, fun loving self.

These things I do just for me because I am worth it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are worth it. . .and I do so hope you are able to join BLC 20. . . fingers crossed !! Dolly 8-)
    3174 days ago
    I like you by any name. I wonder at times what can happen next in your life. You have had your share with adventures and challenge in life.

    3175 days ago
  • --MAY--
    He NIMS!! I so Agree with Seven!! It was hard calling you Karla, cuz Nimweygh is how i met you, though Karla is wonderful!!
    And stop lookng so, because when you stop, that is when, the magic of our Nims can be found!!
    Glad Nims is back!!
    3175 days ago
    Boggleme darnit i knew it haha . So Kanims could be a new name for you for the one who is both :P Lol *huggles my dear* glad you found yourself once more.
    3176 days ago
    Love you darling and glad you are taking charge!!! And don't worry the 5% challenge is coming up soon and it is much quieter and easier than the BLC so you can slow down a little and breathe and then when BLC 21 signs up will be ready for it... emoticon
    3176 days ago
    While I continued to call you Nimsy because that is who you are to me, I did love Karla's Korner and the entire vibe was so comfortable. I could "see" you on the porch. I could "see" you out in the rain. I just loved it. And, MB, Nimka is nothing less than BRILLIANT! And a new name is born! Missing the porch already....Nimka's Korner?
    3177 days ago
  • -COURT-
    I was getting used to karla, but do love the Nims. I was in BLC since round 7 and don't feel bad at all for taking off. So need it. So hard getting through last round. Should have taken that one off.

    I'm glad the playful Nimsy is back. Take care
    3177 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    who wants to be seroius when they can be funny.

    I'm glad your happy again and not feeling blue.
    3177 days ago
  • -SEVEN-
    I am going to be outspoken here and say... I am glad you canned Karlas_Korner- I can't relate the name to you, and I just never will! haha! Forgive me for not embracing your given name, but I never met you as Karla!
    Yes, I know things have been... off... for you lately. It is not like you to not sign up for BLC! But I know, we had a tough round on the team last time. And the house deal not going through... there's been some major problems going on, so, it's a matter of time. Things will right themselves eventually. And I hope you can continue on, and do your best here! Much success!!

    Love, Seven emoticon
    3177 days ago
    Nimka I so love it............tee hee hee I will just add it to the long list of who I am. It feels good to be so many all rolled into one. Means never a dull moment. emoticon
    3177 days ago
    Nimsy nimsy nimsy... we may have been calling you Karla in our words and posts - but in our hearts we were still thinking of you as who you are - NIMSY!!!! That doesn't take away from Karla in any way - it is a simple celebration of the part of Karla that is playful and carefree - a part that can so easily get lost or overlooked.

    OOOoh - I know... I shall call you Nimka. Because I love BOTH sides of who you are and who you want to be.

    I'm so sorry for all that you have gone through and all of your doubts and frustrations and sorrows. It seems you are searching for SOMETHING right now - and everywhere you look you just can't quite find it. I pray that you will find peace and comfort soon - and that as soon as you quit looking you will realize that you have never lost the real you - you've been trying too hard to define her as you think others want her to be.

    Hugs and LYG sweet Nimka!
    3177 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10775505
    Hey There Nims -
    You know we all do that. You know I have, when I tried to stop being Witchy Godmother, it is so part of me that it wasn't quite right. You tried it, found you didn't like it completely and guess what - you are back.
    You never know you might find me back as Witchy once more - LOL
    Love ya bigs!

    3177 days ago
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