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Bree, Fee and CeCe are now almost 6 months old so here is an update.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Here are the girls. They adore looking out the back window as they can see over the privacy fence and have discovered brids sitting on the power lines.
CeCe is in the back, Bree is in the middle and Fee is sitting up looking out. She adores this lookout point and often sits there by herself.

CeCe is showing off her UK pride like her Dad..............ha If you look close on the left side of her face she has 1/2 of a white moustache. (remember gals my spell check is broken)
emoticon She now weighs in at 6 pounds and I am afraid to think of how big she is going to be when full grown. She is soft as a cotton ball and she loves to be snuggled when it is just her and I together. Her purr is almost as loud as her dad's snoring. If you put your hand, finger, foot towards her she falls over on her side, throws her legs apart and expects you to RUB HER BELLY. She is a lover not a biter for sure.

This is Princess Diva Bree and she is a daddy's girl unless she really wants to go to sleep and then she is in my arms like a baby, doing the kitty paw massage on my arm and drooling or licking me until she is dead to the world. If you look at her face it is a perfect checker board. She has the longest fur and is by far the softest and she loves to have her tummy tickled. She is a total lap kitty. She weighs in at 5 pounds now.

Fee is still the tomboy of the bunch and still has her strip right in the middle of her face. She is also the mother of the bunch. Although they all love to wash each other on the face, feet, back, tail she by far does it the most often and if her sisters do not want her to wash them......well she gets them in a choke hold or sits on top of them and does it anyway. She also only allows you to rub and pet her when she wants you to do so. If you pick her up (which I do often and smooch her) she tolorates it but then she is gone. She weighs in at 4 pounds now and will remain the smallest of the bunch always.

The girls really love and adore each other and play like wild indians around the house, they still sound like a herd of elephants running down the hall and they zip over us, furniture,their scratching post and more. They adore their bunny sisters and they all play really well together.

We just can't imagine our lives without these three and are so glad our fur daughters come to live in their FURever home with us.

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