From Joy to Sorrow

Friday, September 07, 2012

What an emotional roller coaster I've been on. On July 9th I was supposed to have a procedure done but didn't b/c we found out I was pregnant! I felt such joy and a deep love! Having diabetes and high blood pressure I was nervous about things and then I started spotting....Our first ultrasound was disappointing and our second indicated a possible miscarriage. The third on August 22nd confirmed it.
So I'm in the middle of a miscarriage. Since I wasn't too far along Dr is monitoring things as they move naturally through...What sorrow this is...

All i want to do is sleep most of the time...but I am slowly starting to feel a little more myself.

On the plus side I now know I can get pregnant as I've always worried about it, not only am I 37 but I only have one ovary b/c of issues when I was a teen. So there is hope. We'll be trying again soon.

Until then I am back. Happy to say I got my big all butt out of bed and on the Wii two days in a row now.
My challenge now is to get back to eating healthy. My appetite is so weird lately. It's probably the stress and hormones.

I did loose a few pounds when I was pregnant (oh goodness I hate saying WAS PREGNANT *sighs*) first b/c I started eating even healthier and second b/c super sonic smell kicked in and everything smelled so gross and turned my tummy.

So gold star for two workouts this week (it had been at least 71 days since I'd been on the Wii) and this next week I am planning on at least three and good eating!
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