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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When I consider how long I've been on this journey of losing weight--with all the ups and downs, what I know is looking back I realize doing something is better than doing nothing. And I'm not totally dissatisfied with myself as long as I'm doing something. I haven't gotten to the weight I desire but if I stop sabotaging myself that day will come too. When I look at my pics I realize while I was in the moment I didn't enjoy or appreciate it--always wanting more. I know from now on I'm going to enjoy the moment(s). When I'm exercising consistently and eating healthy (for the most part) I feel good about myself. It's when I totally stop the issues begin. I look at pics in my photo gallery and think, what the heck did you stop for, you looked and felt great and were doing the darn thing. I have to remember when I get into a slump for whatever reason, 10mins of exercise twice a day is better than doing nothing. This time around when I get to a certain weight or lose those inches and fit into those jeans, I'm going to enjoy the moment and stop pressuring myself to fit into the even smaller jeans buried somewhere in that darn closet. Enjoy the moment/journey!
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