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Friday, January 04, 2013

I have been rolling along with the waves of parties, holidays and the joys of comfort food for quite awhile now...and NOT feeling good about my choices as a result. After all, I KNOW better. Right??

I am taking a little time this morning to think about what i REALLY want. I REALLY want to FEEL good...
physically, because I eat well & exercise daily

mentally, because I think about what I think about and keep it positive and also challenge my mind by reading and being involved in LIFE

emotionally, because I let go of the "stuff" that isn't mine to carry and allow myself to travel LIGHTLY..not receiving other's judgment as a sentence, but merely a reflection of where THEY are at.. making time to do things I love because I SHOULD and not feel guilty about it.. loving without expecting in because I can and when I can.. making time to do what's important to me..that makes me feel like ME

So. I have today and Monday off from work. I made myself a big pot of soup last night and will do my best to stay out of the sweets. I've been having good constructive conversations with friends and family. I'm playing Just Dance 4 everyday and loving it. I'm here, thinking about my goals, and reinforcing myself to work my plan. It's all good. :)

I have two random goals this week ~ give myself a MUCH needed pedicure ~ haven't had one since Shan was here in November and my feet are catching on my socks and my sheets..driving me NUTS . :) AND...I really want to do some SERIOUS cleaning in my room. TOSSING and sorting and cleaning...and I MIGHT even repaint..getting tired of the color it is right now. CHANGE!

That's all that's on my mind right now. I feel more positive than I have YET this year, haha. Woohoo!!!

Love you all.

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