Life's Little Gifts...Movement on the Scale & Kind Words

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hi, everybody! It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!

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My day started off pretty well. The scale finally dropped a bit. (Those of you who told me it would, you now have my permission to holler, "Told you so!")

Yesterday, I weighed 299.2. I weighed myself a few times this morning and kept getting different results. I had this issue awhile ago, but I thought when I replaced the batteries in my scale that it had improved. This morning, my weight varied from 294.8 to 298. But, the number 297 came up twice, so I decided to go with that. (Figured it was partway between the two most extreme readings, too.) I guess I'll just have to take into account that my scale appears to be varying by about 3 pounds...not the most reliable measure, but it should still show downward progress over time as I lose more weight. Anyway, I know that I should be concentrating on NSVs as well.

On to other matters. My day was a mixed bag. For part of the day, I was in a really good mood and had fun joking around with my students, etc. As the day wore on, though, and I had more and more demands placed on my time (two meetings during my prep time, etc.), kept thinking about how much work I had to do, etc., I started to get a bit grumpy. I did get to end my day on a high note, though.

We had a student move into our district at the beginning of the school year. It became evident immediately that this boy was not writing at the level he should be for his grade level. As I worked with him, I heard feedback from his mom. She gave me props for actually having him write, told me her son told her that I really knew my "stuff," etc. Now, as the semester draws to an end, he's being switched to a different English teacher for the next semester. He told his mom, who then told me, that he learned a lot from me in just four months and that I'm a really good teacher. Yeah. Those are the kinds of comments that just make my heart swell and almost make the tears flow. I don't get those kinds of comments every day. I don't know a teacher who does. But when we hear them, it means the world to us. At least, it means the world to me.

Left work on a high note, and came home to greet my little furry baby who had been at the vet's since Wednesday. He's doing just fine, and started purring as soon as I held him. I guess he's not holding a grudge for me being the one who took him to the vet!

Otherwise, I've done well with my eating today. I even had a student repeatedly demand that I have a piece of the brownies he'd come to share with the class. I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I also didn't want to spend that many calories on a brownie before I'd even eat any lunch or anything! I ate two tiny little "clumps" that had fallen off the bigger pieces of brownie in order to appease him, and they were HEAVENLY, but I resisted eating a big ole piece. He put chocolate chips in the brownies. Why have I never thought of this? (But then again, probably a good thing I haven't!)

I'm not having a very exciting Friday night. My husband were hanging out watching "Lilyhammer" on Netflix, but then a couple of his friends came over and now he's hanging out with them. I'm just relaxing. I will probably watch more Netflix, possibly horse around online, maybe read in my book. I'm reading "Catching Fire" right now. (One of the perks of teaching high school have an excuse to continue reading young adult literature!)

I hope you all have a good night, and a fantabulous weekend!

I'd also like to thank everyone for being so supportive. My SparkFriends are awesome!

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  • BOVEY63
    Congrats on a successful day! Such an awesome compliment for a teacher.
    3073 days ago
    Hooray for moving in the right direction!

    Also, I am so happy that you got such great feedback and appreciation from a student. There really are not that many that do, that.

    My sister was a high school French teacher, so I have those stories, to go by. Also, one of my sons had a wonderful elementary teacher, that he wrote a heartfelt thank you note, too. This was the only one the teacher had ever gotten and he was awesome and had been teaching for years!

    Good job on eating just a bit of brownie. emoticon

    Have a good weekend and keep up the good work!
    3073 days ago
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